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  1. Nope. It's warm in Houston and the wind is blowing out to left at about 15 mph.
  2. After just losing Mitch Haniger, I couldn't be more excited to hear this news.
  3. Man this guy is a steaming pile of dog doo doo right now. All of these runs being scored by the Nats and he's done close to nothing.
  4. Damn you Michael Saunders...Neris no longer gets a save opp.
  5. Greg Bird is just late on his timing. I'm sure the coaching staff is going over his mechanics and are getting on him to get his front foot down faster.
  6. Not trying to devalue your work for looking that stuff up, but average really doesn't tell the story. I will say, however, that the advanced metrics show the Tigers hit lefties very well. Their entire lineup will be right handed tonight against Pax, so it will not be an easy outing. Regardless of what the splits say, we're all starting him anyway.
  7. Wait really? No wonder they sound exactly the same
  8. Is anyone watching the feed of the Brewers/Reds game? This play by play announcer is annoying as hell. He sounds like the guy from Major League.
  9. Rizzo might get 2B eligibility on Yahoo due to some bunt alignment bullsh*t. He already has three appearances at 2nd base according to Yahoo due to the way the Cubs shift for bunts.
  10. And probably why you're great at what you do too.
  11. I like Jesse Hahn tonight against the Angels in Angels Stadium.
  12. He won't lose it until next season, unless he shows up at 2nd ten times or starts five times.
  13. Bingo. A better team would have lit him up like a Christmas tree. The regression fairies are just getting started.
  14. You're an Orioles fan so you should know full well that Manny Machado has been the worst first round pick so far.
  15. Plays in AT&T and has little power? Pass.