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  1. 10 minutes ago, Bringthesonicsback said:

    What a line

    When they go against teams that can't compete with them you will see these lines like this, however he still has to compete with Harrell.  Last year, it was Harrell who got the most run and crunch time minutes but when you look at the Clippers this year, they're even more high powered offensive team which bodes well for fantasy.  Zubac will only become relevant if he is able to carve out consistent minutes but it's still early so it's something to keep an eye on.  I have him on my bench as a handcuff for Harrell.

  2. 22 minutes ago, dragonballz said:

    related to Bagley and of course Bjelica...


    Sources: Disagreement over Kings’ direction could lead to coach Dave Joerger’s dismissal 


    Interesting article and appreciate the update.  If that is the case and looking at tonight's game and previous, the Bjelica ride has been slowing down and appears to be coming to a halt. Time to move on if that is the case.

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  3. He's starting tonight and something to monitor.  If he blows up, it could possibly lead to additional starts at PF.  If he does well, he could keep the starting PF spot for ROS over an injury plague player in Chandler.  If he bombs, well back to the bench he goes.  I remember when Saric was prompted to starting PF two years ago and he ran with the starting spot. 

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  4. 6 minutes ago, DoctorLove said:


    I hope you are right.  I just traded for him and brogdon (only gave Dwight and Shroder), and last night's game was concerning but can't expect him to perform at a high level every night, especially against Raps and Bucks.  


    Haven't watched him play much.  Does he attack the rim or is he more of a shooter?

    Definitely a shooter!  If he attacks, it doesn't happen often unless he's put into a match up advantage (smaller player).  He's pretty crafty and sneaky at times when he ends up under the basket for easy layups but his "bread and butter" is the 3PT shot and he can hit from anywhere along the 3PT line.   Surprisingly, he gets stocks for his size and it's not like he's a quick player.  Again, he's crafty and finds himself at the right place and time on the defensive end.  He needs to hit that 3PT shot as it opens up the floor for the rest of his teammates, especially for WCS.  Fox and Hield will find him, he just needs to connect like he did the past 2 weeks.

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  5. The past 2 games were against top 5 defensive teams in the Bucks and Raptors.  His match ups were Middleton and Siakam respectively and he obviously was put at a disadvantage, especially against the Raptors.  Now, next game up is against his former team in the Wolves (21st in defensive rating) followed by the Lakers (15th in defensive rating).  I expect a great game from him vs his former team in the Wolves and a decent game vs the Lakers who defensively, are lacking.  Let's see what happens.

  6. I knew I should have picked up Connor when I had the chance but I didn't and I paid for it!!!  I really thought Bell would be ready for week 1 but that's water under the bridge and I'm happy where I am (standings) in my league without the contribution from my 1st round pick.   To be honest, I've moved on and he's stuck in my IR slot until the end of the fantasy season.  4

  7. 1 minute ago, Chippa said:



    Here's the thing, I'm 5-3, in 5th place, and have the 6th most total points. Only 4 teams make the playoffs, so right now, I'm on the outside looking in. Does that make any difference?

    Sometimes you just have to take a leap of "trade" :lol: if you want to make or break your fantasy season.  In this case, you're trying to get into one of those playoff spots and there are only 4 of them.  

  8. Hmmmm interesting. I too am planning to make a trade proposal for DJ with a lower ranked team.  As for this trade debate, I don't blame you for making a play for DJ and Cook has me worried with this injury for ROS.  With Cardinals in their bye week, you can only hope they plan on utilizing DJ much better than prior.  Something about the Falcons RB offense  doesn't get me hot and sweaty.  Plus you have an RB1 anchor in Gurley.  Good luck!