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  1. even with aguilar gone they still have to fit him into one of four spots along with yelich / cain / braun / thames, so he's probably not gonna be an everyday guy. in a vacuum you can say just make thames / braun a platoon, but ryan braun is ryan braun so it's hard to see his PT being reduced quite that much.
  2. even in that angels start, IIRC he got through two innings with 4 Ks, one baserunner ... i looked in on him at that point was like "ok cool", went back to work - looked again an hour later and had to cover my eyes because he had just melted. so really it was just one bad inning. rookie pitchers will do that. granted, that one bad inning was IMPRESSIVELY bad. but. still
  3. note that he had a relatively slow april in AA too, and then started hitting like crazy starting in may. so the explosion didn't really start in AAA, i grabbed him while he was still in AA because he had started going off there. in case anyone's worried that it's just the new improved AAA baseball helping him
  4. logging in for the first time in a while... only 3 pages on the lourdes thread? i'm disappointed in you all i've been hoping for this kind of thing ever since that 11-game multi-hit streak last year. only 7 other players in history had streaks that long, and they were 6 hall of famers and shoeless joe jackson. so, not the kind of thing you just fluke into, apparently looks like he's gonna be an OF long-term, which is too bad, but if getting his mind off infield defense allows him to hit like this, i guess i'll allow it
  5. sure. like, i get the conservatism given his long track record of not panning out. but for me the whole long odyssey he's been on, of "rebuilt swing last offseason, raked in AAA, got called up, raked in MLB for a week, then got concussed, saw double the rest of the year, now recovered and raking again" is pretty sultry. also re: his BB% - i mean, 13% is pretty good. but, the thing is, as of like a couple weeks ago it was down around 3%. then apparently the front office let it be known that they wanted to see more discipline to call him up, and lo and behold, for the last couple weeks he's been walking in like half of his PAs. i'm making that number up, but, he's been walking a lot. like a lot a lot. being able to turn it on and off like that is... interesting. "see boss? i can walk." i'm not even sure what it means. but it's interesting he's gonna strike out, he hits grounders, his park's bad. but damn boy hit ball hard
  6. robert's not even in AAA yet so i wouldn't worry about that for a thing like leury. even when robert comes up, leury's been doing well enough that i feel like it'd be hard for a team like the white sox to bench him. even with eloy and robert out there, the third OF spot would be between leury and... delmonico? ryan cordell? those guys are pretty fungible. leury's actually bringing something interesting to their lineup as the leadoff guy. and they've played him on the infield a couple times too, so there are options. he's not running as much as you might ideally hope but he's been an absolute runs scored monster so far. it's not even "he scores runs because he's a leadoff guy, nice WW find" level - as of this morning, only seven players have more runs than him on the season. and they're bellinger, dejong, baez, haniger, yelich, ozuna, and story. he's tied with merrifield and albies. right behind him are springer, arenado and freeman. that's pretty crazy company for a wire pickup, even if it's just the one category.
  7. o'neill being sent down is fine but fowler's been out of commission all week with the flu, i think we still gotta wait and see what happens when fowler's fully back online before we really know what the situation is now
  8. in particular, back in 2017 with the nationals he had a really great run, where for about a month he was one of the best fantasy producers out there when the nats played him full-time as an injury-fill in. but then he got hurt himself and that was the end of that, and he's never really gotten another shot until now. i held him all last year in my main league hoping he would, because i had that one glorious month stuck in my mind. so i think there's at least a chance this is at least sorta real lot of "at least"s and "maybe"s in that sentence of course but that's the life we've chosen
  9. i've been a big nate lowe fan since last year and i'm excited but for those of you going whole hog on the pickups in redraft right now - and i am one of you, don't get me wrong - definitely keep one eye on what's going to happen when meadows comes back. i don't think it's true that meadows is a non-factor here. the rays have four solid outfielders - pham, kiermaier, meadows, and avisail. when all are healthy that's pushing over into the DH time when nate was called up it was described as a response to the loss of the lefty bats of meadows and wendle. as such, it's possible the rays brass is thinking of this as a short-term patch. i definitely don't think they'll punt on choi, who's been doing fairly well despite the lack of HR power so far if nate rakes i certainly do think there's a chance he's up for good, as he can push avisail into the short side of a platoon if he's clearly a superior option. just... don't lose your minds if he gets sent back down
  10. yeah, plus consider that he took an 0-6 on sunday after being hit on the hand and going for X-rays / being listed as DTD on saturday night, not even being sure he'd play. i wouldn't read too much into anything just yet
  11. yeah, like offensive tackle sure, you can basically tape your entire hand into a ball and still go back out there. but like you say, hitting is another thing. the bone healing itself should take about a month, but the tendon involvement... it just depends on if it actually affects his swing, like his grip strength or anything like that by the time he gets back. encouraging is that it wasn't an injury FROM hitting, like a hamate. so maybe it won't affect him at all. we can really only guess at this point
  12. yeah i'm quietly placing a marker on this guy in my super deep league. i'd straight up never heard of him until you mentioned him a few pages ago, but he seems pretty interesting. had a 3K inning last night. stuff looks pretty good. minor league numbers look pretty good. Ks, not too many walks. did give up a lot of homers last year in AAA, but then didn't give up a single homer all year in 2017, so maybe it's not a chronic problem. and of course, the pen he's in looks pretty bad. so it all checks out
  13. from today's arizona papers https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/mlb/diamondbacks/2019/04/01/arizona-diamondbacks-promote-top-prospect-jon-duplantier/3336669002/?cid=twitter_azcsports ron paul it's happening gif here
  14. what is even going on in seattle. i'm a huge bullpen nerd and i have no idea who some of these people are like, i'm the kind of person who's like, "ok, ian kennedy, this is what we're doing? really? ok sure" and picks him up on all my teams. it takes a pretty chaotic bullpen to get me to be "ok, i'm not dealing with this". but seattle has managed it
  15. it's the first sunday of the year, i wouldn't read a lot into lineup decisions today. sunday lineups are always a little random, and managers want to get bench guys into the mix coming out of the spring and into the season. a lot of guys are sitting. and they're facing a lefthander too. very few players play literally every game any more i want him in there too, but let's try to keep it together. the "mets don't care about mcneil" narrative is a little overdone imo. it got started when people just assumed that trading for cano meant they were benching mcneil. but even after they added cano and lowrie the mets were always talking like mcneil was going to be in the lineup, in LF. he's gonna hit. they'll have to play him.