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  1. If this is true (And I have no reason to doubt you) then this would be very concerning. Its timing issues like these that have lead to elbow and Shoulder issues in pitchers (See the inverted W). Its hard to believe the Cardinals(Or any MLB team) dont know this so maybe theres more to it .
  2. Update: Riley has shown more stuff. In all seriousness though, JD should be playing everyday. Even the Mets arent this dumb right?
  3. He may not be back this weekend but that article was Tuesday and he's made strides since then, including BP yesterday.
  4. Queue the 2 homer game by Orlando Arcia just to kick us Castillo owners in the jumblies.
  5. I think my surprise factor is going up by the day. He doesn't look like the same player but thats been said about many players who turned it around. Im one of those dinguses that cut Matt Carpenter last year just before he went nuts.
  6. I agree the contract is an issue but I feel like Phils are in "Win Mode" and will put the best team on the field regardless of contracts. Right now at least, Kingery is better than both Herrera and Franco.
  7. It was a tough error IMO. He had to go into a slide to catch the ball.
  8. Last 14 days: .116 Avg. 0 Hr .352 OPS The good news is hes only struck out 13 times but this is as cold as Ive seen Rhys at any point.
  9. We hope so. Sometimes things work out on their like maybe Riley "Kiebooms" or Inciarte's injury is more serious.
  10. 3 Home Runs in his last 4 games. Now hitting .356 with a .482 On Base % and a 1.157 OPS. He may be back up soon if/when the Nats decide enough is enough with Brian Dozier.
  11. I was watching the Red telecast last night (Maybe it was Wednesday night) and the announcers mentioned an interview with David Bell and how he said that Peraza was a big part of their team going forward. Now that may be typical manager nonsense but its not like hes the only Red struggling right now. The Reds pitching has actually been really good, if they had any offense theyd be at or near the top of that division.
  12. Yea, my league counts on base % so hes clear top 10 for me. I wouldnt take any of the guys you listed over him.
  13. This is tough to predict. If he hits the Braves will have to find a spot for him and in reality the only spot available is in the OF and the only 'weak' link is Inciarte. The Braves REALLY value what Inciarte brings to the table defensively and hes won Gold Gloves where Riley has hardly played OF at all. Like you said, this is predicated on him hitting but I think its also predicated on him playing at least passable defense in LF. I picked him up but I honestly dont know how this will shake out, none of us do. Maybe someone else will get hurt and make the decision easier.
  14. Im not sure if this is sarcasm but by now I feel like people have brought up Trouts bad start about a thousand times. The adjustment to the big leagues is huge, theres very few great curveballs or nasty sliders in the minors, most pitchers that have those pitches are in the major leagues. Plus big league pitchers generally have much better command of the corners of the plate. I still think Vladdy will be just fine but theres no guarantees on any of it..