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  1. wow....just wow...who saw this coming....I sold him after the first few weeks of the season to someone who thought he would fulfill his potential and that guy made the playoffs and starting Justin Jackson over him....this fantasy thing can be some funny business....
  2. I would assume so... similar to last gut says he plays and it’s a maintenance day.
  3. We have a cap of $300 and lower cap of $150 but looks like we can move be those numbers to $275 ish and $175ish to further reduce likelihood of deals like this
  4. I'm commish and founder of my 15 year league 12 man keeper league - auction. All friends or friends of friends. Every year....just happened yesterday there is a trade or two where someone fully sells out their team to get a keeper or two. Most of the time , we are OK with it...controversy starts when its for a keeper that doesn't maximize huge value. So as an example....Julio/M. Evans/Cam traded to a team for a $27 Thielan. League when we the same time Connor ($18 for next year and keep able beyond) gets traded and nets M.Gordon/Gronk and Nuk...but that didn't spark a Veto as Connor can also be kept the following year @ $28 whereas in the other deal Thielan would escalate to $42. Long story short....much outrage, in fighting ensues and really ruins the experience for many. I made suggestions this off season which were shot down...suggesting a mid season auction coupled with players not being keep able beyond trade. The way the auction would work, which is successful in my baseball league for same reasons, is you post a player who gets drafted by another team (with a max bid) and the person selling the player nets that money towards next years draft while person buying loses said money. So in essence , a free market approach to helping yourself during the current year while a team out of it improves their chances for next year in the same way by increasing their salary budget towards the draft....all this of course with set limits (i.e $30) SO my question to all of you....have you dealt with these maddening keeper trades and what solutions can you suggest? Thanks in advance fellow commishes
  5. Have to be excited that hes at least a WR3 with a high ceiling...lets not forget all those TDs this man used to get......TD positive regression in full effect....lets go!
  6. I traded away Chubb in a keeper.. and it ook a huge boatload for me to do so.....this dude is is the limit....sad to trade him but had to do it to try for championship.
  7. Every league is different and timing has much to do with it as well...when your draft took place and what discount you got him for ...risk varied and price varied as well.
  8. I believe if he was better or as good as White, bellicheat would have figured that out and employed as such....just saying...Bill is o e of the most intelligent coaches ever
  9. I think you are biased in saying this...white is a great pass catcher.. not saying Michel isn't or can't be good but c'mon man
  10. To be a contrarian...would he show up just to spite the Steelers at this point? If they benefit from him staying clear of team....why would he want to benefit them? Sure ...the case is much stronger at this point for him staying away....but i think there is a small glimmer of hope.
  11. Yeah ... just saw... my matchup was getting real tight... not anymore!