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  1. The only reason he bombed is because he was only given 7 carries. We all expected double digit touches. The coaches overused Ekeler, who is now injured. The touches will be there for Jackson this week.
  2. You can do better than this guy. I owned McCoy and never bothered to roster Ivory because if McCoy wasn’t fantasy start worthy with this team, why would Ivory be any better?
  3. It’s puzzling why San Diego didn’t run more with the lead against the worst run defense in football. 7 carries is inexcusable. Ekeler and Jackson should’ve had 30 combined carries.
  4. Bold moves are what win championships. I'm starting Justin Jackson this week over both guys because the Bengals defense is too good of a matchup to ignore.
  5. That's a bold move. I own both and would start Ware between the two. Sproles is back and Adams is banged up so he won't have the same high touches as the last couple of weeks. Dallas is also a strong defense.
  6. Both are good plays so go with your gut. Vikings could be playing for a playoff spot and Jacksonville will be playing for nothing.
  7. For me it was definitely claiming Lindsay off of waivers in week 2. Conner has to be the best pickup of the season though. Mahomes is up there too for those that drafted him or claimed him early.
  8. Considering there's a strong likelihood that the Chargers rush for 200 yards and at least two TDs, I don't think it's a bad strategy.
  9. I don't hate Ware but his performance against a bad defense was disappointing. It would be foolish of me to expect better against the Ravens strong defense.
  10. Me too. I’m starting Jackson over Ware, Boyd, McCoy and Adams. The upside is too great to ignore. The others all have a decent chance to bust because of tough matchups/situations. Even if Jackson splits evenly with Ekeler, 80 yards and a TD is a conservative estimate. The Bengals are the worst against the run and Chargers should be playing with lead majority of game with the chance for a blowout. 120 yards and 2 TDs is a strong possibility for Jackson this week.
  11. Samuels, Ingram, and Ridley. Reynolds and Smith have too much likelihood to bust.
  12. I’d go Steelers. They’re facing the worse offense of the two.
  13. Buffalo would be my choice but both are strong plays this week.