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  1. It is a fact he has three home runs in six games. So by your logic, that means he's going to hit .170 the rest of the season but hit 22 home runs the rest of the season as well. Because six games of someone's major league career means that we know exactly what they're going to do in the future. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.
  2. What is this? April? I thought we were done overreacting to small sample sizes.
  3. That's what DL slots are for my friend.
  4. Stop spreading fake news.
  5. Momma there goes that man! Just hit number 42 on the year...oppo shot to right.
  6. To counter that, no injury is the same for every person. Also, some people's bodies react differently to injury and pain than others.
  7. Wins are already a bad cat to judge a pitcher on, but you have losses too? Yuck.
  8. I am in a league that has wins as a cat, and I still wouldn't care if he doesn't get any wins with the way he's pitching. Wins are ONE category. If he produces in the other three then I am perfectly fine with him being on a losing team.
  9. Yes you can trade players that have already played. The trade will go in effect whenever it is processed. Typically it takes two days for a trade to process, unless the commish pushes it through sooner.
  10. You're joking right?
  11. Save some for September Giancarlo!
  12. You said he was nothing more than a 35 home run hitter...which he clearly isn't and never was. I will say no more on the subject.
  13. Unequivocally true you say?
  14. Like I said, guarantee.