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  1. Best teamin the NFC - debate

    How dare you use stats to question the expert opinion of Gohawks! In all seriousness though, that was probably the first year he'd ever watched football since it was the first time Seattle was relevant, so you have to forgive him if he doesn't understand why the Seahawks were good that year.
  2. Best teamin the NFC - debate

    I thought you just said that great QBs are more important than horrible defenses? Now you're disputing the NFL's findings on Bountygate too?
  3. Best teamin the NFC - debate

    Why do you keep saying Keenum is a career backup? He's in his fifth season now and he's literally started games in every single season, albeit for an awful Houston Texans team and an awful Rams team. Do you just like to make things up to support your positions or did you genuinely not know about him and just keep speaking out of ignorance? Side note: Drew Brees is a career 6-5 in the playoffs including his 3-0 gift season when the NFL decided to hand the Saints a Super Bowl and ignore the fact their defense was intentionally trying to injure players after the whistle. Not sure where you got the impression he's some kind of post season magician that can carry a team in the playoffs, probably just making stuff up to go along with your position again.
  4. Best teamin the NFC - debate

    Can you point out these alleged "obvious deficiencies" that will be exploited in the playoffs by these elite coaches? This is his fifth season now so I have trouble believing that you have seen a glaring flaw in his game that all the teams in the NFL haven't seen...
  5. Best teamin the NFC - debate

    I like how you have 2 teams ahead of the Vikings that they already beat easily....
  6. That's what the refs and the NFL are hoping.... Maybe in the 2nd half they can actually do something about Detroit's left tackle holding on every single play...
  7. How is he supposed to block the guy then Yossarian? Magically transport himself in front of the DB and wave to make sure he knows he's coming?
  8. Probably because the Bears did the exact same thing last week with no call. Pereira claiming "that will get called every time" demonstrates how delusional he is, the NFL really needs to make an effort to improve officiating, the inconsistency is awful.
  9. And Jones just hurt his own wrist slamming Brissett 3 seconds after the whistle was blown. That easily could have been another flag.
  10. Which other games are going on right now? John Madden type post....
  11. Special teams coaches usually coach special teams, not the offense FYI.
  12. Maybe the special teams coach actually has some pride, unlike Fox?
  13. How is that even possible that they thought the Bears tipped that?! Just when we thought they couldn't get any worse they take it one step dumber...
  14. Have you been watching the game? Are you at all familiar with the Bears' current roster?
  15. And that jersey grab in the end zone is called for the Packers too. NFL officiating is a joke.