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  1. Trade Merrifield???

    I trade Merrifield, Giles and Tepera and get Seranthony Dominguez, Salvador Perez and Tailon. I have Ramos probably going on the DL but could pick up Gomes, Hedges or Alfaro for the time that he is out. I also have an waiver in for Arano and Trevino who are getting Saves and Holds.
  2. Make the deal?

  3. Make the deal?

    I think I might just pick up a catcher since Ramos injury seems to be short term. Arano and Trevino are available at rp so I might just go waiver wire.
  4. Make the deal?

    He won’t do that without me trading whit
  5. Make the deal?

    My other concerns is with Thames on the DL also it weakens my OF. I do have Jones and Deshields on my bench but they have been struggling.
  6. Make the deal?

    I was just offered this trade. I give Merrifield and get Tailon, Salvador Perez and Seranthony Dominguez. With Ramos going on the DL I get a catcher to slide right in and a good rp for Saves and holds. I lose a little in steals but i have Deshields on my bench
  7. Trade Merrifield?

  8. Trade Merrifield?

    11 team roto league. Here are the scoring categories for the year. H, HR, OBP, R, RBI, SB, ERA, KD9, QS, SV+HD, W, WHIP. Our salary cap for the auction part of the draft was $60 and then we did a snake draft for the reserves who are all $.50. Now that the season starts our salary cap is $75.
  9. Trade Merrifield?

  10. Trade Merrifield?

    Should I trade Merrifield for Seranthony Dominguez?
  11. Make the deal?

  12. Make the deal?

    It’s a roto league. So out stats are hits, hr, runs, obp, sb and rbi and qs, wins, era, whip, kd9, and saves+holds. I am sitting at first and could use a closer but am trailing in most batting categories.
  13. Which Tanaka trade?

    If you need saves and Holds I would do trade 1.
  14. Add k.tucker

    Drop Heany.
  15. Make the deal?

    I trade Merrifield and Giles and get Moncado and Seranthony Dominguez.