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  1. Tim Hightower 2016 Season Outlook

    Without knowing much of this situation it certainly seems that it's most likely b/c Ingram fumbled more than Hightower is becoming the starter. I still spent a WW claim, but I doubt I'll put much into a FAAB. IF he is getting that volume going forward, for the Saints Offense that's huge. Might be worth the possible lotto ticket, but what is wrong with Ingram? I haven't been paying attention, he is the guy no doubt right?
  2. Dwayne Washington 2016 Season Outlook

    If you held this long now is definitely not the time to cut bait. It's hard to hang on sometimes, but he still has a lot of upside behind only Riddick and his own health.
  3. Isaiah Crowell 2016 Season Outlook

    Volume guys.. Obviously it depends who you're deciding against but his volume is the key. He's the feature RB, his talent is decent, and now he's even playing in "bad game scripts." Solid RB. I might say people should consider buying, not selling.
  4. Aaron Rodgers 2016 Outlook

    McCarthy and him aren't seeing eye to eye, but the offense will start getting on the same page soon. I'm 4-1 with a heavy dose of Packers on my team and we should be in for a positive regression. I'd buy low on Cobb, Rodgers, and Lacy.
  5. Isaiah Crowell 2016 Season Outlook

    I'm enjoying my draft choice in Crowell. I got him late and he's outproducing his ADP by a sizable margin. Now as far as ROS outlook, I like that the coaches want to ride him and realize he's their best chance to win. He's a RB2 pretty solidly, and most drafted him very late or even dropped him to the wire before games were played. I own him in 2/3 leagues and he's been great to my winning teams.
  6. Lamar Miller 2016 Season Outlook

    Is he considered a RB1 for the ROS anymore? I'm quite sure he lost that status yes?
  7. Dwayne Washington 2016 Season Outlook

    You should know that I agree with you. What I meant originally is that the inept coaching of this team doesn't always do what seems so very obvious. Riddick between the tackles should end, and Washington should get at least 1/2 the carries out-right, but will that happen?? I have my doubts.
  8. Dwayne Washington 2016 Season Outlook

    Washington looked good but he's playing 2nd fiddle to Riddick until further notice. The Lions don't feature the run game, nor do they much care about bringing much run/pass balance anyways as has been the case for many seasons consecutively. They want to pass pass pass and then run in very obvious situations. They run the ball terribly I hate it. I wish they would smarten up for F's sake. Stafford and the pass game look decent and all, but these RB issues are getting old. Jeezzz, I guess they did lose Abdullah tho, maybe the run game was going to be a lot different this year, I don't know. Washington has some opportunity here, hopefully a usually very slow coaching staff will more quickly let a RB get and keep momentum for once. I think Washington showed glimpses that he was just getting rolling and he ran hungry out there, seemed to have even sparked Riddick's game up a notch. Bye weeks incomming.. DWashington is a flex option for sure.
  9. Matt Asiata 2016 outlook

    I won't be holding much longer. I had him and Mckinnon just in case, but I'm more confident in Mckinnon's role after Sunday.
  10. TY Hilton 2016 Outlook

    I'm starting with confidence. Lots of targets, TY is gonna feast ROS as a wr1
  11. Randall Cobb 2016 Season Outlook

    I'm a little nervous about Cobb because of last years numbers, but it's a fact he was banged up, faced bracket coverage, and Lacy wasn't a threat. Now all that is over to start the season, I think he's good value at the least, but I still find myself nervous.
  12. TY Hilton 2016 Outlook

    Hilton has fallen in every draft of mine so far, just let him fall and get great value, he's going to have a good season, great value pick this year!
  13. Aaron Rodgers 2016 Outlook

    I totally agree. I didn't have him in my plans, but I was thinking the same thing after I made my 2nd Round pick (Lacy). Of course at that point I'm thinking well I could get the Packers offense with my 3rd pick (Rodgers)... "Wait!" I thought to myself, "doesn't he usually go R1 or R2, it's R3!!" So yea, Rodgers could be a bit underrated this year, maybe b/c QB is deep and people are forgetting to take a look at what you'll be getting if you go for stud QB early.. Rodgers will have all the weapons this year, Nelson, Cobb, and Lacy. I think this is going to be a good offense for Green Bay. For the record my 4th round pick was Cobb so yea I may be biased lol...
  14. Corey Kluber 2016 Outlook

    I checked after 1st inning, 3 Ks.. I went to bed and slept great, even told my 6 year old son before bed, "boy, there's nothing to worry about, life is good." I had an interesting Monday, this week can be over already!
  15. Jung-Ho Kang 2016 Outlook

    What's a reasonable floor/ceiling projection for Mr. Kang? I like his utility, but I owned him last year and he was pretty darn good if I remember correctly.