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  1. How is he supposed to block the guy then Yossarian? Magically transport himself in front of the DB and wave to make sure he knows he's coming?
  2. Probably because the Bears did the exact same thing last week with no call. Pereira claiming "that will get called every time" demonstrates how delusional he is, the NFL really needs to make an effort to improve officiating, the inconsistency is awful.
  3. And Jones just hurt his own wrist slamming Brissett 3 seconds after the whistle was blown. That easily could have been another flag.
  4. Which other games are going on right now? John Madden type post....
  5. Special teams coaches usually coach special teams, not the offense FYI.
  6. Maybe the special teams coach actually has some pride, unlike Fox?
  7. How is that even possible that they thought the Bears tipped that?! Just when we thought they couldn't get any worse they take it one step dumber...
  8. Have you been watching the game? Are you at all familiar with the Bears' current roster?
  9. And that jersey grab in the end zone is called for the Packers too. NFL officiating is a joke.
  10. And once he's fired, another NFL team will sign him to another multi-million dollar contract. He has always been awful but he keeps getting jobs. The coaching carousels in every league make zero sense.
  11. Both tackles had pretty blatant holds on the play but don't let facts get in the way of whining...
  12. To be fair, the refs have let them get away with all sorts of different holds so maybe that guy is confused as to what holding actually looks like.
  13. Wow that was horrible. Mouth piece flew out, that was bad...
  14. Richard Rogers with quite the hold there, not called of course. Yet they spot a defensive holding on a running play....
  15. Looks like the standard favoritism the Pack always enjoy to me... Its great that Jim and Tony have just laughed at how blatantly the Packers got away with holding the past couple blown calls.