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  1. 2018 Closers

    ah good, i logged on specifically to look for discussion of this. somebody should make a list of all the closers who are free agents and what the situation is for those teams. i would do this myself, but i'm hoping somebody else will do it before i have time razzball's bullpen guy did a 2018 closer guess-analysis post and had rodney signing with the white sox, which is random yet for some reason felt weirdly plausible to me but he's a free agent. belisle in minnesota. wade davis. who else
  2. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    not entirely serious. but, like... what if i was
  3. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    tommy pham, b*tches
  4. Tommy Pham 2017 Outlook

    yes!!! obviously
  5. Tommy Pham 2017 Outlook

    yeah, as captain of both the haniger and pham hype monorails, i have them in about the same place right now. in value and even in the shape of their performance as all-around bats - good average, lots of walks, and good line-drive power that goes over the fence often enough while also producing bunches of doubles and triples. love both guys. pros and cons: pham: much more consistent overall performance this year, seems to run more haniger: younger, doesn't have the eye thing hanging over him haniger was mediocre-to-bad for the entire middle of the season but i think that was just a hangover from the oblique. those will screw you up domingo santana is cool too, but he's never been one of my pet guys so i know less about him. this avisail garcia thing i really don't understand. i'm not saying he's a fluke or anything, i don't know. i just never expected this
  6. Tommy Pham 2017 Outlook

    yeah, there's a lot of variables here. do i believe what he's been doing is "for real" in the sense that it's not luck or just a hot streak? yeah, clearly i do. i don't care what his BABIP is. he's awesome. at the same time, a lot can go wrong. it seems like guys who break out late tend to also burn out quickly - a guy like donaldson, who i think of as a pretty similar case to pham, had a few terrific years but we may already be starting to see him head into the downside. any player in his 30s can start to run into problems and decline phase stuff. then pham has always been injury prone. (although as i argued in my original post on the thread, i think some of that was just a young guy playing too hard and throwing his body around recklessly, as opposed to him being particularly fragile, and it seems like he's learned to tone that down enough to stay healthier.) and most of all the eye thing is always gonna be a sword hanging over him by a thread like in that greek myth, ready to screw up any given season or just end his career at any time. for a practical example of what that means for people like us - i own him in a league with an arbitration system where i could sign him for 5 years, but for all those reasons i'm going to just take him year to year instead, even though it may cost me more money in the long term if he does keep this up for a while. just because in his case i think the flexibility of taking stock of what his situation is each year is even more valuable than it is with most players. that's not to say i'd consider him a sell high; like, personally, even if i did think that was the smart play, i'm so happy he's finally gotten his shot and made it, i couldn't bear to trade him. for me it's more of a hold, cherish, but tread carefully.
  7. Mitch Haniger 2017 Outlook

    looks like somebody's finally over his oblique strain man that sucked
  8. Jose Martinez 2017 Outlook

    martinez has totally taken over the pham role as "cardinals bench player we all want to see get a full-time job" now that pham finally broke through it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it
  9. Billy Hamilton 2017 Outlook

    i'm seeing reports that they're going to, although it hasn't happened yet https://www.fantasypros.com/mlb/news/129581/billy-hamilton-thumb-to-be-placed-on-10-day-disabled-list.php
  10. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    just needs to get those hamstrings loose
  11. Billy Hamilton 2017 Outlook

    the 10-day is basically irrelevant now, as you're suggesting here, but some teams still do occasionally use it anyway - i guess to be dicks to their players so they can point to "X DL stints" during arbitration cases? or whatever. but there's also some small chance they might put him on the 60-day to free up a 40-man spot for another september callup, if their 40 is currently full (which i don't know)
  12. 2017 "Sleeper" Prospects

    some of my current projects - mostly pitchers. i specialize in guys who seem like they could turn into solid, usable pitchers relatively quickly, as opposed to hunting for aces who'll take 3 or 4 years, so that's the mold most of these guys fit, just so you know wilmer font, still. (AAA) been even better lately. dodgers still don't need him. sigh yonny chirinos, rays. (AAA). always performed well. changeup guy, velo doesn't completely suck. honeywell probably gets a shot before he does though duane underwood jr, cubs. (AA) always had talent but had problems with health, command, strikeout numbers never really matching up with the descriptions of his stuff, etc. this year he's been healthy and his last month v good performance in AA - still not amazing Ks but better, and very few walks / runs. still throws high 90s, and cubs will need pitchers. freddy peralta, brewers. (AA) you want gaudy minor league K numbers, he might be more your speed than underwood. not a big fastball guy and walks his share, but sounds like one of those guys where everything he throws moves, and to this point he's kept the ERAs down in spite of the walks. ryan borucki, jays. see 3 posts up dillon peters, marlins. (AA) marlins will also need pitchers, peters seems to have caught their eye. missed a bunch of this year with a broken thumb or he'd probably be in their rotation already
  13. Tommy Pham 2017 Outlook

    this already happened once before this year, he seems to go through phases where he's still hitting for average and walking but the power totally disappears for a while. the last time he said he was having trouble lifting the ball and was hitting everything hard but on the ground, and he wasn't sure why. so i suspect it's a swing / mechanics thing. but it came back last time, so i think it should again
  14. 2017 Middle Relievers Thread

    i'm on a long names trip right now: hildenberger & steckenrider both guys have performed well lately, moved up in their pens after their closers were decapitated in deadline deals, and could be considered the best arm in their pen right now. (steckenrider does have to deal with whatever happens when bearclaw comes back) both seem like good "middle relief now, maybe saves down the line" type guys, especially in leagues where you can hold for next year also looking at simon castro in oakland but his name isn't long enough
  15. Jose Bautista 2017 Outlook

    yes, he's gone back into the trash. it's been not good