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  1. I'm scouring the waiver wire for a TE after losing Dissly, and honestly, this guy seems like he has legit sleeper potential. The Bills are a rapidly improving offense with a good QB, but their receivers are pretty underwhelming. I could definitely see this guy's usage going up as the season progresses. He isn't going to be a target hog most likely, but he has big play potential and could develop into a legit red zone target considering John Brown (5'10 )and Cole Beasley (5'8) aren't exactly primo options near the goal line.
  2. You sound like someone who confuses fantasy football with real football. A receiver who constantly draw double coverage, which allows other receivers to run free, is an incredibly valuable weapon in the NFL. I too am disappointed with Hopkins fantasy numbers, but he doesn't "blow" and he's certainly not one of the most overrated players in the NFL.
  3. Isn't it nice when preseason fantasy predictions actually come true? Carson is a big time running back on a really good offense. You really couldn't ask for a better situation. The rushing TD's will come too. He was pretty involved in the red zone tonight.
  4. What a game tonight from this guy. Seven catches for 136 yards and had a TD wiped off the board from a bad call. Had 11 targets too. There are a lot of mouths to feed in this offense, but this guy is a superb athlete and definitely passes the eye test.
  5. I was so sure Greg the Leg was money that I wasn't even watching. Crazy game.
  6. Carson is so much better than Penny and it isn't even close. There may not be a safer play at RB the rest of the season.
  7. How is his situation trash? He's on one of the most pass happy teams in the NFL, has one of the highest floors for a WR2, and he'll catch a bomb every 2-3 games and put up 20+ points for you. Sounds like your draft was "trash" and you're cranky because Cooks isn't putting up WR1 numbers every week.
  8. The picks are frustrating, but I think the arrow is pointing up for Goff. The Rams are clearly going to throw the ball a ton. Last year, the offense revolved around Gurley. This year, it revolves around Goff. That said, I don't see Thursdays game against Seattle being a barn burner like the Tampa Bay game. I'm starting Winston instead.
  9. I would agree with you if this were week 10, but we're pretty early in the season. If Penny is back he'll get some work, but Carson will continue to be the workhorse as long as he's healthy and producing.
  10. Literally no one thinks that. Some people think he'll cut into his workload, especially on passing downs, and that's still a very realistic possibility.
  11. I'm going to disagree with everyone here and say Dalton. The Bengals are #2 in the NFL in passing attempts right now and he is getting AJ Green back at some point. Also, if you make it to the championship game he plays the Dolphins in week 16.
  12. He was the OC at Tampa Bay. You can look up their stats if you want. He was also the OC at Oklahoma State in 2011 when they had the best offense in the country and should have played for a national championship.
  13. Monken is one of the best play callers in the league too. Talk about head coach hubris...
  14. If you aren't going to start him this week, you might as well drop him and try to guess who next week's top waiver claim will be. I dropped him for Burkhead.
  15. I'm rostering Goff, Winston, and Allen at the moment just waiting for one to break out and start playing consistently. Normally I wouldn't roster 3 QBs, or even 2, but the way they're dropping like flies this year, I'm making an exception.