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  1. All fair pts. Just don't wanna get stuck w/the hook after 75 pitches
  2. Anyone rolling him out there tomorrow? Think there will be a PC?
  3. Because they are the New York Mets and shouldn't be worried about Super 2. They make enough money to sign these players long term if and when that time comes. They are in the New York market where they expect the fans to pay super high ticket prices. Gotta justify that with the play on the field.
  4. Jon Heyman‏Verified account @JonHeyman 10m10 minutes ago More nothing official yet on rosario. and of course, mets real issue right now is pitching. but rosario seems close to ready.
  5. If this doesn't cement his call to the majors than i don't know what will. Jon Heyman‏Verified account @JonHeyman 28s28 seconds ago More amed rosario (.355) has been playing very well at las vegas. candidate to come up to mets sometime soon.
  6. Cabrera re-aggravated his thumb last night. Are we there yet?
  7. Braun to DL.... Time?
  8. This season has been riddled with injuries. kinda tired of it already Robinson Cano has been diagnosed with a quad strain. Cano apparently suffered the injury while legging out his double in the top of the fourth inning, as he was replaced at second base by Taylor Motter to open the bottom of the fourth. Cano also hit a two-run homer Tuesday before exiting. He could very well be headed to the 10-day disabled lis
  9. No, I hear ya. I was just pointing it out.
  10. Lindor's #'s in the minor leagues weren't anything crazy when he got the call. Than BOOM!
  11. Been saying the same thing.
  12. Byron Buxton passed his initial concussion tests. Jon Krawczynski‏Verified account @APkrawczynski 9m9 minutes ago More Byron Buxton pulled for precautionary reasons, passed initial concussion tests. Rough day for him in CF with a couple of collisions
  13. Ugh.... Maybe the just want to make sure he doesn't kill himself the rest of the day
  14. could have done without the bunt attempt. Not sure what the pt of that was but the triple was fantastic!! Also made a great catch in CF. This dude has a motor
  15. I've heard Cutch