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  1. The risk of AB being banned form the sport at any moment makes me say....absolutely do this deal. Kittle is a buy low and Cook is a beast! Do it!!!!! help?
  2. 12 team 1/2 ppr. Choose one: Landry vs. for landry that NJoku is out......maybe more volume? Olsen (TE Car) @ Ari......great matchup and has seen 9 targets again...norv turner offense. Hardman (KC) vs. 72 yard call back away form a monster game last week...good matchup this week I'm leaning towards Hardman due to the boom potential....Olsen appears to have highest floor while I believe Landry will see more targets.... WHo would you start? WHIR!
  3. Most of us drafted him as a low end rb1... I’d consider him a low end rb2 this week which means he’s a start ... unless you have a safer rb2 sitting on your bench.
  4. im with you....and I have Coleman as my 3rd RB! As far as Bell...hopefully MRI shows nothing and we can move on.....held on to this guy all last year to keep him....
  5. Anyone get data on his last start?
  6. Well...he gave up only one hit...have to look at the positive!
  7. This is the big question....last year they rested him the day before and the day after he pitched, which made him difficult to play in a weekly lineup unless all aligned real well. in my league, (CBS) I can start him as either or which brings up his appeal for next year.
  8. 9.88 ERA and 1.83 WHIP in the 6th inning this year. Time to make him a 5 inning pitcher..... I dont know ho many times this year he was pitching really well and than imploded in the 6th..... really frustrating to own.
  9. I believe Watson likely to be dealt too...if i had to speculate, I would put my money on Dyson. No inside knowledge...just reading the tea leaves.
  10. i believe i am benching him....too risky right now.
  11. I am starting him....that Tex lineup is not healthy nor scary to begin with........yes, he will be limited but at this point Ill take 5 or 6 innings with good ERA/WHIP and a healthy amount of Ks.
  12. oh i care....was looking like the dee gordon of old and not the old dee gordon....def a great commodity to have.