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  1. Why didn't they see King's left hand holding Diggs' arm the entire time? Incredibly bad officiating once again favors GB... such an odd coincidence they always get calls in their favor.
  2. Chris and Daryl laughing about all the bad calls favoring Green Bay. Oh look, another weak holding call against the Vikings.
  3. Wut? Should be either a 1 point or 4 point game at this point if not for phantom calls and a missed FG. Are we watching the same game?
  4. That's generous. It was a blown call, even Dean Blandino couldn't pretend that was legit. The NFL just making it up as they go.
  5. A lot of dashoe's posts are starting to make more sense now. Defaulting to "I will believe whatever the player says" is probably not a real wise way to look at these situations. Ray and his fall guys killed 2 guys that night by the way. Baltimore was so proud of him they built a statue for him. Must be a fantastic city!
  6. I read them, and you left out the victim's version which is what lead people to the conclusion you're taking his side which I've tried explaining to you a few times here. If you don't want to accept her story fine, but don't act shocked when people point that out.
  7. "Facts" according to Kareem Hunt.... which shockingly gives him an excuse as to why he attacked a woman. You aren't that naive, are you?
  8. When you leave out the victim's version of events and state the attacker's version as fact, it seems like you're defending the guy who attacked a woman.
  9. How are the Winston jockriders going to keep pretending he isn't awful if he doesn't get to throw 50 times a game?
  10. Keep trotting out a total disaster after wasting a top pick on him, that's how to keep front office jobs in the NFL!
  11. "Franchise QB" and that joke of a #1 overall pick do not belong in the same sentence. Jamarcus Russell 2.0 but actually a bigger clown somehow.
  12. I assume you mean Winston, don't you think he kind of is responsible for it getting out of hand? A lot of people fighting to keep their jobs and Winston is definitely not helping them stay employed...
  13. Random offensive pass interference call that makes no sense. Got to love the NFL and their refusal to discipline the awful refs or upgrade to a better system.