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  1. Staying mediorcre is going to keep the Bulls from getting any good draft picks to rebuild for the future. They'd be stuck in the same cycle over and over again.
  2. It's very rare for rookies to provide top 100 value.
  3. And nothing since...with the D Backs giving him tons of run support. Good times.
  4. I've rolled with no more than two bench bats in my money H2H 12 teamer and am currently in 1st place with the next closest team at 18.5 games back. When you hit on most of your picks and make good pickups the strategy works really well.
  5. The Rockies haven't been that amazing against righties this year, so it's not a bad play if you play Zach today. I'll be running him out there, but of course there's always the Coors effect could go either way.
  6. I started Alex Meyer as a streamer yesterday...I'm looking at Trevor Bauer today. Probably just gave him the kiss of death but oh well.
  7. Picked him up off waivers when Ian Happ started to play like dookie. One of my best pickups so far this season.
  8. So glad I bought low on Roid Man. 4 straight games with home runs...must have gotten a resupply from his connect
  9. This thread died down really quick
  10. Mets management needs to be taken out to the shed if they don't call this guy up.
  11. Glad to see him hitting. Benched him today but every player I would have benched for him has hit a HR so far today.
  12. I see why no one mentioned him.
  13. I'm surprised no one mentioned Scott Feldman today against the Pads in San Diego. I'm all in on him tonight.