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  1. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    i don't know that he necessarily needs to do anything different than he did last year - since, i mean, whatever he was doing then seemed to work pretty well. what happened in 2016 is apparently he tried to change his contacts to some new, supposedly more advanced higher-tech lenses, and they did actually make his vision better by eye-chart standards but for whatever reason they didn't work for him in terms of actually playing baseball. so he switched back to his old lenses for last year and got back to business. so as long as he just keeps things the same he should be all right. i think he had some procedure that's supposed to slow or stop the progression of the condition, so hopefully it won't change up on him too bad, although obviously who really knows
  2. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    yes, exactly. he's the kind of guy who can come extremely quickly. like, up from the minor leagues to the major leagues. you know
  3. 2017 Amateur Draft Results,

    that's what *i* said i mean in my case they didn't put him in the draft, they recognized that he'd exhausted MLB rookie eligibility. they just insisted (retroactively) that i couldn't own him while he was under contract in korea. "what f_____g difference does that make," i said, but, they wouldn't listen
  4. 2017 Amateur Draft Results,

    i had basically the same thing happen to me with thames last year - i picked him up at the end of 2016 knowing that his korean contract was ending. that didn't just put him on my team, but it gave me topping rights (i.e. right to match the high bid by other owners in the auction and get the player, which is really powerful under our contract league format - basically, the topping rights holder always gets the player unless he's just got other plans for that position or somebody really goes crazy with a bid.) no one commented on the move at the time, but like four months later, when thames signed with the brewers and fangraphs started running all those articles about his wild projections, everyone started yelling and screaming like little babies and voted to strip me of the topping rights since "he'd been in korea at the time". our rules didn't say anything like that, we'd been operating by the rule that anybody who's played in MLB is ownable after that, but, they yelled a lot and won it kind of sucked. i ended up with thames anyway, since i was pretty pissed, but i had to pay a lot more for him people writing up new rule sets should make sure to cover this kind of stuff in detail so there's no ambiguity
  5. Ryon Healy 2018 Outlook

    this is where i am also of course, i'm incredibly stubborn about my guys once i decide they're my guys. but, sometimes it works
  6. Brandon Drury 2018 Outlook

    i was reading a thing that suggested that the full-time move to 2B might have impacted his hitting last year, since he's really a natural 3B but is blocked there by lamb, so he might have been thinking about defense too much and lost the handle on his hitting. that does happen sometimes. his bat profile coming into the year seemed a lot better than what he ended up doing so if he can settle in i think he could be a lot better going forward, hitting wise. but the situation in arizona suddenly seems pretty crowded. ketel is probably going to play SS, which leaves owings and drury colliding at 2B. owings has a history as a move-around-the-field utility guy, but that leaves a lot of uncertainty. dunno what's gonna happen. but i do like drury as kind of a post-hype guy if he gets to play.
  7. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    i'm behind on my bullpen research right now, haven't really geared up for next season yet, but these are all good names. here are a few others - jose alvarado / ryne stanek / andrew kittredge, rays - should be opportunity here whenever colome is eventually traded, and all of these guys are interesting. alvarado is my favorite; stanek also throws mad hard but seems to have Problems. i know less about kittredge and his stuff seems less sexy but he might be the most developed pitcher at the moment and therefore in best position to wrestle for the closer job if colome is traded next week. ariel hernandez, reds - remember that burst of excitement about him when he was called up last year and had a great first outing. he still walks way too many guys, but he's also still in the conversation for best pure stuff of any pitcher in baseball, no exaggeration. probably needs a pretty significant command breakthrough to close, though, and not sure how likely that is while keeping the stuff intact dick lovelady / josh staumont / kyle zimmer, royals - lovelady might be the best bet here and not just becuase of the name. good reports on him - lefthanded, good FB, interesting arm angle, good slider, good command. that's a good package (that's what she said). the kind of guy who could come fast. staumont is... pretty similar to ariel actually. zimmer has been moved to the pen now but still needs to show he can stay healthy for ten minutes, which (eye roll emoji) (shrug emoji) tyler bashlor, mets - read something about him somewhere, saying that he flipped a switch and became good last year. could be interesting chris martin, rangers - former US farmhand went to japan and came back, similar to tony barnette a couple years ago. probably won't wind up closing but the rangers pen is pretty chaotic and i noticed the contract he signed does have a games finished bonus edubray ramos, phillies - not a rookie or minor leaguer any more, but don't forget about him. was on a pretty good run at the end of last year, might have turned a corner there's more out there - as i said, i haven't really done an exhaustive roundup yet. so this list feels sort of random. but, it's something
  8. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    he's not going to fall in my actual drafts
  9. Carlos Asuaje 2018 Outlook

