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  1. Am I the only guy left that is still waiting for him to show a pulse? He isn't even making hard contact so far.
  2. I hope it was because he was moved up due to Thor's issue? Maybe he needs preparation time before a start that he didn't get? Hope he doesn't suck that bad.
  3. Why was Haniger pulled for an injury?
  4. Waited on SP's and ended up with Verlander, Quintana and Maeda on multiple teams. Thought I did good. They are killing me.
  5. Have Quintana and Verlander going today - 8 runs given up in their 1st inning alone.
  6. What the heck is going on with this guy? The Twins? Guess the White Sox should have traded him when he had some value.
  7. Can't ever remember that happening in the past few years.
  8. You seem to be ignoring the fact that the Phillies could make Benoit the closer with the hope of flipping him later on to a team that will need one (will probably be a few by then). Plus keeping Neris out of the 9th inning keeps his value down for another year. I don't own either guy but I am a Phillies fan that expects them to do the same thing with Kendrick and Saunders. On pure stuff Neris should be the guy but it's not always that simple. Plus Mackanin is good through 2017 - he will follow the plan the front office has laid out. Should be interesting which way they go.
  9. I'm actually OK with this outing especially since it looks like his velocity is where it should be.
  10. Went pick 103 in my big money 12 team league - too early for me.
  11. And everyone (includes me) that owned Rendon in 2015 says "Here we go" ........
  12. I'm not a big fan of taking hitters changing leagues, this makes me like him even less.
  13. I'm also concerned. Not about the spring training numbers as much as what I saw when I watched him in the WBC. As an East Coast guy, I don't see much of the Rockies so I am not as knowledgeable as someone that sees him every day BUT he looked really uncomfortable at the plate. I looked at some of his past history and he doesn't appear to be a slow starter (think he had 10HR's last April). So as a guy that has a mid-1st round draft pick - I am starting to wonder If I really want to go Arenado
  14. I would think you would be crazy not to hold Kelley (I don't have either one). This is a big step for Baker (trusting a rookie) so I would imagine his commitment might be a little weak.
  15. This should be in the draft strategy section so more people can benefit from the logic here.