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  1. Good thing I traded Lamb for Arenado....
  2. Anything??
  3. Quietly having a monster year
  4. ROS expectations?
  5. ROS expectation?
  6. I need this guy bad. Please dont be out too long
  7. Thoughts?
  8. Call me crazy and I agree that Hill has underperformed, But I think this almost helps his vale come draft day. His ADP is falling 5-6round and with the drafting of Mixon you might be able to get him much much later. Could be a decent value guy if you can land him 10round
  9. Not that he was high on my list by any means but reports are Cincinnati is looking at Fournette in the first round. This would muck things up alot for Hill/Gio. Thoughts?
  10. ROCO- Simmons will be playing PG. Hes a threat to lead the league in steals all while adding 1blk a game. Hes a guys you can get so late
  11. Starting him with confidence tonight???
  12. Barring a setback, Durant will make his long-awaited return. He will go through a full practice on Friday, so hopefully we'll get an idea of how many minutes he will be cleared for. With KD expected back, Matt Barnes and Patrick McCaw will lose most of their value. KD can be activated in fantasy leagues, but keep your expectations in check for the final three games.
  13. Just picked him up. With the way Lowry looked last night he's worth the gamble. No one offers his upside on the waiver even if hes gets 20-28 minutes. I suggest a pick up
  14. Pollock will win people championships....
  15. he just said hes fine. shouldnt be a big deal.....but I need him bog time for the championship this coming week