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  1. worthless pitch to contact fodder.
  2. funny story this was actually just a gag username i made. i created it the offseason right before dickeys Cy Young season. people mocked me when i said he'd have a big year. i was only trolling but i turned out to be right. i dont even really like RA
  3. how does it feel being Didi's #1 fan
  4. touche
  5. Trumbo just went oppo taco for HR #39. How does a goober who looks like he wears socks with sandals lead MLB in homers
  6. didi gregorious has a fan?lmao
  7. Pitch to contact - Pirates Philosophy I don't think I will ever own a pirates pitcher again, these K rates are a joke
  8. 9IP 3ER -5Ks thats right, negative strikeouts, Cole will be the first person in baseball history to have strikeouts taken away.
  9. Predict Gerrit Cole's next start stat lines 6IP 3ER 1K or 7IP 2ER 0K
  10. Does Aaron Hicks have nudes of Joe Girardi or something? I know it's essentially going to wind up being a lost season, but why is he getting so many at bats?
  11. Closers are basically Pokemon:Go
  12. what would rotoworld be without owners irrationally backing their players
  13. top 2 ROS m-i-rite?