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  1. I go with Brown. McLaurin faces the 1 good player on the Miami D and Brown should have near every down work.
  2. That’s a good point. Jones ran for 75 yards on only 13 carries against them in week 1.
  3. Do it. I’m a believer that Gordon will take over the backfield, although Ekeler will still have plenty of value. Chubb is a bell cow though. This is the ultimate sell high.
  4. It hasn’t been 1 game though. He’s produced as a borderline WR1 in his career when healthy.
  5. That’s a bull**** veto. As long as there is no conspiracy or dumping, managers should be allowed to make their deals without the league interfering.
  6. Tough to say at this point. Hopkins is more talented but Godwin is getting all the easier matchups as teams focus on Evans. Fuller is looking great and Ha always produces when healthy. This can help Hopkins though because it’s harder to focus on the 1 received when they’re both producing. Going into the season we would all take Hopkins over Godwin. Maybe stick with that thought.
  7. I’d trade them for Jacobs. You can always stream matchups for D.
  8. Have to flex Brown over Drake. SF has great run D but brown will be a bell cow with TD upside.
  9. I’d go with Fuller. He has another great matchup and wouldn’t sit him the way he connected with Watson last week. McLaurin faces the 1 good player on the Miami D.
  10. For this game I’d go Peterson. I like Peterson better for this week. The Miami D won’t hold him under 3 yards per carry and this is a rare game he’ll see 20 plus touches and have TD upside.
  11. No way. I don’t expect Cooper to outscore Evans rest of season.
  12. Great choices. Kerryon is a must in this matchup. I’d have to go Brown over Ekeler because of his bell cow duties with Gurley out.