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  1. Damien Williams owners were in denial all weekend. Now the worst news they could possibly have heard has come true. Andy Reid was not going to sign McCoy for more money than Damien and not play him a healthy amount of snaps.
  2. I took him at the end of the 8th round in my most competitive 12 teamer. Pick 95
  3. Do you have a source for this? Or did you just pull it out of your a**?
  4. Coop. He had 12 targets in the red zone in 8 games. Cooks had 17 in 16 games. Woods had 12 in 16 games.
  5. The sentence at the end is from the Chargers reporter who spoke to the GM. Here's the article: And a quote from the article: "Telesco expressed confidence in moving forward with the two-man running back committee of Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson, and didn’t rule out the possibility of adding an outside running back. The Chargers were reportedly in contention to land running back LeSean McCoy before he decided to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs. McCoy was released by the Buffalo Bills on Saturday. Chargers coach Anthony Lynn coached McCoy for two seasons in Buffalo. " The GM understands that it's not a smart idea to have someone dominate the touches, so they're going to share the workload. How much they're going to share remains to be seen, I'll admit that, but those who think Ekeler is going to be a bellcow are mistaken.
  6. I'll admit, the quote is kind of confusing but the main thing is that very last sentence.
  7. I don't think it means he's going to be a bellcow. I definitely think it means he's going to split carries with Damien.
  8. How do you know Williams is still the starter? Not only is running back the easiest position to pick up and play in the NFL, but McCoy played for years under Reid and knows his offense already. EDIT: Not to mention they're paying LeSean more than Damien already. This stinks real bad.
  9. Man...this is why I like to have drafts as late as possible (and I'm absolutely not trying to start an argument for that here, just saying.) I feel for anyone that drafted Damien Williams...this cannot be good for him.
  10. I get that they're old but there's a reason teams are still running them out there. They still add value to a backfield, even though it annoys the s--- out of fantasy football managers.
  11. I'm thinking right around round 6/7...after or around Miles Sanders/Tevin Coleman/Duke Johnson.
  12. Wait what? LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore are JAG's? Ok.
  13. A ton of RB's? He has Ingram and Gus Edwards. Word is that Kenneth Dixon is on the chopping block. I don't think it'd be too hard for Justice to usurp Gus throughout the season if he continues to make plays like the ones in that highlight vid. On top of that, the BAL o-line is pretty good and they run the ball so much they could absolutely support two RB's that are fantasy relevant even with Lamar running as well. Lamar has also been on record saying he's going to pass more and run less. Now if that's actually going to happen remains to be seen, I'll be honest, but it's definitely a good thing to hear if you're going to take a late round flyer on Hill.
  14. Not to mention Houston has one of the worst o-lines in the NFL. It definitely isn't a recipe for fantasy success.
  15. Damn he does look good and he has that knack of shedding tacklers. I'm definitely targeting him late now.
  16. John Brown is actually pretty good. Lamar misses throws and doesn't like to throw into coverage often. This will give you an idea of what I'm talking about:
  17. Strength of schedule is kinda meaningless to pay attention to early on in the season because of injuries, personnel changes, coaching changes, etc. It begins to matter about halfway through the season. Even then the KC passing attack is so lethal, and Andy Reid does such a good job of drawing up creative running plays, that strength of schedule is going to matter even less.
  18. I think one thing to consider is that the coaching staff is different this season than the one in 2017.
  19. People are allowed to change their minds, regardless of when it happens. Have some compassion.
  20. Yes Josh Allen has a big arm and that's a positive for JB but to play devils advocate, Josh Allen also likes to run and anyone who owned JB last season remembers he fell off the face of the earth after Lamar Jackson took over for Flacco.
  21. The difference between Saquon and DJ last season was not just talent level but also coaching staff. The way DJ was used last season was complete dogs***.
  22. Defenses change so much year to year due to injuries, coaching changes, and free agency. Strength of schedule usually goes out of the window after week 1.
  23. Except Deshaun Watson does not like to dump the ball off. Like almost never. He would much rather roll out after the pocket collapses (because their o-line is so terrible) and then chuck it to DeAndre or Will Fuller (when he's healthy.) James White is in a totally different situation with a specific role carved out with the best QB of all time.