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  1. touch me tender, but dont feel me up bro!

    1. Rich M.

      Rich M.

      ,Question:  I'm a league commissioner looking for an owner or two to join-up.  Can you kindly explain to me WHY I have to scroll through page-after-page and find among them, posts that have to do with BASKETBALL and FOOTBALL?


      We're not talking one or two that slip through, no, there are far too many, and it's not fair for those of us in what I thought would be a baseball-only forum to ask us to have to weed the non-baseball posts out.


      Can these posts be cleared-out by a moderator?  Also, this suggestion - can the thread be split into "Owners Seeking Leagues" and "Leagues Seeking Owners?  This would improve the foraging aspect a hell of a lot easier for all concerned.


      Otherwise, GREAT site and job done by all who monitor it.  THANKS!