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  1. When the games start to matter, and are more competitive, Belichick won't tolerate Sony Michel's ineptitude. He's not going to give him 20 carries in December when he's averaging 3 yards per carry. Also, the backup FB (Johnson) was just thrown on injured reserve today, so its not going to get any easier for Sony.
  2. Zeke looks a little slower this year, but there is NO comparison between these two running backs. Sony is more Peyton Barber, as someone compared above, than Zeke. I don't own Sony, I'm just in MA and watch all the Pats games. Sony, prior to Gostkowski departing, was THE weakest part of this team, hands down. Some other areas of the offense are starting to catch up to his sucktitude, but there is no denying Sony is a complete JAG. Even his last 30 yard run on the final play from scrimmage was more trickery than any type of skill, they caught the D-Line in a shift at the snap which opened up a gaping hole. Remove that play and he's sitting at 21 carries and 60 yards. Burkehead will get healthy, and I'd imagine the rookie Harris will get a spot on the gameday roster at some point as well. If I did own Sony I'd sell him as quickly as I could to an owner who doesn't watch the games.
  3. So soft, he makes Laurence Maroney look like Marshawn Lynch. There were a few runs where he literally pitty pattered his feet to brace being tackle in one on one situations. He is one of the worst RBs I've seen in a while. He did make one really good block in the pass game, I'll give him that, but he'll be out of the league in 3 years. It'd be a bigger story if the Patriots actually played a team that could compete.
  4. Windy as F here in Massachusetts, I'm about 30 miles from the stadium. I think game script will work against White tonight, but the inability to move the ball through the air may lead to increased designed screen passes. Who knows. But I'm rolling him out there, he's been a steady 12 pts in PPR each week, and I'd assume the same tonight with maybe an increased chance at a rushing TD.
  5. What an idiot. TE is a total dumpster fire this year.
  6. I'm guessing he means it wasn't given its X day window to vote on it, it was simply Commish overridden as approved. Whatever the outcome, don't join the league next year, the character of the people in the league has been revealed, it won't stop with this trade, trust me.
  7. Sour grapes, LMAO, what did he have like 6 points in PPR. In my face.
  8. I probably won't get many of these correct, but got this one at least.
  9. As a fan of Jimmy G, I need him to re-establish himself as a future star by performing at a high level tonight in his first nationally televised game. He would have had 5 opportunities last year had he not been injured.
  10. It was a bad drop on a perfect pass. Congratulations on your 12 touch performance and backfield domination on the Chiefs lowest scoring game of the Mahomes era. I'm sure that productivity will re-establish his fantasy land role as a bell cow running back.
  11. Haha, so true. I also get a chuckle out of the people who claim him "almost" catching a 20 yard TD pass as a positive when he flat dropped it. Guy is hot garbage. Reid lost this game with his complete refusal to run the ball on a team that was without Darius Leonard. They didn't even try, when the game was within a score the entire time until the end. They called 11 runs in a 19-13 game where they were down their top 2 WR.
  12. They were just gashed by Winston and Russell, in two totally separate ways. Kyle Shanahan, in my opinion, is the best play caller in the NFL. He will scheme them a way to put up a lot of points.
  13. Christ, dude, we're going in circles. It's actuary math, you assess peoples risk of not being available, you don't predict the nature and exact timing of the injury. A near 40 year old QB who weighs 300 pounds, is always nursing a minor injury, and takes savage hits trying to extend plays comes with added risk. He doesn't take care of his body. Brady does. It literally doesn't matter what he ends up missing games for. His risk of missing games was extremely high.
  14. Agree with the "spidy sense" line completely. When looking at a game on TV, you can see everything, where the rush is coming, where the QB should shift in the pocket, but on the field they don't see that and the crappy QBs usually move into a sack or stand there and let the pressure get to them. It's like Russell Wilson is watching on TV playing a video game controlling himself to always move into the perfect spot. Its uncanny. So much respect for that dude.
  15. So do the Patriots! Yet, Brady's injury risk is slim to none. Why is that?