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  1. Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook

    he's just not that good.
  2. Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook

    Yo BrockPaperScissors, not only is your mans a crappy player, now this?
  3. Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook

  4. Sammy Watkins 2016 Outlook

    You're so happy
  5. Christine Michael 2016 Season Outlook

    What is the infatuation with this guy? How many opportunities has he had? Good thing Rotoworld posters aren't talent evaluators, guys like Ryan Torain would have 5 year deals.
  6. Robert Kelley 2016 Season Outlook

    R Kelley homered to left, P Garcon, D Jackson and M Jones scored.
  7. need 8 more yards from jennings. jesus give him another series
  8. Perkins sucks. Play Jennings
  9. Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook

    Lindor has been head and shoulders better than Russell so far, not "slightly". You guys and your boring HR/RBI counting stats to determine value. Lindor has posted 10.8 WAR in his first 250 big league games, Russell 6.9 WAR in over 290 games. Lindor has 13-20 HR pop while getting on base at a much better clip compared to Russell (.356 vs .314 careers respectively) Lindor makes contact on 90% of pitches in the zone (zcontact), Russell only 80% Lindor will steal 15-30 bases in a given season and scored 99 runs last season. Russell will steal a few bases a year and only scored 67 runs last season Defense is basically the same, both are equal in runs saved and basically the same with UZR and Fielding % but Lindor is better. So yea, Russell will drive in 20 or so more runs and hit 5-10 more homers due to hitting behind Rizzo, Bryant and Zobrist in a stacked Cubs lineup. Lindor is the better overall player and it's not close.
  10. Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook

    He's not that good. Stop being a prisoner of the moment. Pablo Sandoval hit 3 homers in a World Series game and that didn't change the fact that he sucked. Russell finished the postseason with a .610 OPS and a .235 OBP. But let's hype up a triple that should have been caught and a few random homers. Yeah the power is there, 20-25 homers is a given out of the shortstop spot. His batting average won't be elite but he will make up for that with counting stats. And of course he will get voted into the allstar game as a starter next year even if he hits .150 just because the Cubs fans will vote him in. He's a decent player. 20-25 homers with good defense at shortstop isn't anything to scoff at. He is basically a younger JJ hardy with better defense. Not some superstud all you fanboys seem to want to anoint him as. Now Lindor on the other hand? THAT kid is going to be a superstar.
  11. Russell Wilson 2016 Season Outlook

    7 weeks and still no healing at all?
  12. LaFell is a fodder. He's that guy you stream for a random TD when your WRs are on BYEs.
  13. of course im facing this Hopkins turd. Whyroster Dustin Hopkins..
  14. big catch by Jamison "dontcall me Jae" Crowder
  15. someone picked up Thompson instead I'm guessing lmao