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  1. You could factor in things such as: multiple BYE weeks/RB injuries/wanting the RB tag for additional versatility out of a trade chip. or...principle...
  2. can the "can we not talk about eligibility and talk football crowd calm down, we aren't going to breakdown formations and mike McCarthy's gameplan on a freakin tuesday i hope u are right you dirtdog lol
  3. An official endorsement from Squidward should be all they need.
  4. Ty is way gone from waivers in most competitive leagues is my guess.
  5. lol. i wonder how long it will take them to realize he played more snaps at RB than WR the past two weeks and all other outlets (sans NFL.com) have him listed as RB
  6. multiple RB injuries and BYE weeks, literally got zero RB spots this week with any bodies to fill in there. Ty should be a RB, it's stupid. has nothing to do with just me either, their twitter is getting ambushed by tons of Ty owners. but I guess no sense getting on my soapbox, might as well just talk about his player outlook in this thread moving forward. IF Yahoo won't budge they won't budge. And people who pull the argument that you have to start 5 games in baseball to get eligibility is a load of crap. 5 games in the MLB season is basically 2-3% of the entire season, 5 games in the NFL is about 30% of the season
  7. ESPN, DraftKings, etc all made him RB eligible. Yahoo has yet to follow suit. Is the Joe Webb debacle from 2010 scaring them lol.
  8. main thing i want to see is GL usage moving foward. he got plenty of targets in the passing game in the RZ and did get that one GL carry that didnt work out. hes already solid and has a high floor but if hes getting all the goalline work its even better
  9. yup. RB injuries seem pretty commonplace (or maybe its my RBs I roster all getting hurt) and with BYE weeks and other factors, a WR/RB tag on Ty furthers his value. Plus as a trade chip it expands your bargaining power, someone with massive WR depth who needs a RB, or vice versa.
  10. i was gonna post "lol u mad" then i realized this is a vent thread. so tempting to do it anyway, but i digress. that sucks man!
  11. So this is the same guy the Dolphins benched opening week and didn't even let get on the flight on the road? JAy should just be like "Nah I'm good" when the team asks him to get on the next flgiht to the next game.
  12. McCoy probably gave Rex some pics of his girlfriends feet so he could sneak into the game.
  13. I'm chillin with him right now at a hotel bar. I will relay that message.
  14. lmao. he can totally get 1300 yards and 13 more TDs in the next 10 games!