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  1. I'm in. I love this flyer because we will probably know early on if he's going to stick. The Astros have so many other options that if he starts out slow he will probably lose out to another player who needs the opportunity, especially if Brantley and Reddick can stay healthy.
  2. Bird has options too... I dont see how Voit isn't the opening day guy
  3. I'm looking for a Dynasty Startup with an auction style startup draft and no IDP or Salary cap/contracts. Under 150 dollar buy in would be good too. I prefer full dynasty with 20+ man rosters. MFL and some form of 2 QB starting rosters would be preferred. Would love something like QRRWWWTSF. Hit me up if you are filling a startup like this.
  4. Is it still open and do you have any more details? I'm not that familiar with sleeper so I'm not sure if I can see the settings and bylaws without joining the league.
  5. No, they should trade him for prospects before his effectiveness fluctuates next year or the year after, as RPs are very prone to. That contract could suddenly look a lot different for the Padres in a year. Asking for an elite prospect who is already in the majors is a non starter for almost all teams so I don't see them getting anyone on the level of Devers. Boston could get a comparable pitcher for cheaper prospect cost with a higher salary or get an elite starter like degrom if they want to move Devers.
  6. I don't think the Sox thought they were giving up a player anywhere near as talented as Devers is in any of those deals. Shaw was a mistake in hindsight, but he was a 27 year old who they thought was a AAAA platoon guy. Devers is only 21 and reached the majors at 20. The Gagne and Elias prospects never became anything unless I am forgetting something. The Red Sox have actually been smart about their prospect trades over the years. Basically if the Sox are offering a prospect, you should just back away because something is wrong with him. The only prospects I can remember them trading who were actually good were Hanley and Moncada, and they got Beckett and Sale out of those deals. The Padres are overplaying their Hand here. Relievers are the most replaceable players in baseball, and their long term success is almost always a big gamble aside from a few elite guys.
  7. Stupid crap like this is why San Diego will perpetually suck into eternity.
  8. Wow. Back up the prospect truck for one of those guys... If that's true I would imagine all Mets are available.
  9. I've read that it's also getting much better results as technology improves. Is that accurate?
  10. Haha what? Anyone who can play second can play first. Anyone who has a pulse can play first base. The only thing further down on the defensive spectrum is DH.
  11. Are we sure Parker is the guy? I might have missed something there. Holding both, didnt notice if Scoscia said it was Parker.
  12. Tough to justify it if he hits. I would find an MLBPA grievance highly entertaining...