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  1. Thanks for the comment. Nope, he was not there - Hill went 3.02. So I got Baldwin at WR12. 4 of the next 6 picks that round were WR in this order - Diggs, Thielen, Cooper, Fitzgerald. Edit: Although with this Baldwin news, I maybe should have went elsewhere. We'll see whether that's just Seattle mind games or something that limits him this season.
  2. Throw up his roster and yours. Try to be the dude that gives the 2:1. Or shoot over a 1:1 offer of a back-end RB/WR for Stills. I'm with ya that owning players from your favorite team makes fantasy more fun.
  3. What are the keeper rules? I think Brees to Goff is a huge downgrade despite this being a decent trade. I don't think I could do this unless I had a good backup or there were suitable options on the wire. My thought is to take some of your WR depth and flip that to a better RB2 if you want. I actually think you're fine with Burkhead/Thompson in a full PPR. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/713036-thoughts-on-draft-6th-pick-05ppr-12-team/
  4. I think the team is decent but you're really banking on big step-ups from Goodwin/Anderson/Mack/Johnson. As a Lions fan, although I think Johnson is our future, we have too many situational RBs that are very good in their roles. I'm worried that unless there are major injuries, he's never going to have the volume this year. Next year is another story which may benefit you in the future. After that, QB is a big concern for you. You're right that RB should be fine until Ingram comes back if Williams can hold off Jones. And if he does, you're good at flex as well. If not, you may be rolling with 2-3 committee backs as starters. If things break well for you, I think this is a fringe playoff team. But if not, I think you're on the outside looking in. At the bight side, I think you have a couple of guys that could turn out to be decent low-cost investments as keepers for next year.
  5. Personally I think I'd go with Adams in the 5th. OBJ and Gordon are pretty much at value, and taking Gordon means you loose an early second. Wentz doesn't move the needle for me considering how far he's falling in drafts, and while I like Diggs, give me the #1 option for ARod. Also, nice job to that Kamara owner. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/713036-thoughts-on-draft-6th-pick-05ppr-12-team/
  6. Saquon for me. I just had a draft in 0.5 PPR last night from #6 if you want to click the link below. The incredible success of rookie workhorse RBs in recent memory only works to strengthen the case for Barkley. The last three top-5 drafted RBs (Fournette, Zeke, Trent) in the NFL averaged 325 touches on only 14.3 games per season. And even thinking back to other great rookie seasons, from Hunt and Kamara, to guys like Alf, and the Muscle Hamster show that rookie RBs aren't something to inherently shy away from, even at 1.06. Giants are also in a good spot. The passing game should be much improved with a healthy OBJ and other strong weapons, limiting loaded fronts - unlike what was experienced by the trio of top-5 rookies mentioned above. Plus with a s---y OL last year (now improved via Solder and Hernandez (R)) guys like Darkwa had pretty decent averages. There's no competition for RB touches with Darkwa gone, so his workload is definitely not in question. And maybe more importantly, now that Vereen is gone, he has a real shot to be at or near the top for RB receptions. And this is not to mention how frickin' unbelievably talented this kid is. This isn't Alred Morris or Trent Richardson here. I think he is going to be as talented as the big-4 in 2018 FF drafts. To me, the only issue is health, which all indications his current injury is quite minor and with how much he's doing at practice so far last/this week, I think it's really now a non-issue. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/713036-thoughts-on-draft-6th-pick-05ppr-12-team/
  7. Starting lineup looks good. I think taking Collins at 25 is a bit aggressive, although I do like him a bunch. ADP on ESPN is around 50, so you may have been able to get him later. In addition to Mixon, I would have liked to have seen what WRs were available there. I think you could have benefited from one of those second tier WRs as your WR1, although your depth at the position makes up for it - Corey Davis in the 9th is great. You're light on RB depth after the top 3, so I think spending less of your draft capital on getting depth there would have been better. Overall I think it's a solid team and you'll be towards the top of the standings - 7.5/10 http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/713036-thoughts-on-draft-6th-pick-05ppr-12-team/
  8. In the mocks you've done, what has your strategy been at QB? I think that if you're going to wait until pick 50/51 to consider your first QB, that may be a mistake. There may be as many as 15 QBs off the board at that point. Other than that, I think your strategy otherwise would be fine. With a 2/2 setup and 2 flex spots, I'd just go BPA when not looking at QB. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/713036-thoughts-on-draft-6th-pick-05ppr-12-team/
  9. I agree that Hilton is the definite #1 from this group. The Hill/Cooper comparison is very close to me. With Hill, there is more competition for targets, but Mahomes is the perfect QB for his skill set. I just can't quit Cooper though, and the comments from Chucky that the offense will funnel through him is encouraging. Then with Crabtree gone and the potential targets and TD upside is huge. I'd go Cooper narrowly at #2, and Hill at #3. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/713036-thoughts-on-draft-6th-pick-05ppr-12-team/
  10. Leave a link! WHIR! 12 team, 0.5 PPR, 6pt passing TDs. Picked from the 6th spot. QB: Brees (78) RB: Saquon (6), Collins (43) WR: Baldwin (30), Sanders (67) TE: Gronkowski (19) FLEX: Ajayi (54) DST: Chargers (163) K: Elliott (174) Bench: RB - Barber (91), Peterson (115), Powell (139); WR - Fuller (102), Stills (126), J Brown (150); QB - Trubisky (187)
  11. I personally would have taken any of those RBs over Miller, even if they are rookies, especially since this is full PPR. Miller doesn't catch many passes, so he drops down my rankings a little further in that format. In regards to Kelce, I love him in a PPR. My only issue is that ESPN has him ranked somewhere in the mid-40s if I remember correctly. I would have went with a RB/WR in that spot and risked Kelce or Reed making it back to your next pick. But regardless, I think your team turned out well.
  12. I get the Hunt argument, I'm just not a fan at his current ADP since the risk is not baked into his cost, as is most of the other rookie RBs. But I definitely wouldn't be surprised if he returns on that ADP though. Thompson as in Chris Thompson? I'd leave him on the WW unless full PPR. I like Vereen much more. I also think Kupp and Anderson have some real upside in a PPR. I'd roster either of them over Carson, IMO.
  13. I'd cut Doctson. Injured all preseason, 4th behind others in the pecking order. Although it's Buffalo, Matthews is the defacto #1 there. I'd keep him.