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  1. Thanks, guys! Anyone else? The one guy that's currently hot on the #1 drafts 8th. Snake draft. John
  2. Hi all... Honestly, I could live with him but, I'm a pretty good drafter in every other round so I thought of trading him. What draft picks would be appropriate for the #1 overall? Thanks! John
  3. Lewis for sure... and then I'd lean morris.
  4. A... though Evans may be the best player, the A side has 1B WR and TE... that's hard to beat!
  5. thanks, all. I'm leaning Funchess, if only for the fun factor (no pun intended but welcomed!)... since I am starting Cam and plan to watch most of the game. Plus, you still have EJ at QB... or if Carr starts, is he going to be any good (though I know Crabtree has been his blanket and is usually an every week ER2 at the min). Anyone else? John
  6. Crabtree v. LAC or Funchess v. Eagles tonight??? no ppr. not sure if it makes a difference but I am starting Cam (over Mariota and Carson) tonight. Thanks, guys!!