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  1. I was waiting for someone to post this. It's fake. The pictures and video taken were from July 13th. There are screenshots on that very tweet.
  2. So you went from saying Ito is getting more work, to being proven wrong, to saying look at the last two weeks, to getting proven wrong again, and then posting PPR fantasy point totals. Good grief.
  3. So originally coach Fiz said he was going to start Knox out of the gate, then one day before the season opener he decides to start Frank Ntilikina? Da fuq...
  4. I'd say the majority of people that play fantasy basketball either play in roto or H2H format.
  5. They got shredded by Tarik Cohen before their bye week.
  6. Making it harder for me not to start him this week...
  7. Brate is the safe play for this week, but if you're looking for ROS upside, you get OJ.
  8. I thought this before last night, and I didn't watch the entire game so not sure what the commentators said, but just from watching what I did see and the highlights from the game, if Saquon had those huge shoulder pads from the 90's and was a little'd be hard to tell from a distance.
  9. So I know this isn't anything revolutionary but this guy reminds me of Barry Sanders...the way he shakes his shoulders before he jukes a defender, the killer spin move, the low center of gravity, the massive thighs, the 6th gear to blow by defenders, the way he just shrugs off would be tacklers. I get the chills watching this guy play. He's special. No doubt about it.
  10. Absolutely undervalued. He's a WR2. He's proven it and he's getting the looks.
  11. They added that extra bit into the Rotoworld blurb because it definitely wasn't there when I looked 10 minutes ago. Sounds to me like Devonta has been overcompensating for the knee injury he sustained. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a lost season for Devonta.
  12. Devonta Freeman out this week with that bone bruise, and apparently he's dealing with a groin injury as well (looking for the report to confirm.) Fire up your Tevin's!
  13. Jacksonville is in the AFC South. They won't be playing the Cowboys more than once.
  14. He was also really confident in Sony Michel so...
  15. LeVert's percentages are too ugly for that to happen.
  16. Yeah he would need to up his percentages and decrease his turnovers a little to be able to crack top 12 numbers. He absolutely can do that. I think the biggest thing is health. Embiid is a home run pick at the turn, but he can also be a strikeout with his injury history.
  17. So glad to hear this. I dropped him last week for Vance and then swooped him up on Monday just on the off chance he could play this week. Really hoping he gets healthy soon because I'm missing his potential production.
  18. He shanked a chip shot and barely missed the 40 yarder. Nothing to worry about. The biggest takeaway is 5 FG attempts and he nailed a 50 yarder. He's gonna be a top 5 kicker ROS.
  19. I'm doing custom projections for this guy and even my modest projections are making me salivate. I kinda, sorta have to have him on my teams this season.
  20. His lack of points and the Dwight Howard effect.
  21. Except, those guys have consistently finished there to justify it. Dipo has done it once, and on an insane steals rate. If that drops even a little he's not hitting first round numbers again. It's already been talked about here so I won't delve further. Just know that you're probably losing your ROI with Dipo.
  22. Read the players in reverse of how you listed them and that's about how I'd have them ranked.
  23. We're not drafting in 2017, so where he finished last season means nothing now. I drafted him in the 5th round last year and loved the return I got, but this year you're drafting him at basically his ceiling. I have the 12th pick in my main money league and I'll be passing on him this year.