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  1. He showed some promise when he was with the Pacers but I'm taking a wait and see approach with him in my 12'ers.
  2. Did you come up with that comparison on your own or was that thought planted in your head by Josh Lloyd? He said this on his podcast last night.
  3. Yeah you're spreading a false narrative. Ironically enough you tell him to Google something when you clearly didn't do any digging yourself.
  4. Wait what? Coach Spo benched him when Hassan wanted to play more over the weekend.
  5. Bam Adebayo with Hassan having a knee issue. Could be something, could be nothing.
  6. Nah you're hoping Embiid goes down so you don't have buyers remorse.
  7. It's amazing that these "professional" scouts couldn't have figured out that he's not a good basketball player until after the draft, summer league, preseason, and a couple weeks of the regular season. It kind of blows my mind that they could be that inept.
  8. I chose to punt assists with the Lillard/Embiid combo and I am definitely loving life.
  9. Logically it would make sense to give the keys to SGA but the reality is these people are humans and not video game characters. These dudes have egos that need to be stroked, otherwise there would be a mutiny.
  10. ROS, hard to say really unless Teague were to go down or get shipped out. He's a great stream and DFS play tonight though.
  11. I got off this train. Was able to trade him for Bagley.
  12. I'm convinced 80% of ESPN leagues are dead leagues. Those ownership percentages are simply laughable.
  13. So I had the opportunity to draft Kawhi in my main money league at pick 12 (out of 12) but I took Damian Lillard and then Embiid on the turn instead. My biggest reason for fading Kawhi was because I thought the Raptors would be a lock for a top 3 spot in the east and that towards the end of the season he would start to get rested for the NBA playoffs. What I didn't anticipate was him getting rested this early in the season. If I owned Kawhi in H2H I'd be looking to ship him in a few months because I have a feeling he's going to screw over a lot of owners in March and April.
  14. He's already a deep league guy. He's consistently getting minutes and closing out games. He's not a must roster guy in 12'ers yet but he's really close. If you have a solid team he's a high upside stash. Avery Bradley is trash and Pat Bev is injury prone which means SGA is primed to get more usage as the season goes on. This is one of those players you want to be proactive on and not reactive.
  15. Nance should have been owned even before the news about K. Love but now he's a must roster. Buy, buy, buy.
  16. Yeah, I've owned him every year he's been in the league except for this season. I remember picking him up off the wire when he came over from the (then) D-League. Sure, he goes on cold streaks, but so does every other NBA player that lives on the perimeter. His FG% can be poor but you factor that in when drafting him. I'm not going to clog the Gallinari thread with Covington analysis but you're kidding yourself if you think Covington isn't one of the best 3-D guys out there. He was ranked 36th last year and 37th the year before that in 9-cat. 2.5 three's a game, mid 80's FT%, at least 1.5 steals and almost a block per game with low turnovers? Yes, yes, and yes every day of the week.
  17. He doesn't have to be a skilled passer to get a decent amount of assists on any given night. He'll get some easy assists from hand offs but he's also a willing passer, which is in my opinion just as important as being a skilled passer. I've seen him get the ball in the post and then kick it out to the perimeter to the open man or after he grabs a rebound he'll kick it out as well. Just watch some of his YouTube highlight videos from the early season and preseason. This kid is young but his game is pretty grown up already. Two of his five assists were from the examples I gave in his most recent game:
  18. That's an odd thing to say. Robert Covington has been one of the best 3 & D fantasy players for a few years now.
  19. 4 days later and he's barely played. He's not gonna see run against the Rockets next game either. Like I said, fool's gold.
  20. Cameron Payne sucks at basketball. I would not add him. I think if anyone benefits it's Justin Holiday.
  21. Sure, you could take a one week flier stream to see if he produces but after those guys come back he'll be back to being ? again.
  22. I don't understand why people continue to think Boban is going to be a thing. He can't play more than 15 minutes a game in today's NBA. It's fools gold.