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  1. What are you doing? This is most confusing sign up ever? Are you issuing refunds or are you still looking for owners?
  2. So whats the update here? How many in currently? Entry Fee? Auction or Snake?
  3. Hey Straka82, I sent you a DM, this obviously isn't looking good. The "commish" last posted nearly an hour ago when we are in the final hour of critical sign up period.
  4. teker1, could you please stay a bit more active here with people asking for invites and help? We have 1 hour. I know a few have already PAID. Let's finish filling this. $75 ESPN Auction Roto. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=56599858&inviteId=59935602-2152-495d-8afb-788361cbd238
  5. Houstonfan, I am not the commish, but yes, we are drafting tonight and a few spots still available. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=56599858&inviteId=59935602-2152-495d-8afb-788361cbd238
  6. teker1? so what's up? I have PAID. It looks like we have more spots open now than a few moments ago? Also, at least one person is in the league who you also have an "invite" out to that need to be taked down.
  7. Jake Philips email for LeagueSafe is mophillyftw@gmail.com
  8. I bet we can get to 12 if will adjust settings. iwastherepj@yahoo.com for LeagueSafe.
  9. I see a Scott Frost in and a Scraps3 invited but not joined so not sure whats up. But, I'm not the commish. teker1, are you around to take care of this?
  10. It looks like we have 10 invites out with 8 joined. 9 if Goatstain3 is one. Maybe we can open it up to 12? Also, probably safe to set up a League Safe page.
  11. Again, here is the link to join..... http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=56599858&inviteId=59935602-2152-495d-8afb-788361cbd238
  12. Have someone from one of my Tournament Challenge pools that just joined. After that it looks like we have 6 joined with 2 invites still out. Getting closer guys, lets fill this rest of way!