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  1. That's a NO for me. Keep Thomas and McCaffery. I would acknowledge the previous responses but you're giving up more than you are receiving IMO. Stand put.
  2. Greetings! I've been going back and forth on this and can't seem to settle on which QB to go with in week 9. Philip Rivers @ SEA Matthew Stafford @ MIN Who's the better play in week 9? Thank you!
  3. But Bogdanovic plays SG and that's where Hield is currently tearing it up. Even when Bogdanovic comes back, it doesn't mean he's going to take the most FGA when he's on the floor. Heck, with the way Hield is shooting the ball, Bogdanovic and his post-surgical knee may just come off the bench (barring an injury to a starter SG or SF).
  4. As per coach, Kawhi suffered a jammed foot and not an ankle sprain.
  5. Yeah, looks like a minor ankle sprain. He knows and coaching staff know, no taking chances early in the season.
  6. I'm in 2 deep leagues and made the move in both after game 3 vs OKC. Went with my gut before another GM could pick him up. It's an opportunity for him to start on a new team and coach slotted him in as his starting PF to begin the season. With the way the league is being played, a weapon like the 3PT shot Bjelica is using is doing wonders for WCS inside the paint. Not to mention they are winning so that gives nothing but confidence to Bjelica and the coaching staff. He's not the most athletic big but if you watch the film, he seems to find himself in the right spots at the right time, hence the stocks. Most of us are veterans when it comes to this fantasy basketball stuff so taking a risk and getting a leg up on other GMs in your league can pay dividends for your fantasy season.
  7. Harris just keeps on rolling with the 3PT shot! Another 4 tonight and I was in need of improving this CAT. Harris is certainly doing that right now and he played 32 minutes!
  8. ESPN Fantasy Basketball article on Nemanja Bjelica.
  9. Well, we are talking about Sacramento here but the "winning formula" I was referring too was the current 5 game winning streak (3 on the road). There's a lot more games to go and it's early in the season but you have to like what they got going right now. To expect these types of stats from BJ ROS is not a pipe dream.
  10. Another Bjelica line! 7-11FG/3-3PTS/2-2FT/19PTS/2REB/2AST/2STL I mean, he's on a roll and the confidence is certainly there to sustain ROS. They have a winning formula going on in Sacramento and we just have to enjoy the ride. He has to be, so far, waiver wire pickup of the year.
  11. I have to sit Saric until I see him breakout and give me some consistency because the past 3 games have been pretty pathetic, especially that FG%. We all know what he did last year and I have the up most confidence he'll come back to that but for now, I'll park him on the bench.
  12. Just unreal how these Kings are playing right now! If it's working, don't fix it. They definitely have a winning formula right now with this current lineup and Fox has broke out in his 2nd year!
  13. He's looking solid with 4 more 3PTS vs DET and he played a whopping 41 minutes (w/ Crabbe back)! He's become that 3PT marksman for this Nets team. There's no need for him to create his own shot with Russell, LaVert and Dinwiddie on the court, they will find him waiting on the 3PT line. Mind you, he has shown the ability to create his own shot while hanging out on the perimeter whether it's a screen or dribbling, side step and shoot. I'm in a 20 Team League and with Saric (who I own) struggling, Harris is a fantastic replacement.
  14. Ok, just took a look at the current boxscore. Gortat and Harrell are being manhandled by Embid LOL
  15. Great points!!! I really haven't seen Harrell play live in a game except for highlights but your points are noted.
  16. I'm in the exact same boat!!! Lol Just posted in the WHIR forum. I was able to get Bjelica in both leagues and Vonleh is giving me that same feeling of "opportunity" in NYC. I'm wondering if Harrell will ever replace Gortat but he will get his minutes. Vonleh on the other hand seems to have locked up that starting PF slot and those stocks are extremely appealing. I have to decide before the night is out LOL
  17. My gut tells me Lyles. If he was a bonafide starter on another team, he would produce some great lines. Hernangomez has glimpses but I've seen more from Lyles to lead me in that direction.
  18. Man that's a tough one. My gut says to stick with Siakam but you can't deny what Vonleh is giving or could possibly give ROS. As for Siakam, he's starting to breakout and the way the game is being played right now, it definitely suits his talent.
  19. Hey Rotoworld Fam, Liking what I'm seeing out of Vonleh the past few games (now that he's currently a starter with an opportunity). Guessing he will stick in the starting lineup once Knox returns with Knox running game from the SF spot and coming off the bench. He did come off the bench initially. The stocks are nice and I'm considering dropping Harrell but there's a BUT? Wondering who has the better stats ROS?
  20. That is a FACT! The "Claw" gave Simmons nightmares all night.
  21. Bjelica has helped me cope with the burden of losing Kevin Love for several weeks or more. Hoping he can keep this up for the ROS. He is definitely the waiver wire pickup of the year so far, albeit it's still early in the season but so far so good.