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  3. Yeah I probably did but I have Bellinger, Shaw and Abreu at 1B.
  4. I needed help at RP and just made this deal. I get Justin Wilson and Brandon Crawford and send Adrian Gonzalez and Owings.
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  7. I need some RP help especially with someone who gets Ks and saves/holds and a low whip. I was just offered this deal but not sure I should do it. I give Owings, Adrian Gonzalez, and Corbin and get Kintzler, Brandon Crawford and Chase Anderson. I was thinking of countering with Owings, Gonzalez and Corbin for Justin Wilson, Crawford and Anderson.
  8. Thanks
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  10. I was just offered this deal but don't know if I should do it. I get Kintzler and give Ownings. I would like another RP but I feel that I could grab another RP with higher K/d9 or potential to become closer off the waiver wire. Some guys available are Glover, Hoover, Ottavino, Norris, Benoit, Knebel, Soria and Bradley. I was also offer this deal: I give McCullers and get Britton. i am not sure if I should do either deal since I can grab Glover who should be coming back from the DL and Kelley is now on the DL.
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  12. Anyone else
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  14. I am thinking Glover because it seems like Baker wants him to be the closer. It doesn't seem like he trust his shoulder to hold up from what I read. I do like Ottavino too.
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