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  1. There are 2 no brainer pickups in Rodon (stash) and Glasnow. Both could give you 200k's without even surpassing 170 innings. I think Joe Ross drops an even better year than what he did in 2016. Blake Snell also has massive potential, but likely with a fat whip (something like 1.35 or higher). I'd watch how Wacha does. he was really solid in spring. Same goes for Shoemaker.
  2. I also agree with Naquin. He isn't going to give you that .300avg (had a hugely bloated BABIP that's unsustainable). but i think the power is real. domingo also had big power potential. honestly, they're both pretty even in potential. but id' go with naquin since he's in a much better lineup.
  3. I agree with you. Ottavino was really solid last year. Today, Ottavino walked 2, but also got 3 K's. According to rotoworld, Holland apparently looked shaky, but also did reach 95mph on his fastball. Another owner already has Ottavino, so if Holland lost his job, I'd be SOL. I guess I gotta go with Feliz, who has no competition behind him.
  4. I think I'd prefer to have Treinen over all of the above. Holland just got a save today. How did Holland look? Anyone watch the game? Anyone's opinions change? Or is it still a consensus for Feliz?
  5. you do whatever you can not to drop either.
  6. i'd keep both. in a daily lineup league, i tend to have 2 catchers, since catchers usually take days off. so, this way you'll more times than not have production otu of that roster spot each day. plus, both are great. Help?
  7. looks solid. although i'm worried about harvey. hopefully rodon comes back strong soon. i like the desmond pick as he'll soon gain 1B eligibility, and you'llhave the flexibility to move him in to 1B and/or move myers to OF. or trad one to improve another area of your team. forsythe was also a great pick as he's batting 2nd in a great offense. he was crazy underrated. i'd worry a little bit about your closers. wade davis is 1 year older and was sightly declining last year. watson could lose his job to daniel hudson. and bedrosian could also lose his job to street. Help?
  8. I've been drafting Broxton everywhere I can. i think his potential is through the roof. He dropped 9HR and 23SB in basically a third of a season. tough to let go one of those starters, as they all have potential. I especially like Taillon, urias, and gsellman. so wouldn't give them up at all. but jon gray? perhaps. Coors field will always be a problem. and nola hasn't proven yet that he can be consistently good for an entire season. so either of them plus dyson, i'd do to take a gamble on broxton. Help?
  9. i'm staying away from Braun in any keeper league. Especially if you're giving up a young talent like Springer. I think eventually we'll see Springer put together a 30/20 or even 40/20 season. Each year that passes by, Braun will precipitously decline. healy though is a nice pickup. but i dont' know enough yet to know if he's for real. and segura is obviously a great pickup (i think he'll consitently give us 12-15hr and 20-30sb with a .280+ avg). tough but I'd prefer to hold onto springer in a keeper league. Help?
  10. Hell to the no. You're pitching staff is strong enough that you dont' need scherzer. but no team is strong enough to not be able to use or rely on turner. his 20/40 potential is real. and with his speed, I wouldn't be surprised if he reached 50+ steals. turner's floor is: .290avg / 14hr / 60rbi / 90r / 30sb his ceiling is probably: .330avg / 20hr / 80rbi / 120r / 50sb Help?
  11. How would you rank these closers and why? (I'm leaning towards Holland) Neftali Feliz: Doesn't have much competition behind him. Was solid last year (with some luck), but being on a 1-year deal, I could see him get traded at or near the all-star break to a contender and lose his job as a closer wherever he got traded to. Greg Holland: Has looked iffy in spring training. But Ottavino wasn't that great either. Brandon Maurer: Was pretty solid last year (13 saves out of 15 chances). But has Carter Capps' return breathing down his neck. I could easily see him lose his job to Capps about 2 months into the season. Leave your link. Will help in return!
  12. what teams are available?
  13. are the angels still available
  14. Are roster changes "Daily - Tomorrow", "Daily - Today", or "weekly"?