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  1. I ripped on Bevell for years, but the Hawks not letting Wilson use his legs is just inexcusable, what's the point of trying to keep him from taking less hits if you're holding back your entire offense anyway? If Wilson was banged up then it would at least make some sense. Didn't think it was possible but the Hawks actually took a step back after letting Bevell go. The team in general was due for a decline with the legion of boom getting older but I feel like the Hawks have shot themselves in the foot with some of the decisions they've made and sped up the process of declining from being a SB contender to just hoping to being a fringe playoff team at best. Amazing.
  2. Yeah, Hill being the GL back is what scares me. But I remember his short yardage situation #’s in Cincy were terrible so it’s going to be interesting to see. im hoping for 15 touches(including GL work) for Burkhead
  3. Nah, I'm still worried about Rhodes. Not like he hasn't limited/shutdown good route runners before.
  4. I expect Julio to finish with more yards but Adams with more TD’s(by a decent margin). i know the analytics guys say TD’s are more unpredictable but I’ve seen enough of Ryan-Julio’s red zone short comings for years now and Rodgers is a magician in the red zone. Graham is going take away a lot of attention from Adams in the red zone too
  5. Think he’s gonna be someone who starts slow but could finish the season strong. Might be the kind of guy who gets dropped after week 1 or 2 and is given up on by most of the ff community. id stash him on my benches as long as I have room
  6. Love his talent but I’m not sold on Darnold at all
  7. Yeah, he went from being a one dimensional deep threat to a good route runner. He can have good games against cover 2 defenders
  8. I think so too but I’d rather take my chances with Dalton against Indy i have both in one league and am starting Garcon in my flex over Goodwin
  9. yeah, I most play auctions so in some leagues I went heavy at WR and scooped up all 4 of them(Burk/Mich/JWill/Jones) along with a depth RB like Thompson or Coleman. In my couple of redraft leagues I only pulled it off with the NE duo.
  10. Have him in a couple of leagues, not planning to start him in either of them. Same with Goodwin. Garcon is the only one I could see having a decent game since he'll be away from Rhodes.
  11. the beauty of it is that if one of them goes down, the other's value goes up as well. I did the same with the GB backfield to a lesser extent(Williams/Jones, but that offense is more pass-happy so I invested more with the NE duo). Still 10 TD upside in the GB offense as well though. We'll see how it plays out.
  12. I would have tried Morris for Connor first but if not then I’m OK with this deal for you.
  13. I know it's a headache and unpredictable but I went heavy on the strategy of scooping up both Burkhead/Michel in a lot of my leagues this year. I do think Bill is going to keep the team relatively run-heavy due to the Edelman suspension, Cooks gone, Brady another year older, etc. Cheap way to get rb2 numbers. There's going to be yards and td's to be had. My only worry is burkhead and michel's durability.