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  1. Carlos Correa - SS - Astros Carlos Correa (thumb) has resumed all baseball activity except hitting. Hes coming back soon!!!
  2. Anything?
  3. Hes going to be done for a while
  4. New to a league and its a .25ppr. How would you guys address this? I think I might just treat it like a standard league. With this scoring system 100 receptions gets you 25 points and 80 receptions gets you 20. Not really a big difference. thoughts?
  5. 29 years old Has a MONSTER waiting behind him and now has been sidelined over a week with a soft tissue injury. People are really drafting this guy in late round 1?!?!?!?!
  6. Love him this year. 1k total yards easy. you heard it here first
  7. hes 29 and now has a hammy issue with a monster playing behind him. I want no part of this guy in the first 2 rounds
  8. Its a shame he got the injury bug again this year. When healthy hes just as good as any CF in fantasy.
  9. something is up. He is a perennial MVP candidate. You just dont forget how to hit.
  10. This cant be happening
  11. Man thats much needed news. Maybe a day or 2?
  12. ROS?
  13. No update??
  14. Looks like he got a dead arm or a stinger of some sort. Very odd