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  1. sometimes it takes him a little while to sort this out
  2. the bad news is that grichuk is back up and seems to be hitting better, so whenever fowler comes back off the DL, things are gonna be crowded again the good news is that pham is still awesome, and it's getting more and more difficult for anybody to try and convince the general cardinals-fan public that he isn't
  3. i'm mostly kidding, i just don't want us to get too optimistic before he actually shows up looking any different, don't want to jinx it
  4. let's not get cocky. but i like that he's gotten a break. really it can only help and i like that he got a bunch of hits but no homers down in A-ball. hopefully he's got his focus back on just spraying line drives, where it should be, and can just ignore the fences
  5. you started out saying: this is not correct. the win is assigned by the same rule all the time: the pitcher who was in the game when his team took the lead for good, regardless of what inning it is, gets the win UNLESS that pitcher was a starting pitcher, and he didn't go 5 innings. THEN the win is up for grabs, and all this other stuff you've been saying over and over again kicks in, AT THAT POINT, about the scorer deciding and effectiveness and all of that none of that kicked in this time, because the basic rule wouldn't have assigned the win to a starter who didn't go 5 innings (the second exception is that the scorer can diss a relief pitcher if he was ineffective in a short appearance. but that didn't happen here either, and in any event, that rule doesn't say anything about the 5th inning. it applies the same in the third inning or the 8th) the 5th inning is ONLY a thing because that's the inning a starter needs to get through there is no general rule that "there is no pitcher of record until the 5th inning". that is a thing you made up. it is only true that the STARTER cannot be the pitcher of record until the 5th is complete. but we're talking about relievers that's why the SP matters
  6. this doesn't apply because feliz wasn't a starting pitcher
  7. the entire point is that feliz DIDN'T enter with a lead. the astros took the lead while he was in the game that means he gets the win there is ONE exception to this. that exception is, if FELIZ HIMSELF was the STARTING pitcher who didn't complete 5 innings was feliz the starting pitcher?
  8. yeah, well. we've come this far. it would have taken like 3 posts max, but someone has decided to go down with the ship
  9. did the astros take the lead while the starter was still in the game?
  10. no. listen. really listen. if a pitcher is in the game, when his team takes the lead, he gets the win. there is one exception to this. only one. here is the exception: if he is the starting pitcher in the game, but does not go five innings. did that exception apply to this game? no, it didn't. why not? because the pitcher who was in the game when his team took the lead was feliz. did feliz start the game? no, he didn't. therefore, he wasn't a starting pitcher who didn't go five innings. therefore he gets the win. none of the other sentences in the rule about effectiveness & so on apply. those only kick in once you trigger the exception which this game didn't ok
  11. regardless of whether you're in an OBP league or not, the walks matter because they're an indicator of how his plate discipline's doing. as long as he was still walking i figured physical infirmity was probably what was going on, but now that's he's gone into a strikeouts-without-walks phase i'm a bit more worried. still think it's more grind and less pitchers adjusting and he can get hot again, but the walk erosion does introduce more doubts
  12. keep in mind that he's coming back from an oblique, which can sap the explosiveness in a guy's swing for a while like, guys have lost entire seasons where they look really mediocre after pulling an oblique, and everyone decides that they suck, and then the next year the come back healthy and go back to being their old self and everyone' surprised for all my haniger love i was worried he'd come back and be even worse than this for a few weeks of course the danger here is that, if "very slight lingering oblique malaise" is actually what happening, it might always linger all year and downgrade him from awesome to just ok but it's not like he's been bad, really getting on base well with at least some power - and it's only been two weeks, which is a small sample anyway with that said i can see, like, if you need steals in particular and starling is on the wire, yeah, i can see that but i'm still a mitch believer really
  13. couldja quit stating stuff like it's a fact when it's actually just what you vaguely feel is probably right here's what wikipedia says about the actual rule so, @IrishBornKiller is quite correct. the win goes to the pitcher who was in the game when his team took the lead, UNLESS that pitcher was a starter who doesn't go 5 innings. then the scorer decides in this case, a pitcher (feliz) was in the game when his team took the lead, and he was not a starter who went less than 5 innings. so he gets the win. there's no scorer's decision there is no rule where the win in general doesn't kick in until the 5th inning. that's just the way it usually works because of the starter-must-go-5 thing therefore, the other stuff you're saying about how devenski couldn't get a save coming in before the 5th because he would get the win is also not right. in this case, if devenski finished the game, feliz would still have gotten the win, for all the same reasons. so devenski would have gotten a save
  14. don't think this is right. i've never heard of it and the save rule doesn't say anything about it
  15. that's not like a rule though. it's just the middle reliever thread. kahnle's a middle reliever how owned a guy is all depends on the league particulars like yeah, it's funny when we spend three pages talking about a guy and then a month later somebody comes in and drops his name like they're the first person to discover him but that's messageboards for you it's a free country, people can talk about kahnle