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  1. Why? How can anyone possibly justify taking Yuli ahead of him??
  2. 30 picks and no sign of Rendon?? This has to be some sort of joke right???
  3. How are you treating this guy in dynasty?? 2b is a shallow position.
  4. In a 12 team ppr. I love the idea of going connor/cook or connor/fournette. Also love the idea of Thomas/Evans. What are you guys thinking?? WHIR
  5. Not enough love for Soler. Guy can hit
  6. What an absolute stud. Being 29 how are you valuing him in dynasty?
  7. Per at bat Olson has the advantage and statcast as well. Am I crazy to prefer Olson to Hoskins ROS? Roto 7X7 WRIH
  8. Is he pitching tomorrow??? Looks like his next start is July 15?? did they skip a start?
  9. All this talk and no one brings up Rendon??? top 15 all day
  10. Not getting enough love. This guy a top 15 bat ROS????
  11. Whats everyones thoughts on this guy in a dynasty league?? How are you valuing him?
  12. Wonder when the Tex/La game will be played
  13. Can this guy get some more love???? Only around 10 hitters I would rather own ROS. Guy is a complete stud
  14. Are we in the midst of a 100/45/100 .245 season??
  15. Whats the ROS verdict on this guy??? can he bat .270+ with 25/25?
  16. Marquez in Fenway?!?! Might have to stay on my bench
  17. Have both Dejong and Justin Turner as my last Flex spot. Roto 7x7 . As hot as Dejong has been I feel JT in that lineup could be huge. Sell high on Dejong?
  18. Any update? Who has drafted yet and where was he taken???
  19. Same round value. Its a 7x7 Roto league. I feel its a coin flip??? Any help fellow baseball nerds.
  20. Peja comes to mind. He would be a monster in todays nba. Might be the obvious pick but how about Reggie Miller? career 4.7 3pg is laughable. That 4.7 would have put him around 78 in attempts last year....... Thats mind blowing