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  1. I think this aged worse than the last one
  2. I've never seen a post age so horribly in 9 days
  3. We can only beat the Marlins tho
  4. Literally jumped over everybody in a week lmao
  5. Another shutout today, 7 wins in a row and only 4 games out the Wild Card. Two months left in the season. And we added Stroman.
  6. I wonder how the Red Sox feel about the whole closer by committee thing now
  7. A guy with a 39% K% and a freaking 17.2% SwStr% last season can't get strikeouts or swing and misses. Gotcha.
  8. And that's why you don't drop Justin Turner after April
  9. Yeah looking at his batted ball profile it wouldn't surprise me if he went off for 2-3 weeks before he falls off again. He was just way too unlucky and I think a correction is coming
  10. What's crazy is his batted ball profile looks good. 25% line drives, low groundball %, 50% hard hit % and ZERO % soft hit percentage. Obviously the K's are killer but when he actually makes contact he's putting good wood on the ball