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  1. Oh yeah I know it’s all on me. But with a few byes and possible injuries (Waller, Westbrook) I couldn’t chance an empty spot - which I got anyway.
  2. Yes! Dam Williams gets me to .50 points to start the week!
  3. Yeah problem was he was on the WW until I picked him up after week 5 (he had good weeks 4 and 5) to fill in for Waller. I’m thinking other teams saw that and won’t trade for someone who was just on waivers and yet to prove himself consistent.
  4. Offered a few fair trades IMO for mid range WRs. Nobody moving too quick to accept. Probably will wind up dropping to get some WR depth.
  5. For sure I did, but it’s not as easy a decision when Dallas’ O-line is banged up and their number 1 receiver (by far - Gallup is no Cooper) may be out.
  6. I just dropped Edmonds for Mattison this morning. Mattison seems to have some standalone value at flex. Thanks for mine.
  7. Prescott at home vs PHI Brissett at home vs HOU Two pretty poor pass defenses. But Dallas is reeling and injuries killing them (O-line, Cooper). Indy-Hou could be a shootout. Thanks!
  8. -2 pts between CMC and RoJones. Kicker is outscoring both. And why the hell do I have 3 players in this sh*tstain of a game?
  9. Need 2 of these 3, who goes to the bench? Edmunds v ATL Westbrook v NO RoJonesIII v CAR (London) Thanks!
  10. Shocked Brown is a FA sitting there right now. Possible drops for me: -Watkins WR -RoJones III RB -Chase Edmonds RB -Dede Westbrook WR
  11. Not starting him cost me my week. He’s gotta be considered matchup proof now. Never again
  12. His weeks 12-15 are horrifying though (@NE, v BUF, @CHI, v LAR). All us Dak owners need to start preparing for an alternate QB.
  13. I think you mean “steamer” 💩
  14. Holding Stafford for the moment as a backup/bye week QB to Dak. However I’m mulling a drop for Kyle Allen. Anyone feel Allen is the better choice over Stafford as a regular starter should Dak go down? Also, Dak’s weeks 12-15 are scary, Stafford’s are almost as bad. Allen’s look pretty good.
  15. I’m up 11 in a standard 12-team, my McLaurin vs his Robinson 🤞🏼
  16. Nobody feeling good that he was injured and sick leading up to the game, and still walked away with 10 carries on 25 snaps and 4.4 ypc? Or did I just wake up in a good mood?
  17. J Jacobs @ MIN T McLaurin v CHI N Agholor v DET J Ross @ BUF
  18. No IR spot in my league, but I have Dak. I’m planning on dropping Brees for another QB for Dak’s bye week. Curious who else is contemplating dropping or holding.
  19. Ah ok thanks. I’ll come back when it’s not amateur hour at the improv.
  20. Damn, call the wolves off. Ok what I should have said is are we worried about a complete dud (2, 3 points). Or are we expecting around what his floor has been? I do have an alternate plan in Jaylen Samuels but I’m probably still playing Kittle over some other not so great options like Kalen Ballage.