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  1. With Coleman back, I think Wilson is a safe drop. The 49ers were using Coleman at the goaline before he got hurt. This was the Rotoworld blurb on September the 24th. The Athletic's Matt Barrows believes 49ers RB Jeff Wilson could be inactive when Tevin Coleman (ankle) returns. Coleman might be active Week 5 when the 49ers come off this week's bye, and then coach Kyle Shanahan will have to decide if he wants to keep four running backs active on gamedays. Shanahan believes Coleman can handle Wilson's goal-line job and Coleman was the No. 1 back before his injury, so Wilson very well could be on the outside looking in. If Coleman's return is relayed, Wilson would be a touchdown-dependent RB3/4.
  2. I already have George Kittle in my TE spot. Would you rather flex Matt Breida against the Browns on MNF or flex Darren Waller against the Bears defense? I'm leaning Waller, but I'm worried the Raiders won't even move the ball downfield.
  3. I have both. I don't trust Diontae to have 3 consecutive games with a touchdown, especially since it's the Ravens and it could be a low scoring rivalry game. On the other hand, I think what the 49ers have been doing is fairly underrated so far. I think they'll prove on Monday to be a true contender with another good showing against the Browns. Not to mention they've had an extra week to prepare. With that said, it is a toss-up and I'm in a situation where I have to start both.
  4. Here's what Ryan Clark, former DB of the Steelers, had to say about Dante: Pettis is a great route runner and it sounds like Pettis showed up to training camp out of shape & dealing with some injuries. Now that he's healthy & in shape, I think you can disregard Pettis' early season lack of productivity. Shanahan even said after the Steelers game that he feels Pettis is now where he left off last year.
  5. Also I noticed this from Monday. Pete Carroll wishes he had given Prosise more carries.
  6. Fan Write-Up during the Preseason: This might be the one deep league dart throw I settle on. There might be more opportunity here than people think with Carson fumbling the ball, Penny's hamstring's woes, and Pete Carroll's confidence in Prosise's ability. Also, Prosise had more snaps than Carson last week.
  7. Arcega-Whiteside's impact will be even greater if Jeffery is absent, as he's similarly a jump ball receiver. While JJ looked a little lost on the field on Sunday night, keep in mind that the Eagles used JJ all week long to mimic Julio Jones during practice, leading up to the game (JJ is 6'2', 225 lb). He was more focused helping out the defense than his role on offense. If both Alshon & Desean are out, he should certainly be more prepared for the Lions. He already showed off his ability during the preseason:
  8. During the game, one of the commentators noted a conversation he had with Kyle Shanahan. Supposedly, Shanahan believes Breida is the best runner on the team (per the commentator), and that even Coleman was brought into to be his complement. Take that for what you will. Clearly, Shanahan's usage of Breida's isn't that of a feature back....maybe he's trying to preserve his body. But he's going to feed Breida the ball in a split role. He would have had more carries today if not for the blowout.
  9. Game was still competitive when he had 3 catches for 56 yards. But yes, it was a garbage time touchdown....they did throw to him 3 times in a row in the red zone.
  10. My point was, it was one game. If you're looking to knock Breida, then go ahead and knock McCaffrey also. Certainly helps to hear him say this the other day: "The ankle is fully healed. I'm back to 100 percent," Breida said. "It was rough last year playing with it every week, being hurt, but that's part of football. You want to be out there with your brothers and play, even if that means being hurt. I'm happy and glad I'm back healthy now, and can do everything I want to do." With Coleman out, Breida managed 15 carries for 37 yards against the Buccaneers. It wasn't the offensive showing that he or the offense had hoped for. "I definitely think we came out there and we were able to execute the plays that we wanted to, ok," Breida explained. "I feel like we do a better job, definitely, making sure everybody's on the same page and everything. I think a lot of that is just the rust. None of us had played a full game yet. We played a half, I think, through most of preseason, so as guys get back out there, they're not going to have the rust. I feel like we'll do a better job this week." I'm starting Breida with full confidence. Strange that Mostert is getting hype like he's a rookie, when he's 27 compared to Breida, who is 24. Mostert was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2015 when Breida was still a junior at Georgia Southern. He's been rostered by the Eagles, Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, Jets, Bears and 49ers. He's solid but not going to be favored by Shanahan.
  11. So, beyond the fact that Breida dealt with dehydration, I find it interesting how similar Breida's Week 1 numbers, against the Bucs, were in comparison to Christian McCaffrey's Week 2 against Tampa. Matt Breida Week 1: 15 carries, 37 rushing yards Christian McCaffrey Week 2: 16 carries, 37 rushing yards, 2 receptions, 16 yards (on 6 targets) The Bucs shut down McCaffrey despite CMC being his normal self in Week 1 against the Rams (128 yards rushing and 81 receiving). You could argue a lot of other factors were in play. including the short week & Cam Newton's subpar performance but if you're not holding week 2 against McCaffrey, maybe Breida's performance can be overlooked as well.
  12. You sure don't have to worry about McLaurin being consistently involved with the offense. Jay Gruden absolutely loves him.
  13. Posted quite a few videos...sorry, last one...finally found a grab from Sunday (5 targets, 3 catches, 25 yards).
  14. Mike Tomlin after being asked about the growth of Diontae Johnson & Devin Bush: "We expect those guys to grow and grow in a big way and be more significant contributors and have more detail efforts and contribute more and it is reasonable to expect that to occur week to week. But I'm sure Seattle is feeling the same way about (DK) Metcalf, who had an opportunity to contribute to their efforts a week ago and make a few plays for them but we better not expect his contributions to remain the same this week. [DK's] role and the expansion of his role is gonna grow and grow week to week potentially at the early stages of this thing. And I think that's the traction that we all are trying to find with our talented young people [Diontae] at this stage of the journey in the National Football League." Darryl Drake (former Steelers WR coach, who passed away a few months ago) speaking about Diontae Johnson after he was drafted, comparing him to Antonio Brown & other Steelers' greats. Said Diontae was the one guy who all the WR coaches around the league talked about (around the 7:45 minute mark). Mentioned how Bruce Arians cussed him out when the Steelers drafted him before the Buccaneers. I wouldn't sleep on Diontae. I was honestly surprised he had 5 targets Week 1 after being questionable to play leading up to the opener (because of injury). And the fact that Tomlin compared Diontae Johnson's contribution to DK Metcalf's really makes believe the WR depth chart is wide open and that the Steelers aren't committed to Moncrief or Washington. If you have a free spot, doesn't hurt to grab him for this weekend just to see what happens. Considering the Steelers' propensity for identify talent at the wide receiver position, you'll have no shot at grabbing him off the waiver wire if he does breakout.