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  1. It seems to me to be more of an appeal on the wording of the suspension and the holdout, not necessarily a Roethlisburger thing where "has he been a good boy" matters. I'd expect four games depending on the legalese at which time (upon announcement) he gets traded in an already-worked-out management deal. I doubt the NFLPA would go to bat for this unless they felt they could win it. I already have a waiver for him in one league where I have a bench seat open. Tennessee would be a good fit for him. They have one premier QB and one premier RB, and they're going to have to overtake Indy and Houston to have a chance. It'd also sell a @#$%load of ticket in SD when the Titans come to town in October. My apologies if you drafted Kenny Britt and I just hurt your feelings...
  2. Just a few more minutes till he becomes inactive for a minimum six weeks. Bet his agents are busy