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  1. Team 2
  2. Interested. Sent you a PM.
  3. interested in this team:
  5. Need 2 in a keeper league

    I will take Juicers
  6. Brook Lopez 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Luke Walton is basically a clone of Kenny Atkinson. They both have 80 man rotations, where each player gets a maximum of 20-29 mpg, with multiple positions up to the "hot hand". Lopez will likely get dealt near the trade deadline to a contender for a draft pick. p.s. I hate Walton's rotations.
  7. Kyle Kuzma 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Kuzma's production lately will force Walton to give him playing time, which can really only come at the expense of both Ingram and/or Randle. Which is sort of a downer for Ingram, as I was hoping he'd get 32-33mpg this year. But with Kuzma playing so well, it looks like Ingram might get capped at 29mpg. The good thing is Kuzma is, so far at least, showing to be pretty efficient. So, if he got in the neighborhood of 25mpg, he might still be pretty ownable. I'm thinking...12pts/5rbs/1.8 threes/1.0 stl/.4 blk with solid percentages and low to's.
  8. Brandon Ingram 2017-18 Outlook

    Ingram doesn't pass the eye test at all. He has no fluidity to his game. No moves. Very awkward, rigid, and forceful. Watching him attempt a turnaround fadeaway is cringy; he gets zero separation. Watching him drive to the hoop is so predictable and he's constantly running into his man, instead of blowing by them. If you compare Ingram's game to someone like Jayson Tatum, it's like night and day. Tatum passes the eye test. I feel very confident that Tatum will one day be a solid 18+ ppg scorer; the only question being how well he does on defense. I've been targeting Ingram like crazy in all of my drafts so far (especially in dynasty/keeper leagues), but i'm pretty worried as of today. I think we might need to wait yet another year for him to develop. At best, Ingram's ceiling appears to be prime-Rudy Gay. But right now, I'm hoping for an extremely poor man's version of otto porter.
  9. Just drafted. Please rate my team. WHIR

    I think Turner as well as Cauley-Stein could realistically average 10 rbs. So you might not be punting rebounds after all. I think the team is extremely balanced. With lots of guards who shoot a high FG%. Very solid draft. Help?
  10. This was a pretty even trade. Cousins, while I hate his personality, is an established 1st round player. While Turner is expected to take a leap, but to what level? I'm not sure Turner can average 20pts and/or 10rbs. Brogdon is undervalued, but i think everyone is expecting him to repeat his elite FG%. I think he goes down to around 44-45%. Ross is a FG% killer; so he's really only solid if that's your team build (to punt FG%). Beverly should be able to average around 12pts with 2 threes and 1.5 stls. Porter will put up the same stats but with better %'s. I'd pick the Cousins side, but only by a hair. Help?
  11. This is a no brainer regardless of if it's a redraft or keeper league. I'd take Porzingis for both Aldridge/Chriss in a heartbeat. So, the fact that you're getting Fultz, makes this a no-brainer. Fultz could realistically average (in the 2nd half) 12-14pts/4rbs/4assts/1stl/2threes/.5blk I expect Porz to take the leap to 1st round value this year. 22pts/7rbs/3assts/1stl/2blks/2threes with solid %'s is possible. Help?
  12. I'd do this deal. Oops, I misread this post. I thought you were trading FOR teague/chriss. with that said, i'd keep teague/chriss for sure. Rudy Gay is going to get at most 25mpg. realistically he's going to be in the 20-25 range. plus gay is coming off an acl tear. bledsoe has burned me too many times in the past. so i avoid him at all costs unless he drops a lot in the draft or goes for dirt cheap. teague should be extmreely solid with the wolves. i would've be surprised at another 7-8 assists per game with better efficiency. chriss should see 25-29mpg at the very least. and he could even play some center minutes. at the very least, you know you're going to get around 1.3 threes, 1.0 stls, 1.3 blks. and if he improves his %'s, he woudl be a huge steal. Help?