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  1. With the Patriots offensive line stifling and Michel not catching passes should I drop him for one of Guice, Miles Sanders or Breida in a 1 Point PPR league?
  2. Yeah with Howard out it looks like Sanders will be thrust into the starter roll and should probably see some more passes his way with the WR core struggling. I am having a tough time deciding between Goff and Wentz.
  3. This is a 1 point PPR league. Who should I start at flex between Michel or Miles Sanders? Also Goff or Wentz?
  4. Yes ROS. My only other possible drop would be Metcalf but then that would limit my WR group to Thomas, Edelman and Fuller.
  5. Would drop Michel or Ronald Jones in a 1 point PPR league in order to grab Hunt?
  6. I might make that move as long as this isn’t a keeper league.
  7. Who should I start in my flex spot in a 1 point PPR?
  8. As long as they are deemed out we can put a player on ir.