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  1. Get used to the low pitch counts for Martin, his most pitches thrown in any game this year was 90, every other game was 70-80. Not gonna be many QS.
  2. Love what I saw today but I worry about alot of 5 innings or less starts. His 5 starts at AAA were all 70-80 pitches except one at 90.
  3. Beware the matchup tonight. Arizona is the best team hitting LHP so far this season.
  4. Why does this guy only hit on the Road? Splits are insane... Home/Road splits. 47 Home AB = 0.589 OPS. 61 Road AB = 1.291 OPS
  5. Some people just need those CGSO from their pitchers every start I guess.
  6. I am also interested in jumping on the Polanco bandwagon. Would it be dumb to drop Mondesi for him? It's a points league and Mobdesi's strikeouts are killing me.
  7. Folty is making his 2nd rehab start Tuesday, which would line him up to debut Sunday if it goes well right?
  8. Well you're lucky you didn't because he's probably toast.
  9. Sorry, no positive spin from me. He was clearly and obviously dealing with a serious shoulder issue last season, and for some reason didn't have it addressed this past offseason. He's toast.
  10. Funny how the threat of Bell coming back is gone and Connor looks like a JAG.
  11. There is no reason to go for 2 there, absolutely stupid even if they made it.
  12. I'm gonna laugh when no team offers anything more than a 1 year 14 million deal.