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  1. I fully support and endorse this logic. Also keep in mind the possibility he gets traded elevating his value.
  2. Yes indeed my thankful for this news happening. So glad I didn't trade Edelman away for peanuts.
  3. No I'm talking fantasy drafts. I drafted him in the 3rd round.
  4. What are we expecting out of him this week and where is he in the pecking order for target volume?
  5. Except DJ was drafted in the first round. Better days are ahead. Just like Troy Aikman stated, as the mustache gets more respect, Defenses will loosen up running lanes and keep the focus away from Fournette being their only weapon.
  6. Just trade him and end your worries about him. I'm sure someone is willing to take him off of your hands.
  7. Yes. The clip when Deebo told Pettis in the off-season who's the #1 WR in SF now:
  8. I may snag Deebo to replace him if he's available this weekend.
  9. Where is the article? I don't see it. Can you provide a link?
  10. Why is he currently on the WW after only two weeks of play?