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  1. This is among the most irresponsible Rotoworld blurbs I've ever seen posted: "Hunt will not appeal the ban after being caught on video beating up a woman at a hotel."
  2. Weren't the Twitter posts debunked as frauds? See below Reddit thread. 99% of the argument defending Westbrook appears to be based on lies and fiction. You'd think folks would have learned by now. If this is accurate, the most offense thing a basketball fan put on his twitter is that "Westbrook is a classic piece of $hit", which he basically said himself in the interview. I swear, people no longer argue anything objectively and based on the merit of the situation. They have a personal belief, and look for any opportunity to pontificate on it using the context of a mainstream issue. Lastly, Utah banning the fan has nothing to do with an investigation, its saving face because the town has coming under criticism for historical racism. The Red Sox did the same thing when Adam Jones made a claim that nobody else in the entire stadium heard, they caved to the angry masses in a publicity stunt. This country is so torn.
  3. Kind of pollutes the sample data when you limit it to only WR traded for first round picks. Excluding the dozens of WR traded for far less creates a false point. Brandon Marshall, Wes Welker, Josh Gordon, Kelvin Benjamin, Percy Harvin (Jets), Randy Moss, etc. Trade value is all subjective I guess, and I think anything is value compared to the atrocious trade the Bills made to get Sammy Watkins. My personal opinion is the Browns got a steal. Not only from an on the field perspective, but they will probably be the most popular team in the league this year, and there will be a generation of Brown fans created from the excitement and talent the team has created in the last 12 months. Tough to measure that kind of metric, but it's all positive in my book.
  4. Wait a minute, I might be having trouble following this thread, but is someone making an argument that Hyde is a crappy pass blocker based on a statistic that says Matt Forte is also a crappy pass blocker? I'd argue that stat is flawed, but I may be reading out of context. Also, no offense to the dude using his season tickets as defense of his point, but I never understood that as the basis of an argument. Following the game from the stadium is the equivalent of watching my TV from across the street. I respect your fandom, but just saying "they're my team" is probably a heavier weighted argument.
  5. Kid that pushed him, again you are seeing a totally different picture through your lens than I do. The kid reached out and touched him, he also probably weighs 60 pounds. It's hilarious to me that the narrative is the kid pushes Westbrook, and its clear to me that's what you want to see. Are you really saying who "wants" to see racism? As if there isn't huge currency in being a victim of any kind in today's day and age. The Smollett case should clearly explain that. Put frankly, Westbrook's reaction was over the line, he could have simply ignored whatever those dopes were saying instead of going back and forth with them, that's what most players do. By claiming race, it justifies his reaction in the court of public opinion. It's essentially a get out of jail free card.
  6. Nobody is defending the couple, they sound like pretty terrible individuals. The difference is you, and many other WANT to see a race issue. The rest of us are looking at this objectively, the guy is a turd, his wife is an embarrassment, and the LBGT community should be offended. And Russell Westbrook needs anger management, and some type of ramifications for his consistent outbursts at paying customers.
  7. I take the account of probably 800 fans within shouting distance of the altercation, and I haven't heard one of them corroborate Westbrook's racist theory. The guy could be, and probably is, a complete a**-hat, but like any judicial matter you aren't tried for your past actions. There is so little corroboration that the people have now come up with the theory that telling a dude to get back on their knees is no longer homophobic, its racist, to support their theory.
  8. I love how being a "Trump Supporter" is like some kind of smoking gun. Half of America voted for the guy. Someone captured some Tweets, which I believe were old, where he used the N word and was retweeting offensive or insulting stuff. Not sure what people were expecting to be the online decorum for a pair of fans that think its normal to yell gay jokes in public, but apparently his historical Tweets somehow make the interaction that occurred last night racist by default to the mainstream media.
  9. so you vs. you're marks a clear line of racism? Even if he said "you", someone explain to me how that is racist? I'm either naïve or ignorant.
  10. I think the truth of the Texans run game lies somewhere in the middle. Any time you have a QB who can run, those teams running statistics always seem to be inflated, when you can probably argue those yards were actually generated in the pass game. If the Texans are being proactive, they'd be buyers for Bell. I'm in the camp that the Miller/Blue combo have maxed out their productiveness.
  11. Surprised there is not talk on Westbrook after lasts night's debacle in Utah. Maybe everyone is in universal agreement that Adam Silver is a big ninny, and caters to the players, so there is no risk of suspension. In any other league, this guy misses time, especially being a multiple time offender. On a side note, I watched the video, heard the interviews and I'm still floored that people turn this into a race thing. From what I gather the fan's wife said get back on your knees like you're used to. If you ask me this is a gay joke, not a racial one, but what the heck do I know.
  12. I don't understand the Rotoworld blurb that says Hyde doesn't fit the profile of a player that could step in and fill an every down role. And Damien Williams does????? Hyde has a few seasons as the primary, Williams has a handful of games. I love this signing from a fantasy perspective because he's not a sexy enough name to stop people from falling on the Williams fantasy grenade and also not sexy enough to be a top handcuff, yet if he was the lead back on any given week does anyone think he wouldn't put up 20+ fantasy points in PPR? I will be targeting Hyde assuming nothing significant changes between now and camp.
  13. The worse and worse Brown makes this for himself he backs the Steelers into a corner where their most desirable option may be the nuclear one, where they refuse to trade him, suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team, and force him to repay a portion of the signing bonus if he refuses to honor his contract with the Steelers. Once the Steelers realize this isn't the NBA, and the inmates do not run the asylum, I think they may just say F it and spite the guy. Allowing Brown to boss them around on this is counter to everything the organization has stood for the last 50 years. So I'm putting the 2019 odds like this: 1) Does not play - 50% 2) Oakland Raiders - 40% 3) Washington Redskins - 10%
  14. Not sure I agree with the Bosa or OBJ assessment being discussed here. A volatile receiver with a big contract is not worth the #2 pick in any draft. The 49ers have all the cards here, they can go after Brown for say a 2nd or 3rd round pick most likely, which can be used as leverage in any trade discussion with the Giants. Once Brown is traded, they lose that leverage, and the more likely scenario is a trade of #2 and something else for the #6 and Beckham. This scenario is especially more likely if Haskins starts to get some momentum up the analysts draft boards and the Giants want him. I think the 49ers land either Brown or Beckham, and the decision is do you want to deal with the headaches of Brown for a cheaper price, or Beckham for a premium.
  15. It almost sounds like the Raiders are bidding against themselves, which is pretty much par for the Jon Gruden course at this point in his 2nd tenure. If he lands in Oakland, its just a wasteland and has 2% chance of working out for both the Raiders and Brown. I feel like the public comments from the Steelers are a simple attempt to get Oakland to up its offer. I think the Steelers would gladly trade him to Oakland as well, knowing it'll end badly.