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  1. Absolutely dominating this Spring. 7 more Ks today in just 4 2/3 innings. 25/4 K/BB ratio in 14 1/3 innings overall this Spring. I think we're getting 2013-2015 Liriano this year who was borderline elite.
  2. Harvey topped out at 92-93 in the 6th but threw a nasty curve for a strike 3 looking to end the inning.
  3. Watching him today he seems to be exclusively working on the fastball. And it's definitely looking good. 95 painting on the corners or 95 upstairs to get swings and misses. Has anyone seen how his off-speed stuff has looked this spring?
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if he hits .290+ with 25+ HRs this year. He's a beast when healthy.
  5. USA B-Team won
  6. ESPN doesn't have the English broadcasting rights. If you want English it's on the MLB Network.
  7. American baseball players too afraid of getting hurt. As if injuries don't happen in Spring Training.
  8. Thought that was a home run off the bat
  9. I have a feeling this tournament is gonna explode in popularity in 2021. Incredible baseball being displayed the past 2 weeks.
  10. Someone give Wladimir Balentien an MLB contract
  11. I don't know how many times I've said this this spring already but this game is incredible
  12. This game gonna be better than anything we'll see from April till August
  13. Team USA is a disgrace honestly.