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  1. I don’t look at four turnovers as a reason to judge his abilities - I only looked at it as, “the guy had four turnovers and still scored ~20.” Turnovers will come, but his rushing and that offense almost negate them.
  2. Gotcha - that's what I'm wondering. Were they short routes that wouldn't have amounted to much, or is he being targeted down field. I won't drop him, just yet. 10 targets isn't something to turn away from, I'm just curious of the context that those 10 targets came in.
  3. As someone who didn't watch - had he not dropped any of the catchable targets, what would his stat-line roughly look like?
  4. People are trying to buy-low on TY Hilton because of the Luck news, but he's still the WR1 in Indy. I wouldn't panic and move him, especially for either of those guys.
  5. I don't think Rivers is that much of an upgrade over Carr to use a #3 waiver on him. If he clears, maybe. I don't dislike, Dak, though - compared to those two guys.
  6. Obviously weak at RB, but you only have to start one, and you have four potential WR spots, so I like the strategy there. Keep an eye out for trades or injury situations, maybe you can snag a steal.
  7. Honestly, don't sleep on Delanie Walker in a PPR league. The last six seasons (throwing out last season when he was hurt), he had 60, 63, 94, 65, 74 catches. You may not be as bad off there as you think. Help me?
  8. In a .5 PPR keeper league. I have Kelce and Beckham costing a 3rd and an 8th rounder I have the 8th and 13th picks, and after that I won't pick til the 6th round. Here are the top 15 guys left on the board that could conceivably be there. (Listing some guys that obviously will be gone, just for ease in list.) Saquon, Zeke, Hopkins, Julio, M. Thomas, D. Johnson, Tyreek, Gurley --- one of these guys will be available at my first pick M. Evans, Dame Williams, Brown, A. Jones, Fournette -- One of them available at second pick Now, I could possible stack two really good WRs (Hill/Evans) and have a starting lineup with Beckham, Evans, Tyreek, and Kelce. But wouldn't have a shot at RB til 6th. Or, I could could go RB/WR or WR/RB and grab Gurley/Evans or Tyreek/Williams. Question marks at RB, but at least spreads value across positions. Leave a link. Thanks!
  9. Honestly, it’s not bad at all. For this year you have a top RB and two high tier WRs. Dynasty is harder to gauge but I still wouldn’t worry much. Thanks for the help
  10. Thanks - yeah, it’s the latter. Those are just the top 15 guys on the board. But 8 of them will be gone before my first pick - unless people reach, which isn’t unheard of. That’s what I’m thinking, too.
  11. So you’d still have the 5th? It’s really a matter of whether you think Bell is better than anyone you could get at 10. And with keepers, that’s a risky proposition. I might stand pat. But I’d really have to know who the top 10 guys available are. when you get a chance:
  12. I’d go w Juju when you get a chance:
  13. Really solid. Three top 10 RBs, and the WRs didn’t suffer much for it. Nice. when you get a chance:
  14. In only a ten team, there will still be QBs available. I’d take skill positions while other people are grabbing QBs. There’s a bigger range there. when you get a chance:
  15. I’d keep the three WRs but could be talked into Chubb for Juju when you get a chance: