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  1. With the terrible quarterback play and Sanders injury should I roll the dice and pick up Gordon or stand pat. Desperately need a win this week to make the playoffs. Due to roster limits I would have to drop a WR or RB.
  2. Trade Newton???

    I trade Newton, Perine and ASJ for Ryan, Olsen and Ajayi?
  3. Make the deal???

    I am 5-6 and need to win the next few games to make the playoffs. I was just offered this trade but not sure I should do it. I trade Newton, Freeman ASJ and get Ryan, Ajayi or Mccaffrey and Olsen.
  4. Make the deal???

  5. Fournette and Ingram would be nice but Dez hasn't really been that good this year. Funchess is going to lose targets with Olsen back. If you can afford the slight downgrade at WR I would go for it. Fournette is a good keeper for next year.
  6. Huge trade offer! WHIR

    I wouldn't do it.
  7. Waiver Pickup- 100% WHIR

    I say Dunbar but west gets a lot of plays in the passing game.
  8. Mack or McGuire waiver claim *WHIR*

    I would go with Mack.
  9. Waiver Pickup- 100% WHIR

    I guess Gurley's cuff. Any other rbs available like perine?
  10. C.coleman or Davis? Whir

    I would say Davis who has the best matchup but Coleman put up good numbers against a tough Jacksonville team.
  11. Make the deal???

    Anyone else
  12. Make the deal???

  13. Miller for WR? whir

    I agree Hyde for Hopkins no grab perine
  14. I trade Newton and get Ryan and Olsen?
  15. Golden or Sterling WHIR

    I would go with Sheppard. He will get a ton of targets.
  16. Do this trade? WHIR

    Yes do it.
  17. Flex for this week? WHIR WHIR

    That is close but I might have to go with Richardson because the you never know how NE will spread the ball around.
  18. Trade Newton???

    Trade 1: I trade Newton, Martin and Coleman for Stanford, White and Tate Trade 2: I trade Newton for Ryan and Olsen what deal should I make?
  19. Trade Newton???

    No flex
  20. Trade Newton???

    We start 2 RBs, 3 WRs and 1TE
  21. Trade Newton???

    Please help
  22. Who to start? Adams, DJax, Davis

    I would start Adams
  23. Corey Davis or Dez Bryant? WHIR

    I would start Dez. Cowboys are going to have to throw a lot so expect a lot of targets for Dez.