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  1. Hey all, I've got some spots open for an 8 year league on Yahoo. It's a 12 team head to head league with a $50 buy in. The categories are the standard 5x5 with OBP instead of AVG and QS instead of wins. The draft is a snake draft that will be held on Sunday, March 17th at 5pm PST. The payouts are as follows: 1st Place - $360 2nd Place - $180 3rd Place - $60 Here is a link to the league settings for any interested: For any further questions or if you would like an invite send an email to or respond to this thread. Thanks for your time!
  2. I will not be visiting the main Rotoworld site or these forums until there is a night mode or they at least change the background to be less bright. This webpage design is terrible for the eyes...I came immediately to the feedback section just to express this. When this webpage layout was in beta I emailed them asking for a night mode and the response was "We'll look into it" and sadly it wasn't implemented. I feel like my eyes are going out as I type this. Completely unacceptable from a web developer standpoint--it's almost like they don't use the actual website they designed.
  3. This guy works for the Pistons and says he is FWIW 🤷‍♂️
  4. Two seasons ago Horford was out for a month with a concussion and then last season he was out for about a week for the same thing and people started to get frustrated with him. He sat out some random games here and there throughout the season due to nicks and bruises as well so that may be where this thought of him being injury prone comes from.
  5. No I think he corked her and then ghosted her.
  6. Damnit...I traded Damian Lillard away because I wanted to punt three's and with Lauri putting up this many shots I may regret it I love the stat line though. Looks like the new HC is gonna let him loose.
  7. Omg perfect timing for my matchup this week...but I was expecting him back sometime next week. This is an early Xmas present! I think he'll be limited at first so it'll probably be a week or so before he starts ballin.
  8. Just traded away Damian Lillard for Jimmy Butler in a 12 team 9-cat H2H team was bad in three's and steals and I needed to get better at one so I went with steals.
  9. He doesn't lack an outside shot. He can shoot, it's just that he's smart about the shots he takes. If you watch him play he's extremely methodical which is rare to see from a rookie.
  10. No, he isn't. He's been given ample playing time before and he's proven to be very inconsistent and inefficient.
  11. Ayton compared to Tristan Thompson...I've seen it all now.
  12. I just acquired Josh Hart for Etwaun Moore in a 12 team 9-cat H2H.
  13. Danilo Gallinari was out for half the season last year with a sore a**.
  14. Just bought low on him...I'd rather have upside guys for the second half of the season at the end of my bench instead of guys that are hot now that won't sustain their value very easily.
  15. Carmelo is not going to the Lakers. He would hurt any playoff team more than he would help them.
  16. Are we talking about fantasy basketball or a relationship?
  17. For someone that's shot 44% for his career and had his best season ever at 47.7% from the field last season, why in the world would you hope for 50%? If anything, based on his career numbers, you'd expect him to shoot worse than he did last season.
  18. Yes, the ship has sailed. I held on a little longer to see if he'd turn it around but it doesn't look likely. Good thing I picked up James Johnson a couple of days ago.
  19. Gary Clark and Gerald Green will take some minutes away. Eric Gordon also will slot in when CP3 and James Harden are on the floor. In theory James Ennis should be restorable but he's extremely inconsistent.
  20. I sent an email using the contact us button but I also wanted to post here. Whoever is designing the layout, PLEASE consider enabling a dark mode option or changing the background to a darker color. The white background is a bit much in my opinion.
  21. This doesn't change anything from what we already knew...
  22. Won't even have value in 14 teamers this season. Moving along...