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  1. Sounds like he'll be back in a week or two. The concussions must not have been as serious Shepard's or AB's for that matter.
  2. Only hope left is that Finley gets hurt and Andy takes the reins back with AJ at his side.
  3. It looks like the touch distribution is now similar to earlier in the season, Ekeler to Jackson = Gordon to Ekeler.
  4. I picked him up last week and he balled out. He should be a stud while Ty is out and perhaps serviceable when he comes back.
  5. I was in an insane draft where the first 11 picks were RB's. Bell went at the 8th pick and luckily Cook was there for me at the 9th, very happy sitting at 8-1.
  6. The fact that Case played in Minnesota and led them to the NFC championship game gives me plenty of confidence that he will be fine. He shouldn't be rattled at all and will likely try and put on a show. Also ironic that Cousins was the QB for the 'skins.
  7. Play Brown vs Miami, Detroit’s secondary is stout.
  8. After sprinting for the first time in Wednesday's practice, A.J. Green said the plan is for him to run routes for the first time Sunday before the game in Baltimore and see how the ankle responds. He remains hopeful for a return in Week 7.
  9. 1-MICHEL 2-HOWARD, SUTTON but it's close
  10. Would it be crazy to trade McCaffrey & W Fuller for D Henry & Hopkins?