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    Thanks for your help with mine! Please keep in mind I'm not too knowledgeable in basketball, but I'd probably drop Bembry.
  2. Thanks for the input! It's an 8 category league (fg%, ft%, assists, rebounds, 3pm, steals, blocks, points). I feel Ingles is one of those under-the-radar guys who provides solid value given his draft position, so I'll likely hold onto him. Would you lean one way or the other between Fournier and Nance?
  3. I've played fantasy basketball for several years, but it's easily the sport I know the least about. I'm currently in 2nd place of a 10 team 8 category roto league. Someone recently dropped Otto Porter. Is he worth burning my #2 waiver claim and dropping either Fournier/Ingles/Nance? I've read people expect Porter to do well with Wall out... The rest of my lineup is: PG - Lillard SG - Booker SF - Fournier PF - Tobias Harris C - Embiid G - Middleton F - Aaron Gordon Util - Vucevic, Dunn, Nance Bench - Gary Harris, Joe Ingles, Robert Covington Leave a link, and I'll do my best to help in return. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for the input! I suppose I could also drop Eduardo Escobar instead of Albies. I was the exact same as you - Albies had been awful then goes 3/3 with 3 runs
  5. Kopech or Hamels ROS? WHIR

    Hamels for me. Help?
  6. Wil Myers Droppable?

    Given the amount of bench spots, I'd probably hold on to him. He'll probably go back on the DL within a week anyway... Help?
  7. Folty or Jose Quintana for ROS

    Folty. Help?
  8. 10 team 5x5 roto league where 1st and 5th place are currently separated by only 3.5 points. Justin Turner and Marwin Gonzalez are currently sitting as FA. Am I nuts to drop Albies and Andrus for those two? Both Turner/Gonzalez have been on fire the last month, and Albies/Andrus have been brutal. Any help is appreciated! Leave a link and WHIR!
  9. JD and Beni for Stanton and Altuve? WHIR

    I'd probably take the Martinez/Benintendi side. Thanks for your help with mine!
  10. Stanton offer WHIR

    I'd take the Benintendi/Albies side. Help?
  11. Currently starting Grandal with Molina still occupying a DL spot, and Gattis is currently sitting as a FA. In a standard 10 team redraft roto league, who do you think is the best catcher to own ROS? Leave a link and WHIR. Thanks!
  12. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

    He had thrown 91 pitches through 7 innings with a 7-1 lead, so of course they send him back out for the 8th...
  13. What to do with Hoskins?

    Who's available on your WW/FA? Personally, I'd hold on to him for the time being with a bench spot. In a shallow 8 team league, after another couple weeks of underachieving, I don't think there's anything wrong dropping him for hotter hitters. Thanks for your help with mine!
  14. Suárez for Taillon?

    I'd take the Suarez side of that deal. Help?