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  1. what are the chances of that happening? I was getting ready to drop him, but this makes me think of holding on a little longer...
  2. very true...however not many WR's are 6'5" that create a serious matuchp problem if its 1 on 1. You throw a jump ball to him in the endzone, he is going to give any CB fits
  3. well you figure he will have 3 weeks to immerse himself into the playbook if he does get traded. And if Seattle did reward him, I could see him out to prove a point. Also w Hasselback throwing, he is smart enough to know when its 1 on 1 coverage. With Jackson, just throw the ball up and let him get. at 6'5" theres not many cornerbacks that can cover him Most likely 3 things will happen 1) he catches it 2) pass interference 3) incomplete pass
  4. +1. I got him in the 13th round of my 12 teamer--(I have Miles Austin, Dwayne, Bowe, and Jeremy Maclin as my 3 starters