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  1. 4 picks remaining I’ll finally make my first pick of the year at 1.11 in the FA. Can’t wait...
  2. I don’t have Vikings 1st rounder. He has mine. Also my 3rd rounder.
  3. I didn’t believe in McCaffrey either and figured Fournette would be better at 2nd overall but it’s not looking that way.
  4. He definitely won that trade but his team went 11-2 the year before so he had a solid team before. His bad year he traded away Antonio Brown and basically went to into temporary rebuilding mode and scored getting Saquon. Initially traded you Kelce (who he got back basically for free) and Duke Johnson for Golladay who got better this year. Got Edelman back who was out all year last year. Gave up future picks for Schuster. Also fleeced Need Some Wood of their 1st rounder for some inconsistent injured Eagle RBs. Good plays all round. As for DerrickHenrysCleats... I’ve never seen a team be ripped apart so badly and can’t even get last place to save it. Pray for that team.
  5. What a miracle my win last week to beat Soulcrusher 180.70 - 177.27 to save my season. Took a wild performance from Amari, a garbage performance from Rodgers, and a couple TD bombs from Mariota to close out on Monday night (made a last minute change of Bortles for Mariota after it was announced early enough Sunday morning that Mariota would play Monday night, otherwise it would have been a loss with Bortles). Now I just have to beat the last place team (One For The Road) to make the playoffs and if I can't do that, then I don't deserve to make it. The irony is with a win over this team, it will be One For The Road's 10th straight loss and they will bump my 2014 record setting losing streak of 9 (currently tied) but at the same time, it will guarantee them 1st Overall in next years draft (assuming they didn't trade the pick). The things you have to endure to get 1st overall in the draft. All of this doesn't matter if my team chokes and either Legendary Cock or AHERNSHOTME2 wins. Playoffs are starting this week for us "on the fringe" teams.
  6. I think “natural disaster” is a fair reason to be exempt from any punishment...
  7. For anyone who is rebuilding or plans to rebuild as the season goes on, all 3 of my 2019 picks are available. Let's get some trades going.
  8. The TE I just picked up through waivers Jake Butt was projected to potentially be the first TE off the board in the 2nd round of the 2016 Draft with the Chargers where Hunter Henry went as they were ranked similar with the same size and age. Henry declared for the draft foregoing his Senior year with Arkansas but Butt opted to return to Michigan for his Senior year where he then became the school’s all-time leading receiver in yards by a TE but unfortunately tore his ACL in the Orange Bowl. Two years later, I now have Jake Butt on my team after he sat out all of last year on the PUP list to recover and Hunter Henry is the one now out for the year with the same injury that delayed Butt’s career, a torn ACL. Coincidence?
  9. 1. JMak - Tre'Quan Smith WR NO 2. sportsguy21792 - Corey Grant RB JAC 3. merkman_21 - Karl Joseph S OAK 4. ArmchairGM - Vance McDonald TE PIT 5. Vikingapocalypse (From Duster) - Ito Smith RB ATL 6. vikingapocalypse - Auden Tate WR CIN 7. predator_05 - Geronimo Allison WR GB 8. DerrickHenrysCleats - Tyrod Taylor QB CLE 9. stankyleg - OTC (Skipped at 26 hours) @stankyleg 10. Drake - Albert Wilson WR MIA 11. megamoviejohn - OTC @megamoviejohn 12. Mek Daddy 13. Iron-cock 14. KennyWoo
  10. Coming up on that 24-hour mark. My first and last pick of the year finally.
  11. Yup, my mistake. I misread your sentence as “any dropped player will not be eligible during the FA draft” lol
  12. Last year Damien Williams was dropped Aug 9th and picked though the FA draft Aug 15th.
  13. Nice I finally have a pick. Were dropped players never allowed during FA draft? I feel like that is a new thing.
  14. He was active in my MLB League today. I made a post that hopefully he will see.