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  1. 52 minutes ago, erik vulaj said:

    If he can hit above 250, going to be a top 40 hitter

    He was a top 60 hitter last year hitting .200. If he hit .250 he'd be a top 25-30 bat. For comparison's sake, Rhys Hoskins hit .246 last year with 34 homers and was around the 35th best hitter. Gallo has hit 40 the last two seasons. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, IlliniGuy76 said:


    What's speculation?  He has a right thumb sprain that they are more than likely going to do X-rays and/or an MRI on to determine severity of the injury.  That sort of injury - depending severity/surgical options - can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month & a half rehab time.  There's no speculation there.

    I guess I read it as they know he has a significant sprain and would need surgery. Reading comprehension fail. 

  3. 13 minutes ago, DannyMcPot said:

    Wow 2 hits thank you Kristopher, what have we done to deserve this gift? 🙏🙏🙏

    The first one was definitely supposed to be an out. Lucked out and had the wind trick the outfielders. What should have been a pop out on any other day turned into two runs. KB owners will take it, nonetheless.

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  4. I would throw this start out of the window honestly. He was incredibly unlucky. Yeah, he walked some guys but he also should have gotten out of the first two innings unscathed if it wasn't for the wind completely screwing Kelly and the fielders. The ball was whipping around in the air like a boomerang. Pretty frustrating to watch but I'm not too concerned about this start.

  5. If he does well against the Nats tomorrow I think there will be a mass exodus to pick him up. You'll see all kinds of articles touting him as a pickup. It generally takes the casuals a little longer to catch on to the sleepers (hence why we call them that name.) 

  6. Players can jump into the top 20 in any given season if they have the potential. Ronald Acuña was being drafted around rounds 8-10 last season and now he's a first round draft pick. Blake Snell was being drafted around rounds 15 and lower--and this season he's going in the third round or higher. Bellinger was ranked in the top 20 last season by someone I respect as a writer (Grey from Razzball) and even though he was wrong he still recognized he had the potential to finish there. Progression in skill based sports is not always linear. The kid could have figured it out and this year he blows up.

    Some people like to sell high on stock when they believe it's reached its highest value, and I think that's a smart idea. However, how high can you go with selling Bellinger? Most people aren't keen to trading their first and second round picks within a week of the season starting. I think it's worth a shot to float an offer to an owner of a player you were targeting in spring training and see what happens. If you don't get your trade target, then just hold onto him and reap the benefits of a possible MVP level season. There's more than one way to win a league.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Cdub2k said:

    well yeah he allowed 3 earned on 2 homers. A 2 Run shot to  Freeman and then a solo shot to a red hot Swanson. Outside of that he was solid. 


    I wasn't trying to say it wasn't a good start. I just thought that when giving a pitchers stat line you usually include the amount of runs they allowed.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, bigbluecrew56 said:

    Looking up Biceps strain recovery time and we are probably looking at getting Stanton back some time in June. 


    Well you gotta remember these guys get world class treatment. An ACL tear for normal people like you and us would keep us out for a year plus. These athletes nowadays come back from ACL tears in like 8 months. We also don't know the severity of the biceps strain so speculating on when he comes back is kind of an exercise in futility. I'd assume an MRI will be done today and the results released today or tomorrow.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Raymanta said:

    Among the closing candidates in all the unsettled bullpens, which would you say would be the best speculative adds right now? (I don't mean the best candidate in each bullpen; I mean, how would you rank the players among the following group.) I'm going to eliminate the guys who are widely considered to be the closer going forward (like Bradley in Arizona, Colome in Chicago, and Barnes in Boston), even if that turns out to be wrong.

    Here's the group:

    Greg Holland--ARI

    Yoshi Hirano--ARI

    Ryan Brasier--BOS

    Kelvin Herrera--CWS

    Brad Boxberger--KC

    Sergio Romo--MIA

    Drew Steckenrider--MIA

    Blake Parker--MIN

    Trevor May--MIN

    Mark Melancon--SF


    I think my top five speculative relievers, right now, may be Parker, Hirano, Boxberger, Romo, and May, in that order.  Anyone else?


    I think Adam Conley ends up being the guy. It may not happen right away though. 

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  10. 21 hours ago, mocha4313 said:

    This is the year he takes that next step and becomes a fantasy superstar. The price is perfect too


    That was two seasons ago. Unfortunately I think 2017 is going to be his career year but he'll still be really good this season.