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  1. PPR Emmanuel Sanders @BAL or Will Fuller NYG
  2. Who to start and why? PPR Emmanuel Sanders @BAL or Will Fuller NYG
  3. Losing Amari Cooper isn't ideal. without cooper, you WR corp looks mostly filled with WR2's. Ingram will be an RB2 when he returns. and you definitley need help at RB. This is a bit of a high price for ingram, but you probably need to do it. Although, I'd look to try and trade off either Cooks or Jones instead of Cooper. Help?
  4. You have incredible depth at RB for a 12 teamer. This is a no brainer trade. Even if you lose Conner, you still have plenty of depth at RB to stay afloat until Mixon and Ingram returns. Help?
  5. Crabtree (will get most targets) Agholor (once Jeffrey returns, Agholor becomes option 3 on offense, after Jeffrey and Ertz). Golladay (lots of mouths to feed with tate and jones. has bee productive so far, but when tate and jones have good games, golladay could dissappear. Golladay will get better as the year goes, but would rather have the two above slightly). Help?
  6. I'd do this. Hilton should see 150+ targets. Cooks is one of many in a loaded WR corp. He'll likely see around 100-120 targets. Volume is usually the most important variable correlating to production. Help?
  7. I'm not a huge fan of any Lions RB. But i'm also very iffy about Patriots RBs. But since youd' be giving up a Pats RB for another one, i'd rather own Michel, since he has LeGarrete Blount type potential to be that game clock killer and double digit TDs. I'd do Yeldon/White for Michel. Help?
  8. I like both Kupp and Hogan. But Hogan has WR1 upside, while Kupp is a rock solid WR2, with a high floor, low ceiling. Too many weapons on the Rams to ensure Kupp can get enough attention (targets) to be a WR1. Williams' could lose work to Aaron Jones, if they start to split the backfield. I don't like McCoy at all though. So, very tough call for me. I'd lean towards taking McCoy and Hogan. Mainly because McCoy is the unquestioned back, even though he's on a bad team. and because Hogan has WR1 upside. Help?
  9. I think regardless of depth, needs, strengths, weaknesses, id' do this deal any day in a vacuum. Lynch is a rock solid RB2. But you'll feel way better each weak about Mahomes as a set it and forget it automatic start QB. Help?
  10. Royce has much higher upside than Eckeler, since the situation between Freeman and Lindsay is still unsetttled. But as a Melvin Gordon owner, i'd MUCH rather own Gordon's insurance policy with Eckeler. Eckeler is already flex worth, seeing anywhere between 8-12 touches a week. If Gordon goes down, Eckeler becomes a rock solid RB2 with RB1 upside. I'd rather own that, then a question mark and potential headache all year long with Freeman. I own Freeman in several leagues, but at this point, so far, it's really a huge question mark with the Broncos, and it looks potentiallly likely that they split the work between the two all year long.
  11. I don't like LeSean McCoy. Avoided drafting him in all leagues. Lamar Miller will have better days as the lead back in a loaded offense. I'd stick with Miller. The Bills look horrible. McCoy will see stacked boxes all year long. Help?
  12. I'd rank them Lewis / Breida / Eckeler / Lindsay. But they're all really close. Any of them could end up being solid RB2's. Among your WR's, I would try to sell Enunwa, cole, or Brown, in that order. Help?
  13. You have solid WR depth with Baldwin and Edelman waiting in the wings (Edelman be a solid WR2 in a PPR when he returns in week 5). Conversely, you're a bit weaker at RB. Carson or Aaron Jones could end up solid RB2s. But that's still a gamble. Le'Veon Bell's eventual return would make Connor worthless when he does return. I think Evans for Fournette is worth it. Help?
  14. DJ will have better days. he will only get better. the cards offense coordinator will probably be fired sooner than later. the cards coaches will soon realize their only chance to score will be through DJ. i like njoku settling into a backend TE1, with upside to be a solid TE1. especially after josh gordon was released. i'd feel very iffy about trusting cook. if you want to make a move now, i think your best asset is tevin coleman. but shoot for a better TE than njoku or cook.
  15. Golladay has benefited from gameflow. But there's still marvin jones and golden tate to compete with for targets. I like your current WR's over golladay. I could see dropping agholor or cole for gollday. As soon as alshon jeffrey comes back, agholor becomes the #3 target for Wentz, after jeffrey and ertz. cole will maintain #1 status for the season, unless dede westbrook continues to perform better. i like golladay and agholor almost equally. so tough to say. in a vacuum, i'd rather own breida. He's already the passing down back for SF. alfred morris stinks. and i could see breida settling into a 13-15 touch weekly role. I'd rather own breida over kerryon johnson. iv'e learned never to trust Detroit Lions RB's. they never rely on RB's enough to feel good about starting them, except for theo riddick as a weak flex in a PPR. Help?