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  1. Day N Nite Crookers Remix is one that always is on when we are partying. That song is pretty sick. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo Sharam - Texi That's all I need to hear for now.
  2. I'll be at a concert tonight. Hopefully I can pick beforehand.
  3. I would, but no access to site, so no #.
  4. I heard Ray showed him some burglaring skillz.
  5. I think he is out of commission til about 7 pm est. Hopefully not though. Remember reading that he can't look at his phone or might get punched in the face by his boss or something.
  6. I prolly would have taken Johnson there instead then lol.
  7. I guess I should have gone MJD, Megatron then Mendenhall. According to that strategery, I'd be sitting on a gold mine then.
  8. I hear ya HL. I wanted a wide out and didn't like what I had to work with.
  9. Post what he takes for me. I'm downing coffee. I'm locked in.
  10. You're right I need coffee first, otherwise I'm just going thru the motions.
  11. Db is straight west coaster. I sent him an email. Hopefully he gets its sent to his iphone since he doesnt have a # posted on info. I gave him all the picks and what not up to him for this round. If I get sniped one more time I swear....
  12. I'm up for another 2 hours. I'll shoot one to db.
  13. Looks like we could get it back to RRF tonight w/ everyone on the forum right now. lol
  14. I think that is where the rookie draft comes into play. I hate you all for taking the receivers I hoped somehow fell to me on the turn. And I'm back by the way.
  15. I'm sure I'll be up around right as I'm heading to the gym. Never seems to fail when I leave it's my turn lol.