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  1. Ah ok thanks. I’ll come back when it’s not amateur hour at the improv.
  2. Damn, call the wolves off. Ok what I should have said is are we worried about a complete dud (2, 3 points). Or are we expecting around what his floor has been? I do have an alternate plan in Jaylen Samuels but I’m probably still playing Kittle over some other not so great options like Kalen Ballage.
  3. Never a hamstring injury - wrist and thigh. Roll him out.
  4. Same here. 99% of those wind up with a knee or a drop to the ground. I will be furious if that’s the difference in a loss. Oh well I’d be happy as sh*t if I had Tennessee D.
  5. I just moved him into my starting lineup over DeSean Hamilton. Was concerned about Monday night’s weather in Oakland and just figured Foster has more upside. I also have Tim Patrick on my bench. Lost Boyd so have to roll the dice here.
  6. Anybody think Gallup is a high-upside dart throw over guys like Desean Hamilton, Tim Patrick and Robert Foster? If Dak can connect with him just once (he seems to miss him every damn time).
  7. QB: Mahomes WR: Diggs Hamilton RB: Mixon TE: Kittle FLEX: McGuire J Williams J Samuels K: Fairbairn DEF: LA Rams bench: WR Foster, WR Patrick, RB Bernard, RB Ballege, RB Davis lost Boyd, dropped Leveon once he was ruled out for the year, dropped Brieda two weeks ago
  8. I’m thinking it hurts Samuels if JuJu is out. Less pass weapons for the Saints to have to worry about. They can double AB and single cover whoever plays in JuJus place, then focus on Samuels. Anyone agree?
  9. Thank you for that! I haven’t been able to do any research at all yet so this helps big.
  10. Thanks everyone, but I’m still fishing for some more feedback on this .. from Silva’s matchups: “Kittle is a fade-matchup TE1 against a Bears team playing the stingiest tight end defense in the league this year” That scares me and I’m still considering playing Samuels over Kittle in the TE spot, and benching Kittle outright for 3 RBs: McGuire, Jamaal Williams and Kalen Ballage. Will continue to help with more feedback. Thanks!
  11. League #1 - Kamara, Mixon, Henry League #2 - Edelman League #3 - Trubisky Jamal Williams Tennessee
  12. Pettis, then Shepard if no OBJ, Patrick, Gabriel if no Julio
  13. Deshaun @PHI for me. Williams if no Allen, otherwise McCoy. Thanks for mine.
  14. Yes, if I put Samuels in my TE spot I’d be benching Kittle and starting McGuire, J Williams and Ballage. I’m thinking the floors for those 3 RBs are better than Kittles floor, and their ceilings will be higher.
  15. Standard league. Kittle facing tough Chicago D, Samuels will get run and pass action @New Orleans. Bit of a risk I know but my opponent’s lineup is stacked with great matchups. I need mucho upside. I’d wind up benching Kittle for high upside (albeit risky) RB’s Elijah McGuire, Jamaal Williams and Kalen Ballage (or possibly WR Robert Foster). WHIR - thanks!
  16. Whether it’s Conner or Samuels, I’m thinking the matchup v NO isn’t that great. I’m a Samuels owner but still hesitant about starting.
  17. What the what!!!??? http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/12147/joe-mixon
  18. Does Kittle have a part time job on Sundays that he needs to leave for?
  19. Reynolds vs PHI Samuel vs NO Non-PPR I’m up pretty big so don’t need the ceiling. I’m thinking Samuel has a better floor. Thanks!
  20. You still feel the same if I told you Ito Smith, DaeSean Hamilton, Elijah McGuire and Kenneth Dixon are those 1pm guys ?
  21. Anyone plugging him in today for fear that J Conner goes tomorrow making Samuels irrelevant?
  22. Mixon for me. Game should be more competitive than Skins-Jags, meaning Mixon is heavily used.
  23. I’m gonna say for sure Ertz over Samuels if Conner is back. Also Ertz over Jones is a toss up for me. Chicago defense is tough.