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  1. On a baseball note - Loved Happ at home vs the Angels - he craps the bed. My pitching has been that way all season.
  2. It's possible but Garcia pitched the 7th and 8th tonight too. So nothing very clear with the Phillies right now
  3. Two weeks ago got Kershaw & Maybin in a trade. Both now on the Dl. Today lose a closer (Maurer) and Springer leaves the game injured. fml And there goes my C - Ramos with a broken bat to the head.
  4. Had hoped that the all-star break would help him get straightened out but wow - he has no command of anything. What the heck happened to this guy?
  5. Does that pad say that he is kneeling on say "No Show"?
  6. The only reason I still roster him - yeah I need SB's that bad.
  7. A move I've used a few times myself.
  8. I think at this point even his Mom is dropping him from her fantasy team.
  9. Don't know when - I was going by this: Newcomb will stay in the Braves rotation for at least one more turn, as the club plans to deploy a six-man rotation when Bartolo Colon (oblique) comes off the DL, Mark Bowman of reports. "We'll start with [the six-man rotation] and then see where we go," Braves manager Brian Snitker said. "I don't think we're committing to it for an extended period. But it's just kind of like you've got to start somewhere in that situation, and we'll deal with it as we go."
  10. Getting one more start but I don't see how he sticks after that - unless they go with a 6 man rotation.
  11. Sitting again
  12. Think I've seen enough of Lackey .
  13. And Neris pitching the bottom of the 8th - so who closes if they take the lead in the 9th? I'm a Phillies fan and have no clue what they are doing here.
  14. As a Phillies fan that watches him a lot, I don't know what to tell you. When he is hot, he's a real good player. BUT I don't think his baseball IQ is real high and it seems like he gets off track fairly easily. When I watch him my impression is that he succeeds on his athletic ability alone - not because he has "figured it out". I have him but would have no problem cutting him if he gets "lost" again.
  15. I'm sitting him today - not so much because of him. I just don't know how good he is and more often than not - I have been burned this season by the Brewers. Good Luck to those that start him - I would love to see him continue to do well (even on my bench).