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  1. yeah, plus consider that he took an 0-6 on sunday after being hit on the hand and going for X-rays / being listed as DTD on saturday night, not even being sure he'd play. i wouldn't read too much into anything just yet
  2. yeah, like offensive tackle sure, you can basically tape your entire hand into a ball and still go back out there. but like you say, hitting is another thing. the bone healing itself should take about a month, but the tendon involvement... it just depends on if it actually affects his swing, like his grip strength or anything like that by the time he gets back. encouraging is that it wasn't an injury FROM hitting, like a hamate. so maybe it won't affect him at all. we can really only guess at this point
  3. yeah i'm quietly placing a marker on this guy in my super deep league. i'd straight up never heard of him until you mentioned him a few pages ago, but he seems pretty interesting. had a 3K inning last night. stuff looks pretty good. minor league numbers look pretty good. Ks, not too many walks. did give up a lot of homers last year in AAA, but then didn't give up a single homer all year in 2017, so maybe it's not a chronic problem. and of course, the pen he's in looks pretty bad. so it all checks out
  4. from today's arizona papers https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/mlb/diamondbacks/2019/04/01/arizona-diamondbacks-promote-top-prospect-jon-duplantier/3336669002/?cid=twitter_azcsports ron paul it's happening gif here
  5. what is even going on in seattle. i'm a huge bullpen nerd and i have no idea who some of these people are like, i'm the kind of person who's like, "ok, ian kennedy, this is what we're doing? really? ok sure" and picks him up on all my teams. it takes a pretty chaotic bullpen to get me to be "ok, i'm not dealing with this". but seattle has managed it
  6. it's the first sunday of the year, i wouldn't read a lot into lineup decisions today. sunday lineups are always a little random, and managers want to get bench guys into the mix coming out of the spring and into the season. a lot of guys are sitting. and they're facing a lefthander too. very few players play literally every game any more i want him in there too, but let's try to keep it together. the "mets don't care about mcneil" narrative is a little overdone imo. it got started when people just assumed that trading for cano meant they were benching mcneil. but even after they added cano and lowrie the mets were always talking like mcneil was going to be in the lineup, in LF. he's gonna hit. they'll have to play him.
  7. it actually does feel kind of possible at this point that kershaw will wind up being the weakest link in the rotation, depending on how his velo and arm health pan out. but given his status and contract, even if that does start to happen, it certainly won't happen quickly, in terms of, like, 2 bad starts and they're giving up on kershaw? no way. the only real path would be a DL stint, like is happening now.
  8. they could do this, but the manager talked about it before last night's game and sounded like he didn't want to do it any time soon https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/mlb/diamondbacks/2019/03/29/lovullo-says-jake-lamb-wont-seeing-time-third-near-future/3317834002/ i do think walker is very interesting, and he's in a good spot where an injury to almost any field player on the team could instantly get him full-time ABs. the souza injury already cut into their depth, to where now they already have full-time spots for both adam jones and marte plus what appears to be a jarrod dyson / wilmer flores platoon. any OF going down could force them to shift marte out there full-time and do the lamb-escobar rotation, and the infield is even easier. even ahmed, escobar can play short. but it doesn't really sound like they're going to do it voluntarily, i.e. without an injury forcing their hand. at least not soon. and if they really wanted to be stubborn they could absorb one more loss by just making both dyson and wilmer full-timers.
  9. because they have more than 5 good starters. stripling is really good, but who are you bumping for him? * kershaw is kershaw, makes $30+ million dollars a year, etc. so. that's 1 slot occupied * buehler? buehler? no. * ryu was amazing last year and pitched better than stripling the previous day * not sure who people are trying to kid talking about hill like he isn't good. he's excellent when healthy. the knock on him is durability. but when he's functional he'll have a slot * so that leaves 1 slot with maeda, stripling and urias all fighting for it. maeda is also a very good pitcher and a veteran, although his contract structure will always have the dodgers tempted to bump him to the pen, as they've done every year they've had him at one point or another. it's usually late in the year, though. it's unlikely they'll want to really piss him off by doing it in the first week of the season. it also doesn't really make sense, he's good. urias also might be better than stripling, although they're going to baby him this year so i do think stripling has the edge on him for the slot if it comes down to those two. i say all this as someone who owns stripling and agrees with you all about how good he is. it's just a really crowded rotation. i do expect injuries and such to keep stripling starting for most of the year.
  10. this is kinda just life in the NL nowadays though, isn't it? not many bad teams this year, none really in the central. just the marlins and giants, third worst is, maybe the d-backs? whole league's pretty flat also freddy's the kind of guy who i think opponent doesn't matter as much, if he's on he can dominate anybody and if he's not he can get shelled by anybody. i used to say this about rich hill too. peralta's first ML start was a 13K monster game in coors
  11. yeah, yonny is generally listed before beeks as one of the most likely ones to have a spot, along with yarb my tip is don't forget about wilmer font. he had a crazy good season in AAA for the dodgers the year before, has good stuff, and was really starting to put together a good run for the rays before he got hurt and they shut him down for the rest of the year. he might be the most talented of this rays group and could even evolve into a real SP if he gets a shot https://blogs.fangraphs.com/i-should-explain-this-wilmer-font-thing/
  12. all the noises lately have had mcneil already in the lineup regularly in LF, at least as a strong-side platoon guy, so if anything i think a serious lowrie injury might accelerate the alonso timetable more than anything else. or rescue frazier from alonso
  13. yeah, exactly. even if defined closers did disappear, which is far from a given at this point despite the interesting trends, there would still be about the same number of saves happening. they'd just go to more different guys in a less predictable way. that would change the strategies involved, obviously, but it wouldn't immediately mean that we should just throw away the category. granted, the entire save statistic has always been kind of made up and stupid, and the idea of getting rid of it bears thinking about regardless of pitcher usage trends but i think we're jumping the gun a little bit declaring the age of the closer / the save to be over
  14. i was loving quiroz until this... whole machado thing happened now it's hard to see how he ever sees the light of day in san diego, with machado / tatis / urias he might actually be roughly as good as urias, imo, but, it's still hard to see
  15. some, i'll work around to that. the next group i'm gonna do is probably relief / closer prospects, which is kind of my special area of interest these days. since they're generally ignored compared to everything else, and they move really fast compared to other prospects, so basically, if you pay special attention to them, you get a lot of free stuff really quickly. i like that