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  1. He will still play 20+ minutes when Dunn returns (don't think CHI have a motive to rush Dunn back and even when he returns he won't be playing heavy minutes right away) - Hoiberg likes Arcidiacono and I think he has earned at least the 20+ backup G minutes with his effort and calm play. So in deeper leagues he will be useful.
  2. Does anyone know how to contact Yahoo to suggest them adding position eligibility or adding a INJ tag to a player? Their inconsistency is driving me nuts. Some players are getting the INJ tag right away, others won't get it at all although the news instantly say the player is going to miss at least 3 games and when the injury lingers then having a dead weight on your roster with O tag for weeks can be so frustrating.
  3. I have a feeling that after trading away Whiteside they let Haslem loose on the court and he will errupt.. #freeudonis
  4. I am so happy I didn't draft Will this season as I now understand that this thread is the curse! Unless the thread title says "Will barton" I won't be touching him. CAPITALIZATION ruined him during 15-16 season.