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  1. some of my current projects - mostly pitchers. i specialize in guys who seem like they could turn into solid, usable pitchers relatively quickly, as opposed to hunting for aces who'll take 3 or 4 years, so that's the mold most of these guys fit, just so you know wilmer font, still. (AAA) been even better lately. dodgers still don't need him. sigh yonny chirinos, rays. (AAA). always performed well. changeup guy, velo doesn't completely suck. honeywell probably gets a shot before he does though duane underwood jr, cubs. (AA) always had talent but had problems with health, command, strikeout numbers never really matching up with the descriptions of his stuff, etc. this year he's been healthy and his last month v good performance in AA - still not amazing Ks but better, and very few walks / runs. still throws high 90s, and cubs will need pitchers. freddy peralta, brewers. (AA) you want gaudy minor league K numbers, he might be more your speed than underwood. not a big fastball guy and walks his share, but sounds like one of those guys where everything he throws moves, and to this point he's kept the ERAs down in spite of the walks. ryan borucki, jays. see 3 posts up dillon peters, marlins. (AA) marlins will also need pitchers, peters seems to have caught their eye. missed a bunch of this year with a broken thumb or he'd probably be in their rotation already
  2. this already happened once before this year, he seems to go through phases where he's still hitting for average and walking but the power totally disappears for a while. the last time he said he was having trouble lifting the ball and was hitting everything hard but on the ground, and he wasn't sure why. so i suspect it's a swing / mechanics thing. but it came back last time, so i think it should again
  3. i'm on a long names trip right now: hildenberger & steckenrider both guys have performed well lately, moved up in their pens after their closers were decapitated in deadline deals, and could be considered the best arm in their pen right now. (steckenrider does have to deal with whatever happens when bearclaw comes back) both seem like good "middle relief now, maybe saves down the line" type guys, especially in leagues where you can hold for next year also looking at simon castro in oakland but his name isn't long enough
  4. yes, he's gone back into the trash. it's been not good
  5. if we've learned one thing about the 2017 dodgers at this point, besides that they're good, it's that it's pointless trying to figure out what their rotation is going to be two days from now if mccarthy gets himself back into functional pitching form i think he'll be in the mix. the team has a substantial commitment to him and he was really ahead of maeda and ryu in the vague pecking order before he went on the fritz, although both of those guys have been pretty good lately
  6. cynicism is fine and all but i have to admit i'm not sure why people are still making "david dahl will start baseball activities as soon as X extremely unlikely thing occurs" when he's been playing in AAA for like two weeks
  7. if i jinxed it it was probably by saying i think his injury-prone rep is overstated. but damn, the man can't help it if he gets hit by meteorites or dexter fowlers
  8. yeah him and marwin both. i'm only a little bitter any time you're ready, eduardo escobar
  9. i mean, "infuriated" was an extremely lame characterization of what i said here's the article with the comments section that he was referring to http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/nl-outfield-rankings-march-preseason/ (down at the bottom) so yeah i've been on this tommy pham horse for... quite some time (wily mo pats self on back from his own account)
  10. i mean, do you see pham mentioned there? it doesn't mention me by name but it's talking about about stuff that me and one other dude said in the previous month's article comments
  11. fun fact: the dude who wrote that article was making fun of me in the articles for asking about pham a year ago http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/nl-outfield-rankings-may/
  12. i think we've reached the point where he needs to start going by "jon villar" or "jonny villar" or "BJ villar". change it up a bit somehow, do an identity reboot. see if that helps
  13. some recent observations based off what i said in the long first-page post: one factor in the high HR/FB is probably that his flyball % is absurdly low this year, 23%. it's always been a little low but that's below even what he's done his previous two big-league stints. whatever he was doing to try to elevate the ball more, it doesn't appear to be working. seeing how good his numbers are even so, it's kind of scary to contemplate how good he could be if he did manage to do that (not saying he will) also, possibly related, his exit velocity is actually not as high this year as it had been. the past two years it was elite, top 10 level. this year it's still good but right now he's in 28th place in FB/LD velocity among guys with 30 statcast events. i think that's actually up a bit from last time i looked the results, of course, seem fine his babip can do whatever it wants, i think he's gonna be great regardless. it's not luck. i also think his injury-proneness is overstated. at this point the biggest risk is that his eyes go south on him again. there's really no way we can predict that especially pleased by all the running. here's a list of guys with double-digit steals ranked by OPS: 1. goldschmidt 2. altuve 3. jose ram 4. pham 5. chris taylor 6. segura 7. mookie 8. michael taylor 9. whit merrified 10. brett gardner 11. wil myers 12. brantley Year Of The Taylor
  14. i think yes, although that one huge power burst that made everybody take notice of him back in may, when he hit like 10 homers in two weeks or whatever it was, was partially a product of pitchers being taken by surprise. but he's been rock solid consistent ever since then with average, OBP and solid power. and he's gotta be pretty secure for playing time at this point.
  15. yeah that didn't really make sense. he's already hitting in rehab, there's no way he needs to miss the rest of the year just because he didn't get spring training. the all-star break just happened