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  1. Got a CBS Sports update sent to me this morning, sounds like he is getting called up. Don't see him listed on Yahoo yet.
  2. I grabbed him in our Dynasty Rookie draft with the hope the Cowboys take a similar approach with Elliott that they took prior with Murray. Best case scenario he ends up being a feature back there in a coupe years. Not super likely, but I liked the potential upside.
  3. Also have to remember prior to last year, minus the 2015 season, Jordy Nelson was Aaron Rodger's favorite target. Unless the coaching staff affects what's going on, I don't see any reason for Adam's numbers to drop. Granted I think some of their Year 2 receivers develop into more reliable targets, but Adams is still going to be target #1.
  4. Plugged in place of Gurley for me. So far, so good.
  5. Need 26 combined between Cam & McCaffery.
  6. How do you handle it when a non playoff owner drops their roster en mass. A week out from the playoffs and owner drops all players allowed to be dropped. Granted he still had an outside shot to get in, but chose this option instead. Fairly competitive, non money league. Do you just continue on since money is involved or make an issue? To me even though it's non money, it's still messing with the integrity of the playoffs. Granted, there was not an immediate pickup of players by another owner, but still. Am I just being to sour cause I missed out on strengthening my team or are my concerns legit? Thanks.
  7. I snagged Conner at the end of my auction draft a week ago Sunday and now have the Bell owner sending me trade offers. First was James White for Conner, which I rejected quickly. Now he's trying to dump Bell with a Bell/White offer for Johnson/Wilkins. I think there is serious panic for Bell owners now who drafted early and did not handcuff with Conner.
  8. I've stayed away in both my auction money leagues that drafted last week. I think this week I'd be even more weary if he was under consideration. Just seems like too much risk for the investment needed. For personal reasons, I hope it plays out well into the season as I own stock in Conner in both.
  9. I grabbed him as a late $1 bid in my auction this past weekend. I'm not expecting WR1 production, but BB knows players strengths and weaknesses and will not be having Patterson doing things that play to his weaknesses and knows how to use player's strengths to exploit the opponent. Granted that will result for peaks and valleys Fantasy wise, but I felt it was worth the low cost risk.