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  1. Should also mention it's a redraft league, no keepers.
  2. I like Murphy more than Santana long term this season, if he can stay healthy. But, that's hard to know. I think I'd offer Santana and change for Ray.
  3. I would do that. A little regression for Mondesi is inevitable, but I don't think it'll be that bad. Good deal for you.
  4. I agree with Darin and would order them the same.
  5. Which side do you like? It's an OBP% league and K/BB league on the pitcher side a) Aaron Nola, Jesse Winker and Justin Turner or b) Ryu, Pete Alonso, David Dahl
  6. Nola has had his bumps and I don't think he's completely right yet, but, he looks to be improving and looked really good outside of the first two innings against St. Louis. I think I keep Nola.
  7. I'm not somebody who can handle the massivly streaky players and playing in Oakland isn't exactly a hitter paradise, so I'd probably drop Piscotty. He's been in the FA pool for weeks in my 12-team league.
  8. Yep, I'd take it too. Smith might be okay the rest of the season, but, he's replaceable and Davis should be a fine add in Roto.
  9. Miggy looks like Father Time has finally come calling. I'd drop him. I'm in a 12-team league that counts heavy stats for 1B and he's still been on the wire for 95% of the season thus far.
  10. It's Justin Turner, not Trea Turner. Does that change your opinion at all (being an OBP% league)?
  11. Any worries about Alonso’s regression? Just can’t decide what to do, especially with Turner being so good with OBP and Robles and Alonso not so much.