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  1. Doug Baldwin 2018 Outlook

    Cannot see Doug allowing that. No way he is going to the bench. If he plays, he plays.
  2. Keenan Allen 2018 Outlook

    He got another RZ target from ~ the 5. That was nice to see, but the TD went to Gates on the next play. He got double digit targets, but yardage was certainly disappointing.
  3. Tevin Coleman 2018 Outlook

    They use Ito Smith a lot in the RZ and Ryan is throwing for all the scores. Coleman again only had 3 targets on 20 routes. This is a much bigger time share thanit should be.
  4. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I would like to see him in Carolina back with Norv. Cam is not accurate, but he has no problem tossing up some 50/50 balls downfield.
  5. David Johnson 2017 Outlook

    Pretty sure that part has not happened yet. He is still in a cast.
  6. David Johnson 2017 Outlook

    Read the article though. He originally decided it based on the cast being on and it still says in the article. The twitter update says "can play when advances to a splint, hoping for Thanksgiving". I seriously doubt the cards will be in the playoff hunt and am pretty sure they won't be playing him with a splint.
  7. David Johnson 2017 Outlook

    David Chao said hopefully Thanksgiving, but that was based on the thought that the cast was off and he was already in a removable splint and would be practicing in a coup,e weeks. I think Thanksgiving may be optimistic give that the hardcast just got put on.
  8. David Johnson 2017 Outlook

    From Dr. David Chao:
  9. Danny Amendola 2017 Outlook

    Not sure about what record. If Brady was going for Peyton's 55, then Gillislee wouldn't have 4 TD's right now.
  10. Danny Amendola 2017 Outlook

    Another issue is we have no clue how hurt any of these guys really are. There was never even an explanation for Amendola's "knee". Will they run more if they get 2-3 TD's to give Hogan/Gronk/Dorsett/Amendola a break? The one thing I do know is that if Cooks still can't get a bigger target share with the entirety of the other receivers on the injury report, he has problems.
  11. Danny Amendola 2017 Outlook

    It will be itneresting to see if Danny gets the "Edelman targets" and at whose epense they come. I believe he will see at least 7 tgts and they will come from the RB's and maybe Hogan. Edelman got 13 targets (8 rec, 137 yds) last matchup vs the Texans with Hogan getting 4 targets (4 rec 95 yds) and Lewis got 7 tgts. That was obviously sans Gronk (who will be limited in this one) and Cooks. BRady only completed 18 passes, but the Texans lost their best corner in Bouye, Cushing is suspended, they won't have Kevin Johnson available, and Jonathan Joseph is banged up, so the passing defense will be suspect. Amendola should see a lot of Kareem Jackson in the slot. I think they will play Marcus Burley (because of his speed/health) on Cooks with safety help and Joseph will line up on Hogan. Texans D is much more beatable than in the past, but again for me it comes down to how many times are the Pats going to throw if they get an early lead considering the number of injuries currently.
  12. Danny Amendola 2017 Outlook

    I think the bad thing for him is going to be gameflow. I am not confident that the Texans can score on the Pats with Hightower back at Gillette. This might be a Gillislee game with minimal passing (relatively speaking) considering the lack of health in the receiving department and Cannon possibly out.
  13. Danny Amendola 2017 Outlook

    Good god. Even the Pats can't be so stubborn as to put him back out there.
  14. Danny Amendola 2017 Outlook

    Glad he wasn't limited. The knee had me a bit concerned since they never talked about it. Ride the PPR goldmine until he breaks down again.
  15. Alvin Kamara 2017 Outlook

    I don't think we will see all 3 on the field, but we are likely to see a lot of Kamara & Ingram or AP together like we used to see with Reggie & Deuce. I never loved the plays we used to run in the 2 back sets, but he will use them. I can also see a lot of Kamara in the backfield with Snead & Thomas lined up on the right and Ginn running a jet sweep facross rom the other side, Brees faking the handoff to Ginn and doing his little jump pass to Kamara slipping out into space with Peat and (eventually) Armstead out in front to block.