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  1. It's only two weeks, so the rankings are close but if you look at the point totals they're different and they will vary even more as the season progresses because you have niche league settings. I'm not saying standard is better or anything like that, just noting that standard league settings are what most people use.
  2. Your rankings, over the course of the season, will be different than 95% of the fantasy football population because your settings are kinda weird. Top 10 in .5 PPR with everything else standard on Yahoo looks like this: 1. Hill - 56.30 2. Michael Thomas - 54.90 3. DeSean Jackson - 50.00 4. Stefon Diggs - 44.00 5. AJ Green - 43.60 6. Mike Evans - 41.50 7. Juju - 39.00 8. Adam Thielen - 38.30 9. Emmanuel Sanders - 36.10 10. Davante Adams - 33.70 In PPR I'm sure it looks even more different because Michael Thomas has more than double the amount of receptions Tyreek has.
  3. Kittle is gonna get peppered with targets. He's legit.
  4. How'd it work for Brandin Cooks? Randy Moss? Chad Johnson was done by the time he went to New England. Flash Gordon is in his prime.
  5. Because he'd have the best QB of all time throwing to him...not really much to think about with that one.
  6. It's a good thing he's not going to be on the Browns anymore. That organization is a s*** show.
  7. Based on what Josh posted on his IG account, I think it's highly unlikely he failed a drug test. Seems like the Browns were fed up with him (or Josh was over the organization... Or both?) and they decided to part ways.
  8. Yup. Tyrod said he's still "trying to learn his speed" so they can connect better on those deeper passes. Things will get better as the season progresses.
  9. Correction: It was not Dre Kirkpatrick, it was Shawn Williams that caused the fumble. Kirkpatrick just recovered the fumble. Video for reference here. You can see in the first replay that John Brown is a good 30+ yards downfield.
  10. He also was looking at him down the field on the second to last series of the game when Flacco got hit by Dre Kirkpatrick as he was about to load up the pass.
  11. Looks to be Flacco's WR1... I feel much more confident slotting him as my wr3/flex moving forward. I'm pleased with what I saw.
  12. Literally one more catch a game with that same over/under you just gave and he hits close to the projection I posted. Do you really think he's only going to get 3 catches a game if he is Andrew Luck's WR2? That just doesn't make any sense.
  13. He just had 8 in one game, so that would leave 52 receptions for the last 15 games (assuming he plays in all of them) which is about 3.25 catches a game. If we bump that reception per game number up to, lets say, 4 receptions a game that would put him at 60 receptions the rest of the way making it a total of 68 on the season. With 68 receptions, and the same yards per reception as Ryan Grant had last season (12.73) that would put him at a line of 68/822 (That's including his week 1 he already had with the 59 yards.) If he scored just 5 touchdowns the rest of the season, he'd have a full line of 68/822/5. That's pretty much what Cooper Kupp's statline (62/869/5) was last season. Good enough for a fringe WR2/WR3 in PPR and .5 PPR according to FantasyPros rankings from week 1 to 16 last season. Now I know this is a very rough extrapolation and projection but if there's a chance at getting that off the waiver wire, for free, I'll take that flier.
  14. He also had two targets in the red zone and a pass that hit him in the hands while he was in the air and falling down, but he dropped it. There were at least two defenders around him but he easily could have caught it.
  15. Jimmy G and the Niners will have a nice bounceback this week.
  16. Live stream of Public Square in Cleveland, if anyone wants to see what it looks like in the area around the stadium.
  17. Damnit...I wanted him in this shootout. Oh well.
  18. I could be wrong but I don't think they can offer anything other than the franchise tag at this point. The deadline to offer a multi-year contract has already passed (again, could be wrong about this as well.)
  19. I will have to if somehow Will Fuller doesn't play tomorrow. Other than that, firmly planted on my bench.
  20. Here's the first drop and here's the second. They were on consecutive plays in the 3rd quarter.
  21. Did you expect anything different from them considering it was against Philly?