    everything i've read seems to assume that asuaje is at least nominally the 2B starter, although it's still unclear what's going to happen with headley vs spangenberg over at 3B. spang could always go to LF if pirela isn't repeating what he did last year. who knows. anyway, i kind of like asuaje. he's kind of the classic natural-hitter 2B prospect who's too physically small to hit for exciting power, but he actually had some years with really solid XBH totals in the minors. once in A-ball with the red sox, then he had one down season before being included in the kimbrel trade, and then was really good again in 2016, although that was in the PCL. but he's one of those guys who's described as having really strong wrists and hands, surprising pop for his size, etc etc. in the end he's probably a boring placido polanco type at best, but, he definitely exists, so, that's something
  10. Albert Almora Jr 2018 Outlook

    i wrote a pretty long post about almora when i started his 2017 thread, most of which still applies the two big, somewhat related questions are (A) how much playing time is he going to get and (B) how well will he hit righties. he had some big hits vs RHP in the second half last year, although maddon said some things about how he was doing better because they were choosing carefully when to deploy him (which they of course had the luxury of doing because their OF was so deep). if he's the everyday CF he'll have to hit against everyone, and we'll see what happens then.
  11. Eric Thames 2018 Outlook

    that was such a weird season i feel like we still don't really know what his true level is. as long as most people are out on him and he's pretty cheap, i'm still in.
  12. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    let's make a chart! i'll do it by division, with teams listed in each division from most to least stable situation. this is all off the top of my head so feel free to chime in with updates and corrections and added info AL west mariners - edwin diaz angels - cam-bed i guess? what even happened here last year astros - giles...? devenski? rangers - claudio? it seems so unlikely but sounds like bush is going to try starting. kela? athletics - treinen? liam hendriks? chris hatcher? wow the AL west is kind of a mess AL central indians - allen presumably, with miller still chilling behind him royals - still kelvin right twins - hildenberger? resign belisle? sign somebody new? tigers - ??? white sox - ??? juan minaya? ??? gregory infante? for some reason i can imagine them being the team that signs rodney this year AL east red sox - kimbrel yankees - aroldis jays - osuna orioles - britton rays - colome until they trade him (then what?) wow the east is way more organized than the other two divisions NL west dodgers - jansen giants - melancon padres - hand still? diamondbacks - archie bradley? something else? rockies - now what NL central pirates - rivero reds - raisel brewers - i forget cubs - ??? cardinals - ??? oh? tyler lyons? probably acquire somebody NL east mets - familia phillies - still neris? nats - doolittle? marlins - ziegler? bearclaw? steckenrider? braves - uh Free Agents wade davis holland ... rodney ... probably some other guys i'm not thinking of
  13. Jose Martinez 2018 Season Outlook

    brock posted this link on the tail end of jose magnifico's 2017 thread, since the article came out in mid september before the season ended, but i'm going to drop it again here in case people missed it https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/have-the-cardinals-found-the-new-j-d-martinez/
  14. 2018 Closers

    ah good, i logged on specifically to look for discussion of this. somebody should make a list of all the closers who are free agents and what the situation is for those teams. i would do this myself, but i'm hoping somebody else will do it before i have time razzball's bullpen guy did a 2018 closer guess-analysis post and had rodney signing with the white sox, which is random yet for some reason felt weirdly plausible to me but he's a free agent. belisle in minnesota. wade davis. who else
  15. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    not entirely serious. but, like... what if i was