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  1. Yeah, he's injury prone. Contract year stuff is overblown and a fallacy in every sport.
  2. Where is he going to hit in the lineup? If it's at the top, I'll look at him. Otherwise I wouldn't touch him in anything but deeper leagues.
  3. I'm speaking in terms of head to head. Didn't think I needed to clarify that.
  4. Had Nelson last year...he was relatively consistent. Just don't expect much in the runs category. Dude is slow as molasses.
  5. I think people are forgetting just how good Freddie was before he got hurt. He was performing at a top 5 hitter level before he got pegged on the wrist. I'm taking Freddie over Rizzo 10 times out of 10.
  6. The Padres doing what they do... Trying to stay mediocre but making it look like they're improving. The front office there cares more about putting money in their pockets rather than actually being a winning team.
  7. That's some terrible logic, and Reggie Bullock was already starting over their other lottery pick Stanley Johnson.
  8. I like to go low with my initial offers and work from there if they don't accept, so I offered Ricky Rubio and Dewayne Dedmon to start.
  9. I've been thinking of buying Myles Turner all season and I think now is the perfect opportunity. Just sent out an offer to the owner in my league.
  10. Default on Yahoo should have the playoffs on weeks 21, 22, and 23.
  11. He doesn't shoot enough FT's to have a huge impact in that department. He's great for boards and blocks. I added him immediately on my punt points squad.
  12. The stat tracking this season is pure garbage and it's preventing me from watching as much basketball as I have in the past. It just blows my mind that they can screw up something that is so simple.
  13. Why wouldn't he get 30+ minutes a night? Chandler Parsons is a shell of himself and Jarell Martin has not been great. He's going to get plenty of run.
  14. Anything to see here now that Greg Monroe is potentially gone?
  15. You didn't mention that he shot 50% from the field and 80% from the line. He's likely looking at 30-32 minutes so 50%/80% with 10-12 points, a three per game, 8-9 rebounds per game, with mediocre stocks (.5 steals, .5 blocks) and low turnovers.
  16. I was wondering why BBM had him out for two more games.
  17. Reminds me of what happened to Al Horford last a concussion early on in the season and wasn't right for a month or two if I remember correctly. EDIT: Looks like he was out nine games but when he came back he played just fine.
  18. It happened last night so it would be for week 2 in most leagues.
  19. Video of the proof: Sorry for the bad video quality. I just took it with my phone and uploaded it. The steals were incorrectly credited to Goran Dragic and Kelly Olynyk.
  20. Shows how much I know ? I'll take the L on this one.
  21. I just rewatched the game up until the point where he rolled his ankle...does not look like a multi-week injury. Depending on how fast the swelling goes down, I'd say he's out for a game or two and there's a chance he may not miss any time at all. The Grizzlies don't play again until Saturday and that's plenty of time for the swelling to go away.
  22. Yeah I noticed that, very weird. The hold must have happened when he got 4 yards after the line of scrimmage.
  23. Do we have an NFL player in disguise here?