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  1. Welp, we're tied going into the KC/SEA 4th quarter, so I need Kelce to outscore Wilson, Carson & McManus. It's been a good year. Well fought championship, but staring at 35 points from Ertz across my screen will be the difference.
  2. Lessons learned from 2018: Don't play any MIN players after week 13. Cook, Theilen, Diggs and Cousins doing no one any favors.
  3. So I decided to clean up all the old topics I was following (those I posted), and they went back to 2007. I was looking through them and laughing at some of the names of the players I was asking for advice on. Here's what I said about a trade offer: FARGAS? WHO?!?!? Then there were the names of those still playing now (Brady, Vinatieri, Sproles, Ginn). Just thought I give you something fun to not stress over this week....I have no idea if I ever got Favre.
  4. Thx for mine. If Conner is active, it's Ertz over Samuels. If Conner sits, it's Ertz over Jones
  5. Full PPR I have Conner & Samuels (already played Kelce, so no TE for Samuels). Jeff Wilson is on my bench with Breida questionable, and just to make things interesting, I also have McGuire today. Cook is my RB1. What do I do if Conner is active and/or Breida is active? Is there a simple formula? I get that Wilson isn't startable if Breida goes, but I don't know about how to read the Conner situation if he's active, but limited. Seattle is a decent RB matchup. Link yours...
  6. Literally my situation. White is too unpredictable with a fully healthy Patriot team Ware (out) Connor (probably out) coaches keep teasing Damien - well, we'll see... the backfield isn't all his... My opponent has Samuels, and ideally, I'd love for Connor to be a surprise active and give them a zero, while I move Connor into my flex (CMC/Barkley = #1/2), but it's just a flex spot right?? I need a floor...might roll with him given my alternatives...10 minutes to decide
  7. I'd choose team A for these reasons: NE will scheme to make life difficult for passing, and force them to run. Woods is the outlet receiver and isn't as "big play" as Cooks is. I don't want to face Elliott vs anyone Denver seems to play down (or up) to their competition. Lindsay could do well, but won't kill you like Elliott can Will it be Gus or Dixon, and will Jackson be the QB, or Flacco Keenan Allen will be needed to keep up with KC that's what I got so far from an initial look...
  8. I have Kittle, but I'm on a bye week. He'll go 6 for 75 next week, and I'll lose...
  9. I wouldn't play Riddick over Humphries, even in PPR unless Kerryon is out of the game.
  10. One thought that came to mind was that Dallas will want to control the pace of the game at home, and run Zeke...that could lead to less time of possession for Philly. Jackson has the best situation with the safest floor, and is a better passer than Allen, so I'd go with Lamar Jackson here.
  11. It was Curtis Samuel (WR for Carolina), not Jaylen Samuels (PIT RB/TE)