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  1. Wasn't he projected to be a good power hitter by the time he reached his potential or was the 3 HR game last year a mirage? Is he just a modest power guy?
  2. In my dynasty league with only 3 DL slots I currently have Justin Turner, Mitch Haniger, David Dahl, Aroldis Chapman, James Paxton, Zach Britton, Corey Kluber, Carter Capps (holds league) and Yonder Alonso. I'm somehow still in third place but this season has been a drag.
  3. But but but Alex Avila is hitting .380 right now or something. Everyone knows you must drop the proven contributor who isn't even doing that bad in order to cash in on a proven scrub riding a .489 BABIP in May.
  4. Dynasty league and he has best closer/reliever in the league potential. Easy stash and hold.
  5. Lol at every single one of you who dropped Hanley.
  6. If he didn't get injured he'd be loudly having a monster year. He was on a torrid pace before he went on the DL and now he's picking it up after a couple solid weeks since coming back.
  7. If the Mutts lose this one we have to bring up Rosario tomorrow
  8. What's with the delay on the announcement of the Reds lineup? Need to know if Billy Hamilton is in
  9. It's just fun to slander Turner right now so had to make up something to join the party. His stats will be there by the end of the year.
  10. How awesome would he be if he could actually hit?
  11. He's a catcher so he's easily worth holding on to. Beltran and/or Reddick will be DL-bound eventually with will give Gattis everyday at bats.
  12. He's back.
  13. Strikeouts are a category and K%-BB% is one of the best and most simplistic ways of identifying and evaluating pitching talent. 4.50 ERA with 3 Ks is about as poor of a "quality" start as you can get.
  14. Our boy leaving a lot of pitches right down the middle tonight
  15. The one day I bench him he hits a HR