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  1. Any Mariners homers out there know if Nellie will be playing outfield in either game in San Diego? He played in the field for the first time this season on Saturday in Arizona and I'm praying he gets one of the two starts in SD. One would be against a lefty.
  2. With the Bour addition, will Santana be losing at least one start per week?
  3. I have Verlander and Bauer. And I'm drinking heavily after those collapses tonight.
  4. Any Tigers' homers have any updates on Big Cat? He's been smoking hot the last two weeks.
  5. He hasn't played one inning in the field this year so probably pinch hitting only at Coors. Sadly have to take him out of my weekly lineup.
  6. Thank you Francona. Second time he forced Bauer to throw into the 120s and lose QS and possible win. Cleveland better shore up that bullpen pronto!
  7. Any of you Indians insiders know if the Tribe will skip Tomlin's next start and move the other 4 starters up giving Bauer two starts next week? Only makes sense. Otherwise the other 4 would be pitching 7 days after their last start.
  8. After game Lovello said initial diagnosis is a sprained thumb. Still getting checked out. Seeing a hand specialist tomorrow.
  9. Per Torey Lovullo after the game, Xrays were negative. He has a hand contusion.
  10. Points league. Wins, QS and Ks matter most. Give up Archer on crappy Rays for Porcello?
  11. I'm a Dbacks fan and I own Boxberger. The key is the opposing team's batting order in the last 3 innings. Lovullo wants Bradley to match up vs the top or heart of the opposing team's order whether it be in the 7th, 8th or 9th inning. Last night, Godley pitched 7 innings. The bottom of the order was up for SF in the 8th inning so Lovullo deployed Hirono who he likes to pitch in those situations. Since the top of the order was up in the 9th Lovullo used Bradley. Boxberger will get the high majority of saves but when a starter goes deep in the game Bradley could be used if the heart of the other team's order is due up in the 9th.
  12. Well I'm sure he is out the next two games at San Francisco. So Thursday at the earliest.
  13. That's what I thought. Missed out on the bomb though. Just hope he's over his quad problem and get some next week.
  14. For some reason, they are still carrying 3 catchers. But Avila should get a normal starters share of playing time.