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  1. Going well! cant wait ti have him back
  2. ^^^^^ Thats exactly what I am thinking
  3. Looking like he might snag 50 this year
  4. Starting to rake
  5. What are your thoughts on him? Had a bad year and finished as the #12 TE, I feel like there is only one way to go and thats up. Could be a really nice play currently being drafted at 13.12 at the #20 TE off the board. Sounds like a steal to me. Just in case this board didnt know.... Cooks is gone
  6. SWEET
  7. Been pitching well as of late
  8. I traded him plus Keuchel for Arenando
  9. Good thing I traded Lamb for Arenado....
  10. Anything??
  11. Quietly having a monster year
  12. ROS expectations?
  13. ROS expectation?
  14. I need this guy bad. Please dont be out too long
  15. Thoughts?