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  1. In response to the Net and OBJ fighting, Roger Goodell has suspended James Harrison 2 games
  2. no one likes LaQuon? what are u guys a bunch of Zimmers?
  3. i can't get a single "YOU LIKE THIS" tough crowd
  4. I can see into the future. Odell is catching a deep ball against Minny. Busted coverage, he gets behind the safety. O, Beckham 67ish Yd Pass from Eli Manning Quote me, take it to the bank, deposit it into your ATM since apparently that's a thing now, go inside, flirt with the semi good looking teller who loves getting compliments from guys to boost her self esteem, finish up, grab a cheap lollipop. Fin
  5. I agree with Don Zimmer. Laquon needs to practice better. I'm standing outside the Vikings practice, dude is dropping balls left and right. What say you?
  6. QQ
  7. Selling all Dave Roberts stocks
  8. why put in blanton unless you want to sabotage
  9. dave roberts is a crap manager. if he didnt steal that bag in the 2004 ALCS he'd be a AAA coach
  10. wow hes got taken out?!
  11. Two outs in the 9th his blister from hell is going to explode lmao
  12. good player to have in daily leagues when you need some steals or a random bomb. weekly leagues he's probably a bit trickier.
  13. Hill's blister has AIDS, and MERSA, and SARS, and ZIKA, (AIDS IS no laughing matter)
  14. you're so happy
  15. The majority of those players got a bump by moving from AL teams to a pitchers friendly NL park. Burnett was always good in the NL, he only struggled in NY. JA Happ pitched like 9 games for the Pirates. SSS alert! The magic potion of the Pirates pitching coach didn't save Niese. They didn't save Vance Worley. Couldn't save Ernesto Frieri, and they couldn't save Vin Mazarro. It works both ways.