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  1. Most of the people that bitch about players in these threads are watching Gamecast or box scores, not the actual games.
  2. Injuries happen...I don't get how people can hate fantasy sports. Accept it what it is, and that's a game of luck.
  3. I think we need to be prepared for much lower usage Thursday night. Penny being back and Carson just getting a heavy workload Sunday while having a short turnaround this week smells like a recipe for a more even split between the 3 backs.
  4. Spoiler Alert: The Steelers are not going to be trading for a QB. Juju is unfortunately a bust and you just have to hope he breaks a big play to score. Ppr he's even more useless.
  5. Yup, abandon ship on all Pitt players. Lost cause.
  6. It's pretty clear Godwin is the WR1 for Tampa, by far. Evans owners are in some bigtime trouble.
  7. I don't think many people realize how great this Patriots defense Is. Gilmore was the #1 CB last year according to Pro Football Focus.
  8. He looks like he made a big mistake choosing football.
  9. TB desperately needs to get rid of Winston, he's just not good despite EVERY YEAR being overhyped in preseason.