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  1. My John Brown for their Kyler Murray. My Goff/Cooks for Juju.
  2. 8 weeks will be this Saturday. His recovery is taking longer than expected but he's still going to be back before week 6, as most of us thought.
  3. Just acquired Kylie... This Kingsbury offense is legit and there will be many fantasy points ahead for owners of Cardinals position players.
  4. Scary Terry looks great. He's going to be the most consistent rookie WR this season.
  5. He had the same amount of yards as DeAndre Hopkins. That should tell you all you need to know about how that game went for Houston.
  6. I had to trade for another QB. This dude sucks. He was lucky he even got to 19 points yesterday.
  7. It's funny when someone presents information like this and it just gets tossed out because of bias. The writing was always on the wall, y'all just refused to see it.
  8. I just found this out when doing a little research but AJ Bouye is out this week. If you were debating on starting Fuller this week like I was, I think you have to strongly consider starting him this week.
  9. Cam can't throw anymore. Teams are going to stack the box and contain CMC and force Cam to throw until he can prove otherwise.
  10. He balls out when he plays. He puts up close to WR1 numbers consistently...Deshaun loves him.
  11. Breida is more talented that Tevin Coleman. The cream of the crop usually rises to the top...
  12. I'm not going to start a discussion about Barry in this thread but I disagree with you.
  13. I don't understand. I've acknowledged Quon is going to be one of the greats. I think you misread what my post said. I said on top of Quon being more talented, DJ also was misused. If DJ was utilized the way Quon was, he would have had a better season statistically for that what he had. NOT that he would have had a better season than Saquon. That's all I'm saying.
  14. No one said anything about Saquon not being a generational talent. I don't know why you're getting so defensive. I love Quon. I think he's the closest thing to Barry that we've had in years. However, I will say that where someone is drafted means f--- all. Case in point: Reggie Bush. Jamarcus Russell. The list goes on. I thought we as sports fans evolved past the "he's drafted high so he must be good" fallacy.