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  1. Lance McCullers 2018 Outlook

    Rather be a day early than a day late. He could be special this season. Health has been a problem but he gushes talent
  2. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    Overall he looked solid
  3. Sammy Watkins 2017 Outlook

    It's an interesting piece. His schedule has been brutal when it comes to facing top tier corners all yr long. That hasn't help matters either.
  4. Sammy Watkins 2017 Outlook

    Agreed. Just can't understand how this guy has had such a limited role in this offense. How bout a redesigned 49er's offense. Jimmy G/Barkley/Watkins? He would fit nicely in a Shanny offense
  5. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    It's interesting... I see the talent. It's obv. He is probably an easy by low if you're sitting in a keeper/dynasty league. He can hit a hole fast when there is one open for him
  6. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Yup. Mary Kay Cabot‏Verified account @MaryKayCabotNov 8 More #Browns Josh Gordon’s body fat is 9%, down from about 16% last year I’m told NFL Update‏ @MySportsUpdateNov 10 More Josh Gordon ran a 4.3 40-yard dash when he returned to the #Browns facility, per @MaryKayCabot. He's back. I'm more excited about him in keeper leagues. 2018 could be a huge Josh Gordon yr
  7. 11/5/17 Rams at Giants Game Day Thread

    He's gonna be special.
  8. 11/5/17 Rams at Giants Game Day Thread

    It was a thing of beauty but 1 catch today. Why is this guy never targeted?? What am I missing??
  9. John Ross 2017 Season Outlook

    Guess there wasn't one. Jeff Wallner‏Verified account @JeffWallner 20h20 hours ago More Marvin Lewis said John Ross dressed when Cody Core couldn't go, said wasn't part of the game plan. #Bengals
  10. Deonte Thompson 2017 Season Outlook

    Then I read stuff like this Apparently, the Bills liked what they saw in Thompson and were more than happy to take him on after he was waived by the Bears on Oct. 11, a move that certainly paid off and was a key component to a big come-from-behind win. Aside from Sunday against a weak Tampa Bay defense, the Bills have a lousy pass offense and games like these won't come around very often for Thompson, even though the Bills might sprinkle him into the offense given he's got a speed threat to his game, something they've been looking for. Just don't expect much more than a few big plays, as Thompson has never caught more than 22 balls in a seaso
  11. 10/22/17 - Cardinals @ Rams

    Johnson will also be a FA and we all know Donald wants his $$ as well. Gonna tag Watkins and pay him 16 mil for 1 yr? I don't see it
  12. 10/22/17 - Cardinals @ Rams

    Again, unless they use the tag they are really going to have to convince him things will be different. This is a player that was highly touted out of Clemson. AJ Green/Julio Jones type talent. Rookie contract is up. He may even sign a show me contract somewhere with a QB to get the big $$$. Indy?? Just sayin...
  13. 10/22/17 - Cardinals @ Rams

    So they will use the tag? I don't believe he would stay if he hit the market. Just don'r see the fit. Run first offense. He needs to be somewhere he can dominate. Just don't see it in LA. Just my opinion.
  14. 10/22/17 - Cardinals @ Rams

    Secured how? You don't use him enough for it to make sense for either party.
  15. 10/22/17 - Cardinals @ Rams

    its unfortunate because he's a FA at yrs end and unless you guys use the tag on him i would think he runs to FA