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  1. once the fangraphs article comes through you're playing with fire
  2. three-run bomb for toles. that gives him the same number of home runs this week as bellinger, and he had the job already. just in case anyone's keeping track
  3. actually has a .350 OBP over the past two weeks. it's not much by his standards but it's a lot better than the first two weeks. just needs to start hitting the ball far i'm still suspicious that he tweaked something healthwise during the WBC or thereabouts and has been slowly recovering ever since. all the spring reports before he missed the last dominican WBC game with "minor back tightness" were that he looked "amazing", ever since then he's looked "old and done". a less-than-completely-healthy back will do that that's bad in the sense that old guys can get bad backs a lot, but good in the sense that if the can get healthy again he'd have a shot to start looking like himself again, and hasn't just completely lost it this is all just speculation of course
  4. pretty sure they're trying to protect davidson and ease him in by playing him mostly against LHP. he's struck out 15 times in 31 PA against righthanders with zero walks, although interestingly he actually has 3 of his 4 homers against them... and now that i look at it has more PA vs RHP than LHP, in spite of the platooning. i guess relievers will do that personally i still doubt he'd be doing that much better than asche if he was deployed full-time
  5. don't try to convince me, i'm not the guy who decides. i'm saying what i think is going to happen, not what should happen
  6. joc tweaked a leg running to a base, he'll be back on friday. they're not going to bench him. toles has been sneaky good last year and at times this year. he was slumping when bellinger came up, which was the main path i saw for bellinger to stay up long term. but he's started hitting again now so i don't think they'll give bellinger his job at this point. and they aren't going to just bench adrian gonzalez for bellinger with 2 years left on his contract. so adrian's elbow is the only real path i see for bellinger to stay up right now. if he hits 4 more homers by the time joc comes off the DL maybe something happens with that. that's how i see it at this point
  7. JinxDodger and, guys... they're not going to bench joc because he had a slow first few weeks
  8. huh, there's another one i still think... he's going d... well, let's just see how it goes
  9. ok this is a good point and worth mentioning. adrian's elbow thing is kind of a wild card here kinda think adrian has enough veteran pull to keep playing if he says he can keep playing, though meanwhile there goes bellinger career HR #1 (i still think he's going back down)
  10. yeah, now toles is hitting again. bellinger's definitely gonna go back down
  11. reminds me of the one he hit last year around halfway through the year, at a time when everybody was worried about him. just effortlessly destroyed the ball. i haven't looked this up or anything but i recall him being pretty awesome from that point to the end of the season. so i'm taking it as a good sign
  12. yeah, i mean, triggs' scoreless streak notwithstanding, hahn has pretty much been their best pitcher so far. him and graveman. but graveman and manaea have had health tweaks, and cotton's just mostly been mediocre to bad... can't drop hahn just based on last in first out. if everyone was performing more or less the same then yeah, but they're not
  13. according to the beat writer tweets from last night, it was bumped from friday to saturday, for some reason so that means today. for all the good it will do us, as random as the dodgers' pen usage has been
  14. not if he's throwing like this. at this rate i'm starting to wonder if cotton is gonna get sent down