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  1. I don’t make the news. I read and follow what the experts say. If the Rams GM says it then I take note if it.
  2. But he may get involved in the passing game... I think McVay saw a Kamara/Ingram type backfield when he drafted Henderson. Knowing Gurley was unable to handle 300 plus carries anymore. Obviously it hasn’t happened yet but I think that was his vision when the took him in rd 3
  4. Only needs an opportunity to show what he can do. This week he might get that chance. I’m curious to see what he does with it
  5. When asked about Todd Gurley's Week 6 availability, coach Sean McVay talked up the Rams' depth at running back. "Fortunately for us, we’ve got some depth at that position. ... The confidence we have in Malcolm (Brown). There’s also going to be a time that we’re going to rely on Darrell Henderson, it might end up being this week." Gurley wasn't able to practice on Wednesday after showing up with a thigh contusion and appears to be questionable for Week 6. Brown has seen almost all of the backup action this season and would be the favorite for the most touches if Gurley were to miss, but Henderson would also likely be in the mix for touches, especially as a pass-catcher
  6. What is the reason he has no carries. Is he behind on the playbook? Dog house or just waiting for the right moment to unleash? They drafted this kid in the 3rd rd. Understand Gurley is there but they can't find any way to get him involved at all?
  7. Best case is that Keenum regains the job. If that happens I believe Terry will be fine..
  8. Right. So the defense takes away their one playmaker and we are back to square one again
  9. Might mean nothing but I'm starting to see trending tweets that have him going to Bills?? Ugh.. Just the thought makes me vomit
  10. Jags and Jets come to mind. Rather him stay in Minny.. Seattle would be interesting spot. They were in on the AB before he signed with Pats
  11. Haha. Rememner that? That thread would go back and forth on which week Roddy would finally break out...... Never really happened. These sprains can be real tricky
  12. Makes sense. Just surprised they would use a 3rd round pick on a guy that wasn't good enough to play. Especially considering the relationship Hoddie has with Saban. You would think they had a convo or 2 about the player pre-draft
  13. Really starting to wonder this myself. At what point does he get a shot to play? What has stopped him from getting on the field?
  14. I don't usually like to go nuts with these rookies but i gotta say watching him week 1 you can really tell he has some serious skills. Run after the catch just pops off the page. Dude looks polished and physical. I think he's gonna be a legt. Prob be up and down like any rookie but he could really surprise. I'm not sure there is another rookie WR i'd rather own. They have a solid run game and a few other pieces that can take some coverage off him. Might be a perfect storm.
  15. He's really small. 5'7 203.700 plus carries in college. Haven't we been down this road before with these types of smallish RBs? What am I missing?