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  1. Ah yes now I remember why I stopped streaming DST. That was silly. Sticking with my Baltimore the rest of the way.
  2. the consensus ranks have DJ moore with a better average than Emmanuel but with Cam Newtons issues, wouldn't Emmanuel be the better play here?
  3. Adrian Peterson is in financial trouble. Needs the money after a decade of squandering cash. He will run be running like it's 1999. Start 'em.
  4. Feeling very Frank Goresque. 3/4 TDs bell cow but not injured. League losing type stuff. Let's hope not. Disclaimer: I am long.
  5. Late bloomer coming into his prime? They say men aren't mature until 25. Perhaps this flower is just starting to blossom. 1,100yd 10td.
  6. Between Justice Hill and Justin Jackson who will come out on top this season with most points? Who would you rather bet on?