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  1. He maybe Miami's starting PF...for now. Spolstra is going to try it oit for a few games it seems.
  2. It's as if he doesn't want to lose the starting gig. Some nice numbers tonight and looking at his recent games, definitely considered in deep leagues.
  3. After this game is done, talk of his promotion to the starting unit will only increase. Playing late game heroics right now and the defensive starts are gold. Get ready for a pickup spike (%) in deep leagues. His future is bright (ie. 2nd half of the season or possibly sooner).
  4. Hello Rotoworld fam, Thinking about it but there is no timeline for when Bledsoe will return to playing (on another team). My forward spots are already taken up by LeBron and Porzingis so I'm left with using Prince at UTIL. Other forward I have on the bench is Aminu. Obviously my second guard spot is not solidified and I hope to get Nicolas Batum back soon. I mean, it's really up in air as to when Bledsoe will get traded but he would be a definite upgrade at my guard position. This applies to my first team as noted below - Team 1: 18 Team League $$$ H2H 8 CAT Thank you!
  5. He needs to play the Suns every game Real talk, he definitely needs to work on his shot but he's got a quick first step and his passing ability is just a thing of beauty for a rookie. Growing pains but I'll take this type of output any day!
  6. Both Jaylen Brown and Ronde Hollis-Jefferson are the two players I would consider. Demarre, is on the downhill with bad knees but I understand he has more opportunity on a Nets team this year (compared to the past 2 years with the Raptors). Jaylen has been getting a lot of minutes and opportunity to play on the Celtics. I feel he's a better fit for your roster and league cat settings. Ronde will be splitting his minutes with a pretty effective Booker. Good luck!
  7. Hello Rotoworld Fam, The only other true guard I have is Lowry but I am tempted to pick up Rozier but at the expense of Teodosic??? Rozier has a better all around fantasy game and he's coming off the bench but with Gordon's injury, it has opened up a bigger window for him. As for Teodosic, he played just over 21 minutes in his first game albeit it was against the Lakers. I still don't know what he will truly give us this year with Beverly and Rivers in the picture. Should I or would you? Thank you!
  8. He looks damn good out there on the court (his ball skills people) lol I picked him up and will stream him in my lineup if necessary. I'm not concerned about Morris coming back IMO he will continue to get 20+ minutes in a lineup where multiple guards will be rolled out and moved around. Not to mention, the loss of Gordon Hayward has completely opened up significant time for Rozier.
  9. I got him in the 7th round and I'm happy with that. It's ONE game party people. Let it play out and we can revisit after 2 weeks. Patience is key but maybe not in fantasy sports