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  1. So glad the Phillies weren't able to sign him - he is bad.
  2. ^^^ This. Long time Phillies fan that didn't really want Harper (didn't want Machado even more) but since he has joined the Phillies he has majorly impressed me with his willingness to go "all in" for the team. He appears to be a hardworking guy that is a good teammate. He is pretty much what I expected to get - 250 avg, 30-35 Hr's and 100-110 RBI's. Just because he signed a mega deal doesn't make him a better player. Hopefully time(he's still young) and a willingness to make adjustments will but the contract won't. He is what we thought he was EXCEPT for me - I actually like the guy and I never did before.
  3. Cubs fielding is making Hendricks look good - they are fielding everything. 62 pitches through 7 is pretty darn impressive though.
  4. Heard Guzman is headed back soon. The end to his playing time may be near. πŸ˜₯
  5. Thankful that I only have one share of him. He is the kind of player that can drive you nuts - you keep remembering what he did once and keep plugging him in expecting it again. And it never comes but you just can't push that drop key because you know that is when he will find it again ...… 😑
  6. My gut told me bench Happ, researched some more and started him. Meanwhile Carrasco is on my bench and strikes out the side in the 1st. 😫
  7. He's pathetic - nibbles round the edges on a guy (Ruiz) that is hitting .189 and ends up walking him. Then Davis gets his hit. Gutless performance 😑
  8. He's hitting his way to the bench. 😣Gonna try to hold out a little longer but he is blowing his chance for more PT
  9. Carrasco, Happ, Miley ... I suck at drafting pitchers. 😑
  10. Probably although he didn't get hit hard. Got burned twice when Votto beat the shift. Wins will be hard to come by on this team so I have probably seen enough.
  11. They said Ramos is getting ready. Glad I have no part in this mess.
  12. Yes but not very well. Heals at the speed of an 80 yr old.
  13. He's a guy that doesn't throw hard enough to break a window. If he's not hitting his spots it's like hitting off a tee. I'm gonna sit him until I see a couple of decent starts. Hate using up a roster spot but he is worth it when(if) he is right.
  14. Yep - This could be a 1-2 year injury. πŸ˜†
  15. Exactly - Arrietta walked 6 in that game as well. Not sure how long his leash is either but I'm sure not going to judge him too harshly based on that start.