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  1. He's a top prospect that has definitely been forgotten. I picked him up off WW needing some help from 3B and he's been golden.
  2. I checked after 1st inning, 3 Ks.. I went to bed and slept great, even told my 6 year old son before bed, "boy, there's nothing to worry about, life is good." I had an interesting Monday, this week can be over already!
  3. VV updates in the 9th?
  4. What's a reasonable floor/ceiling projection for Mr. Kang? I like his utility, but I owned him last year and he was pretty darn good if I remember correctly.
  5. Bro, if that's your team in your sig you are going to be in for a very long season. I'm not trying to be a dick but that team is bad for a 12 team league, let alone a 10 team. It actually is a 12 team league, that's a typo. But you're right, it's going to be a long season. My wife and I had our baby the day before so I wasn't properly prepared for the draft. I literally scribbled my draft strategy on a napkin about an hour before the draft. What did you scribble? Wait on pitching? "Because he gets on base."
  6. what makes you say that? He drafted him. He is a bit undervalued though. I find myself at peace with him as my 4th starter.
  7. what makes you say that?
  8. I honestly don't think we've seen the best from Kluber. This cold blooded, emotionless, robot assassin is programmed for destruction. He will generate his highest K-rate of his career in 2016, and will be crowned the Cy Young winner yet again. It's happening, I am feelin the Klubes!
  9. Elbow soreness GO AWAY!
  10. He's batting 2nd? Dang not bad
  11. Ramos bro, I think you'll be happy
  12. Wilson Ramos if available
  13. I'd go Goldy #1 overall!
  14. Stanton I think far out produces Betts, but you get a top closer so that's nice. I'd have kept Stanton, he could end up being best fantasy player in the game.
  15. Maturity can do wonders for people. Not everyone is on the same schedule, he still was a top prospect that is seemingly written off for good, I'm hoping something clicks! (Ok I had no 2B at the end of my draft and so that's Lawrie now lol)