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  1. The elite pitchers are still elite so I'm fine with it.
  2. Or this is the start of the inevitable xFIP correction due to lack of K's. The Jordan Zimmermannn, Matt Cain, Gerrit Cole, Aaron Sanchez, Ervin Santana etc. pitch to contact formula is hard to rely on from season to season unless you have a top tier GB% and/or command. This guy throws 97 with good off speed stuff, he shouldn't be trying to throw like Phil Hughes and Clayton Richard.
  3. Jose Altuve is hitting .517 in the past 14 days and .398 in the last 30 so he's pretty hot right now.
  4. Rosario, Hoskins and Fisher
  5. Disagree. Sanchez vs Stanton and Judge vs Bour was exciting af
  6. Judge about to advance with single digit homers
  7. I absolutely love owning this guy.
  8. Honeywell has got some nasty movement on his pitches.
  9. Is he worth it in BB/OBP leagues? He has the grand total of ONE walk in the last 30 days.
  10. I hope nobody dropped
  11. How does Ubaldo Jimenez still have a job?
  12. The nice little boring starters who fail to strike people out like Teheran and Cole rarely sustain their success over the course of multiple years. Until Fulmer ups his K% he'll be nothing but a decent starter.
  13. It's 3 games people calm your nipples. Gerrit Cole was an "ace" his first 2 years too.
  14. They just said on the Royals broadcast that Duffy is officially starting tomorrow.
  15. Thou can not quantify TWIW