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  1. Michael Fulmer 2018 Outlook

    I'd stay away from Fulmer, especially in roto leagues. It's hard for me to trust guys like him and Gerrit Cole who throw 95+ MPH heat with good off-speed stuff yet try to pitch to contact and nibble as if they're Jamie Moyer or Kyle Loshe. Drafting Fulmer in roto is basically tanking on K's and Wins while hoping he'll help out your ratios which is not a guarantee. I'd rather gamble on somebody with better upside lIke Luis Castillo. Drafting guys like Fulmer are what win you 4th place.
  2. Didi Gregorius 2018 Outlook

    Didn't he miss a month of last season too?
  3. The two-way player issue...

    Funny how Yahoo tapped out without even trying while CBS was like eh, give us a couple weeks and we got this.
  4. The Worst Franchise in Baseball

    As much as I hate the Marlins as a franchise they do have 2 rings in the past 20 seasons and they've had a ton of great players like Miggy, prime Hanley, Stanton, Jose Fernandez etc. play for them. They're really is no MLB equivalent for the Browns in terms of consistent ineptitude.
  5. Gerrit Cole 2018 Outlook

    Feel like it might actually help. Astros were either the lowest or one of the lowest teams in terms of throwing fastballs last season and one of Gerrit's problems is he throws his fastball too often so it might help him in terms of pitch selection. Also I think Verlander and Kuechel can be awesome mentors for him. Verlander can teach him how to properly harness his upper 90s heat and Cole for some reason tries to pitch to contact so there is probably no better guy to mentor him in that aspect of pitching then Kuechel.
  6. 2018 Draft Day MUST HAVES and BARGAINS

    Must have: Rhys Hoskins Bargain: Luis Castillo
  7. David Dahl 2018 Outlook

    This guy right here gets it. Dahl is a game changer if he puts it all together.
  8. 2018 Speed Guys

    Don't know why but I feel like Scott Kingery is gonna take his SB totals to another level once he gets promoted. He's so efficient in terms of not getting caught that I feel like if he ramped up his agressiveness he could get to 40-50 steals.
  9. Willie Calhoun - 2B TEX

    He's not just 5'8 but pretty husky as well. But hey, if it hasn't stopped him from performing so far who knows if it'll be a factor or not.
  10. Fast/Slow starters and Weather

    Justin Verlander the past couple of seasons seems like he struggles during the 1st half then completely dominates during the second half. I dunno if the stats back me up but I feel like Corey Kluber struggles for the first month then turns it up to Klubot afterwards.
  11. Miami Marlins 2018 Outlook

    The Marlins are a joke of an organization this is like their 5th firesale in 20 years. No wonder only 500 people go to their home games. Pathetic team
  12. RIP Roy Halladay?

    Was 2010 even Halladay's defining season? He was so dominant for such a long stretch it's hard to pick one year but the perfect game and playoff no-hitter definitely stick out.
  13. RIP Roy Halladay?

    I really hope Halladay, Johan, Verlander and Sabathia make it to the HOF eventually. They were the generation defining pitchers of their era. Halladay's 2010, Sabathia's 2008, Verlander's 2011 and Santana's 2004-2006 were such incredible seasons
  14. RIP Roy Halladay?

    Greatest pitcher of the 00's along with Johan Santana. RIP
  15. 2017 WORLD SERIES - Astros V Dodgers

    I have no problems with juiced balls in general but yesterday was a different level of juiced. Felt like even every out was a rocket missile straight at a defender. The regular season juiced balls were fine. Yesterday's were a bit excessive.