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  1. His SP is stacked and doesn't need any more arms.
  2. Trout and Martinez. Carlos is going to be a stud.
  3. Stanton has been out of the lineup the past two seasons but I agree that his power numbers are elite. I prefer Stanton but that's me.
  4. Anyone
  5. I would hold onto Martinez.
  6. Salazar and Rondon.
  7. Bump
  8. I trade Adrian Gonzalez and Snell/Montgomery for McCullers and Belt.
  9. Anyone else?
  10. I like Snell but who else could I offer that would be a fair deal?
  11. I would say no.
  12. Looks good but I would try to upgrade the OF position.
  13. I would give the slight edge to Rondon.
  14. I would go Smyly. Please help with mine
  15. Bump